What This Cat Did To Save Her Babies Shocked Me To The Core. Motherly Love At Its Finest.

Back in 1996, Scarlett the cat became a world famous feline and mother when she selflessly walked through flames to rescue all five of her kittens from a burning building. With the fire department on scene, the officers noticed Scarlett carrying each of her kittens out of the fiery garage. After rescuing her babies, one by one, Scarlett was badly burned and blistered, yet she still touched each of her kittens with her nose to make sure they had all made it out safely before collapsing. All of the cats were taken to the local animal rescue shelter, and after three months of intensive care and treatment, Scarlett and all but one of the kittens had made a full recovery, and were ready to be adopted.

The clinic staff said Scarlett was “spoiled rotten and treated like a queen.” A kind woman named Karen Wellen adopted Scarlett, and this most heroic mom went on to live a long and happy life.

I truly have never heard a story so harrowing and incredible. If you’re blown away by this heroic mama, please SHARE this story and keep Scarlett’s name alive!

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