Can You Dye Wet Hair With Permanent Hair Dye

can you dye wet hair

Hair dye is one of the common things that both women and men use to look more stylish and attractive. Many people also use it to color their white hair and look younger. However, most of these women have a common thought of ‘can you dye wet hair?’ You can do it without any issues with permanent hair dye. 

Can You Dye Wet Hair?

However, just like all the other beauty preparations, there are both advantages and disadvantages of wet hair dry available. It might not be familiar, but it is possible to dye the hair while it is wet. But it depends on the stylist and coloring process of your hair. However, there are some colors that do not apply to wet hair. 

Advantages Of Dying Your Hair Wet

Advantages Of Dying Your Hair Wet

There are many different advantages that you can get after dying your wet hair. Although most people think twice before dying their wet hair, it has many benefits as well. Specialists also prefer dying hair wet for these particular advantages. You have to get through all the advantages and decide if any of them is good for you. 

1. Saves A Lot Of Dyes 

When your hair is wet, you will need less amount of dye to distribute it evenly. On the other hand, you will need to confirm that all of your hair patches are covered while dying. So, wet hair makes it easier for specialists to dye your hair. You do not have to go through the complex process of solving patches to dye hair. 

2. Less Mess 

One of the most common things is leaving a mess after dying hair. However, with the help of wet hair, you do not have to go through all those messes. It is easy to manage all your hair mess when the hair is wet. It is far better than any bottle, a brush, dry hair, and other applications. 

3. Absorbs More Color 

When your hair is dry, it absorbs more color and causes the hair color to be much more effective. The hair color penetrates much deeper when wet and helps the hair to get dyed very effectively. 

4. Subtle Dimension

Many professionals like to keep the hair wet before dying it as it helps to provide better results. If you want to get subtle and low-maintenance dimensions, then wet hair is the perfect option for you. You can ask your hairstylist to know which one is better for your hair health. 

5. Ideal For Thick And Coarse Hair

If you have coarse and thick hair, then dying wet hair is the best option for you. However, the hair condition is best if the hair is damped. Also, it depends a lot on the hair dye used and the professional who is dying your hair. 

The process gets much easier when the hair is wet. If the hair dye is semi-permanent, then wet hair works better. But it is acceptable to use the permanent hair color on wet hair as well. 

Disadvantages Of Dying Your Hair Wet

Although many professionals and women prefer to dye their hair wet, there are many disadvantages that you need to keep in mind. Of course, the advantages far outweigh these disadvantages, but here are some of them given below. 

1. Dilute The Color 

If you have damaged and dry hair, then dying hair wet can make it worse. Damaged hair needs lots of moisture to repair and grow. In this case, your hair will absorb all the water from the wet hair, which will leave no place for the dye to get soaked. As a result, it will become more challenging for the dye to penetrate the hair and enter the cortex. However, your hair will be dyed, but you won’t be able to get the result you are expecting. 

2. Uneven Distribution 

The moisture in hair helps to distribute the hair application. However, it is still not a precise color application. If you want to get a drastic change in the outcome, it is better to go with a dry hair application. In many people, the moisture of wet hair does not work well to distribute the color because of hair texture and other reasons. Therefore, choosing a dry hair application will help you to get a better result. 

3. Risk Of Getting More Damages

After dying your hair wet, you are prone to damage your hair. You need to avoid using a towel and avoid heat to keep the hair protected from damage. Also, you need to avoid brushing your hair abrasively. It can cause a lot of damage to your hair and result in hair fall. 

Best Hair Colors Types For Wet Hair 

Can you dye wet hair? Yes, but there are some color types that work best for wet hair. Unfortunately, every color type does not provide a good result while dying hair. However, there are some specific types that you can choose to dye your hair.

That includes semi-permanent color, demi-permanent color, and other temporary colors. They will provide the best results and excellent hair color. However, you can use permanent color on wet hair as well, but it works better on dry hair if you are looking for a lighter or darker shade. 

Dirty Or Clean Hair For Wet Dye? 

If you are planning to dye the hair wet, then dirty hair should be your first choice. It helps to clasp the color better and prevents the color from spreading. On the other hand, clean hair tends to be too slick and slippery, making it hard to apply color. In addition, all the dirt will protect your hair from getting damaged by the chemicals inside the dyes. So, if you are planning for wet dye, then go with dirty hairs. 


Wet hair is not the primary choice for permanent color. But in many circumstances, it can be the best choice. Go through the article to know more about the details of using dye in wet hair. 

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