The British Empire Ruled Over A Quarter Of The World’s Total Population” 10 Unknown Facts About It!

British Empire

The botched partition of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan has been an outcome of the disastrous policies created by the British Empire. Read the article to learn more about how the British Empire went on its international expansion.

The British Empire contributed heavily towards the economically disadvantaged colonies! Ethnic and racial tensions have also been other reasons for creating events behind them, most of them unknown, leading to the severity of the impact.

The British Empire Ruled Over A Quarter Of The World’s Total Population” 10 Unknown Facts About It!

The British Empire Ruled Over A Quarter Of The World's Total Population_ 10 Unknown Facts About It!

One of the most controversial empires to ever exist is the British Empire! The open practice of colonialism, slavery, and racism has negatively impacted many nations worldwide, creating a gap in their economy, basic human rights, and modern discourse.

Please read about the unknown and the shocking facts that are related to the British Empire so that you understand how it played a significant role in the shaping of other countries, their economy, and their overall development.

1. Current Middle East Conflict Contribution!

Current Middle East Conflict Contribution!

The condition in which the Middle East is today, the British Empire has been responsible for it! It all started after the First World War when Britain divided the Ottoman Empire, of course France helped!

It was through the Sykes-Picot agreement that the arrangement established by the nation integrated territorial ownership along with spheres of influence. The ethnic demography of the Middle East has not been considered, leading to the current disturbed condition of the Middle East.

2. Still Controls Many Colonies Worldwide!

Still Controls Many Colonies Worldwide!

The British Empire spread its power worldwide, proving the nickname “the empire on which the sun never sets”! The Britishers still control 14 colonies worldwide apart from the British mainland.

In recent times, none of these colonies have asked for independence! Places include the Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Henderson, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, and Anguilla. Much of these territories are remote areas such as the Antarctic base, yet they are, in all intent and purposes, under the rule of the crown.

3. Adolf Hitler Was Influenced By British Rule!

Adolf Hitler Was Influenced By British Rule!

When discussing the Nazis in the modern context, it has been observed that the Nazis have used certain ideologies of the Britishers. The actions of the British inspired the Nazis.

It is a well-known fact that the Britishers openly practiced international expansion by acting against human rights and sometimes being nice to control other democracies. The way Britain handled and subjugated other territories overseas, such as India, Hitler wanted to use the same strategy for Germany!

The racist preference of the British Empire over colonies is visible, especially when it comes to comments made by British government officials, including Prime ministers and Presidents.

4. Complete Control Of Africa!

Complete Control Of Africa!

The British Empire was so involved in their expansion in the 19th century that they did not realize that, at times, they were trying to control nations that did not want to lose their independence.

Enhancing their reign across the overseas Empire, the British Empire took over Nigeria with their influence and Gold Coast. In Uganda and Kenya, the British East Africa Company operated while the British South Africa Company took control over Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Through different companies, the British Empire slowly took full control of Africa by the end of the 19th century!

5. Invasion Of Afghanistan!

Invasion Of Afghanistan!

It all started in the 19th century when the armies of Indian and British soldiers invaded Afghanistan by defeating the Afghan ruler, Dost Mohammed. An Indian leader, Shah Shujah, was given the position of ruling Afghanistan.

Even with the armies trying hard to ensure the peace and safety of the natives, it was a failure! The locals revolted against Shujah, leading to a severe war-like situation. The British asked their troops to retreat to India, all 4500 of them to safety; however, the Afghans attacked them on their way out!

Only one soldier survived, thus marking this invasion as a significant failure in the history of the British Empire.

6. Creator Of The Bengal Famine Of 1943!

Creator Of The Bengal Famine Of 1943!

One of the reasons the Indian revolution against the British Empire took form was the Bengal Famine of 1943. Nobody mentions it, but it is due to the controversial and devastating steps taken by the British Empire that led to a famine so severe that many people suffered.

The scarcity of resources in Bengal was created artificially while approximately 3 million of the population of Bengal died due to this famine. This also led to individuals in Bengal becoming malnourished for the next few generations.

Rice imports were halted as Japan invaded Burma due to the British’s war efforts. Also, Bengal, at that point, might be suffering from drought, overall creating a completely artificial famine.

7. Indian Revolution Shaped British Empire Rule Worldwide!

Indian Revolution Shaped British Empire Rule Worldwide!

The combination of warfare, economic exploitation, and diplomacy has been observed between the British Empire and its control over India. They forced many countries, especially under-developing independent countries, to follow their regime and rule.

However, over the years, the Britishers started losing their influence, which was further encouraged by the Indian Revolution. The British Raj went on from 1845 to 1947 in India, but then the Britishers were forced to give freedom.

This is where they integrated a botched partition plan, especially because of the mutiny and civil unrest in 1946. The United Nations’ involvement encouraged the independence of India.

8. One Of The Most Populated Countries In The World!

One Of The Most Populated Countries In The World!

The British Empire, at one point, was the most populated country in the world, and the nation could easily compete with China or India. In 1920, the population of the British Empire increased significantly, especially with 25% of the total area of the world.

During the Second World War, decolonization was another strategy used by the British Empire to resolve their debt post-war! Overall, it is clear that the nation was bankrupt, and from all aspects of society, it was falling!

9. Formation Of The Commonwealth!

Formation Of The Commonwealth!

When the British Empire was dissolved, especially after some of the British colonies revolted against the crown, creating a shocking and black history, it formed the Commonwealth of Nations.

This institution has historical ties, while the current members are involved in creating cultural exchange, education, and economic development. The collaboration between the countries involved in the commonwealth created an authorized perception of the Government and the Crown.

10. The World Economy Was Controlled By British Empire

The World Economy Was Controlled By British Empire

The British Empire controlled the economies of Argentina, Siam, and China in the 19th century through controlling nations politically! Historians informed that the British Empire did use racism and subjugation as a means of power to manipulate governments and hold them!

The Journey Of Shocking Facts Continues…

Now that you know ten unknown and unexpected facts about the British Empire and how it has influenced the culture, language, and religion of other countries. Different aspects of the British Empire have integrated both positive and negative changes in the world.

In the article, I have discussed why the British Empire has influenced other nations over the years to rule.

Comment down below on which of the facts discussed in the article you already knew!

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