The Most Craziest Fart Story Ever. This Is Priceless


#1 The Story Begins


Well this was an interesting beginning. Let’s see where it leads.


#2 Is This Love?


This has all the tell-tale signs of a classic love story. But is it heading for a SBD?

#3 Fart On Deck


You know the feeling when your abs start to go into sharp convulsions: Poop on deck!

#4 How To Break the News?


What do you tell him? That there is about to be an odorous cloud wafting across to his side of the car?

#5 Then It Hits


Like she said, let the fart speak for itself. That is the only course of action.



Is there an ejector seat in this car? That would come in handy right about now.

#7 Under Siege


War is bad, but a siege by fart cloud is basically the second worst thing you can encounter.

#8 Awk-Werd


Wow, that is so awkward. What do you do after a car ride filled with fart-induced chaos? Not much you can do….

#9 Farts on Toots on Farts


When the farts come, sometimes they just don’t stop. They are fart-lentless.

#10 Happily Ever After


Don’t let flatulence get in the way of a good thing. We are glad Rob did not let the Silent but Deadlies ruin his date night.

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