She Caught The Dog Chewing His New Bed. His Reaction Was Hilarious. Watch This!

Does your dog ever do something bad, and then try to apologize for it?

Guilty dogs are just hilarious. A lot of people think that dogs aren’t smart enough to feel emotions like guilt and regret, but if you’ve seen enough guilty dog videos, you know that they definitely feel something when they’re caught in the act! The way they try to hide, or seem all too eager for pets all of a sudden, reminds me of how my kids used to act when I caught them doing something they shouldn’t. Dogs definitely know when they’ve done something wrong – and this video is more proof.

The guy in this video caught his roommate’s dog chewing on her new bed, and after he cleaned it up, decided to film himself saying that he was going to tell on her! The dog’s reaction is hilarious – she tries everything to convince him not to, but it just doesn’t seem to work!

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