Did You Know That The Tomb Of Alexander The Great Might Be Under Water?

alexander the great tomb

You are still in dark when it comes to Alexander the Great tomb? Alexander III of Macedon has been a subject of legend in both ancient times and the modern days! It intrigues me how it is impossible that the tomb of the brave general, popular king, and conqueror is still a mystery.

There is no proof or evidence of the tomb of Alexander anywhere in the history books or the ancient texts written by authors in the 18th century! So, with all of Egypt and Western Asia at his feet, he did not have control over his own dead body’s burial.

In this article, I will discuss whether Alexander the Great’s tomb is underwater. You will learn about why there is so much controversy about his tomb. It is maybe because he ruled for so many years with a military campaign, and yet nobody knows where his body is.

Who Was Alexander The Great?

Who Was Alexander The Great_

Son of his father, Philip II, is one of the greatest rulers of all time! Maybe this is why Alexander III of Macedon was given the title of “The Great”! The king ruled over the ancient kingdom of Greece of Macedon.

Now you wonder what he has done to claim so much popularity. Alexander III created one of the largest empires in the ancient world, which extended from Greece to northwestern India. Therefore, the Greek ruler, Alexander, is called the conqueror and explorer.

So keep reading to know what happened to the tomb of Alexander the Great! Along with other important facts related to his death.

Did You Know That The Tomb Of Alexander The Great Might Be Under Water?

Did You Know That The Tomb Of Alexander The Great Might Be Under Water_

Did you know that some people consider that the Alexander The Great tomb might be under the water? According to Reliefweb Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt, located on the Mediterranean coast, with a probable population of 5 million in 2021.

However, it is one of the most vulnerable to climate change worldwide. The reports created by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel predict that global sea levels can rise to 68cm by 2050 due to climate change. Do you realize what it means?

A large area of Alexandria is underwater and will completely flood as the saltwater slowly intrudes into the groundwater! Destruction of internal displacement and livelihoods especially near the Nile Delta region due to flooding of the region.

Now, there is a high probability of the Tomb of Alexander being found buried in modern-day Alexandria! Therefore, there is a chance that the tomb might be underwater, along with other artifacts that hint at his Mausoleum.

What Does History Tell Us About Alexander The Great Tomb?

What Does History Tell Us About Alexander The Great Tomb_

According to Diodorus Siculus, a historian wrote that the funeral carriage of Alexander The Great continued to Alexandria via Memphis. The procession was an important event, and many artists have used it as an inspiration. The future generations will find Alexander’s life, actions, achievements, death, and burial a legend.

Alexander is a significant part of legends across Iceland and China. One of the major reasons Alexander was popular is because he conquered a lot of land worldwide in a short time. He also brought about significant changes in practices and culture across the world.

Yet, the great conqueror has been well known in places even where he did not conquer! Finally, the conqueror’s body was deposited in a Mausoleum, and many authors, namely Pausanias, Plutarch, and Strabo, confirmed the same.

The Mausoleum is a grandiose building with a body wrapped with a gold sarcophagus, thus highlighted as a revered hero! He united the Oriental and the Greek worlds together; hence, people to date remember him as the Great General and Conqueror.

Where Is The Tomb Of Alexander The Great Buried?

Where Is The Tomb Of Alexander The Great Buried_

Covered in the shroud of mystery, the Tomb of Alexander is still not found! The biggest concern is separating the legend from the historical facts. It all started in Greco-Roman times when the legend was woven, continuing to the Christian period even after the Arab conquest.

The legend says that the tomb of Alexander the Great might still be in modern-day Alexandria! An ancient Greek historian, Diodorus Siculus, stated that the body of Alexander the Great was embalmed and not buried. Several challenges or misfortunes were leading to a delay of 2 years!

Finally, the funeral convoy to Egypt started, and the arrangements were made with Philip Arrhidaeus, the son of Philip II of Macedonia. The feeble-minded son was chosen to be the leader of the Macedonian Army in Babylon after succeeding Alexander.

Now, we are still determining where the processing heading was. Was it to the Oasis of Siwah, or was it Alexandria? Or was it Aigai in Macedonia? We will never know. However, there was a thing about the soothsayer of Alexander who informed that wherever he will be buried will be the most prosperous!

News Developments Still Surround The Tomb…

News Developments Still Surround The Tomb…

It was in 2019 that the Greek archaeologist Calliope Limneos-Papakosta was frustratingly digging a public park, the Shallalat Gardens, when she experienced a glimmer of hope! She has been at it for 14 years since Limneos-Papakosta has been looking for traces of Alexander the Great.

Shallalat Gardens is situated in the heart of Alexandria in Egypt! Moreover, the place is named after the conqueror turned pharaoh, so of course, the archaeologist was expecting something, yet she was becoming disappointed. At that moment, she was called by her assistants.

They asked her to come and inspect something poking out of the dirt! It was not just a piece of marble; it was an early Hellenistic statue that belonged to the time of Alexander the Great. The artifact had hallmarks of that period, thus receiving a powerful incentive to continue.

Well, Limneos-Papakosta’s instincts were quite right, and seven years later, today, she is the director of the Hellenic Research Institute of the Alexandrian Civilization. The modern-day Alexandria, with all its artifacts buried deep inside the Earth, uncovered the royal quarters of the ancient city!

Archaeologist Fredrik Hiebert confirmed that the dig of the Shallalat Gardens was the original foundation of Alexandria. This was a first and is considered one of the probable sites for the biggest prizes, Alexander The Great Tomb.

Finishing Off…

Now that I have shared claims and details related to Alexander The Great Tomb, do you wonder if something is still left? Do you think the mystery around the tomb is intentional, or was it a trick or manipulation of the conquerors who came after him?

Furthermore, you also have read about Alexander’s body being deposited at the Soma or Sema, a Mausoleum, so is there any genuineness in this information??

Comment on your thoughts about the Alexander The Great tomb and whether archaeologists can find it.

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