The Extraterrestrial Beings Will Kill You If They Find You!

dark forest theory

Have you ever tried contacting someone outside Earth? Are you one of those who loves watching Science Fiction where aliens come to Earth? There are other civilizations in the Universe; there is no doubt about that. I am saying this because we keep finding planets and stars optimal for survival!

In the movies, there are several aspects where aliens are trying to know more about you, such as through traceable signatures or vice versa! If you want to learn more about the theory, you also need to understand there is a high possibility of the paradox range being true. 

Does the story of the aliens feel like a part of human evolution future? It is a scary and frightening proposition even to think that one day, whatever you have, or own might be taken away from you by a group of aliens! 

It feels like a layer of curtain on the doorway to the Universe, and we keep moving one at a time to get a clearer view! Does this sound familiar to the Dark Forest theory? To know things even better, you must keep reading the blog.

The Extraterrestrial Beings Will Kill You If They Find You!

Dark Forest Theory originated from the science fiction author Greg Bear in 1987! He introduced the concept of “dark jungle” in his novel The Forge of God and explored it in detail. Furthermore, “dark forest” was coined 2008 by science fiction author Liu Cixin.

The novel “The Dark Forest” discusses scenarios involving potentially hostile alien life! It is a science fiction novel with the plot of dealing or interacting with a potentially strange life interaction. There are specific arguments laid out in the book that create an awareness regarding civilization!

The first foundation is all life wants to live and keep surviving! According to the author, there is no confirmation regarding the probability of another life form or civilization destroying or harming others. 

There is also no assurance that civilization will try to eradicate another life form to have optimal chances of survival. There is always a high risk of survival and sustainability regarding civilizations and how they work towards growth.

Read the article to learn about the Dark forest theory which justifies the reason why civilizations are trying to maintain radio silence instead of announcing themselves out in the open. According to the theory, reaching across the Universe to find another civilization is quite dangerous for us as a civilization.

What Is The Dark Forest Theory?

What Is The Dark Forest Theory_

It might be optimistic when you consider the theory of the Dark Forest, where there is a possibility of so many civilizations out there! However, it becomes significantly frightening the more you think there is a high probability that the civilization might be stronger than you!

This might mean that they use technological and intellectual power to attack you. There is a high probability of alien life living in the vast expanses of the Universe, considering there are habitable zones. So the question arises: why has no civilization approached us?

When we are searching desperately for signs of life, there are other advanced civilizations with much more advanced technology. Do you think they will extend a hand for friendship, or will they try to take away our resources for their survival and sustainability?

The dark forest theory justifies itself by stating that when a civilization is faced with another civilization, it is not necessary to be a humble interaction, nor will it be a boastful show of power. Read more about the common elements of the Dark Forest Theory and its integration on a larger scale!

The Tenets Of The Dark Forest Theory!

The Tenets Of The Dark Forest Theory!

Do you know anything about the basic tenets of the Dark Forest theory? I am here to talk about the “dark theory” and how certain factors are important to understanding the theoretical approach. The theory is very similar to the concept of flat earth because at times you want to believe it but what about the evidence?

Have you seen the movie The Battleship? The film sets the perfect backdrop to explain what I am trying to project in this article.

If you are trying to understand it better, you will feel like a hunter wandering through the forest, the larger part of the civilization, which is completely unknown and filled with risks. Please read below the various tenets of the theory and how they influence it!

The Primary Need Is Survival

The Primary Need Is Survival

For every civilization, survival is significant! I am sure even when you as an individual think about sustainability and survival! It is, therefore, important to learn about having the desire to survive. Hence, other civilizations are working hard to stay.

The concern arises when a civilization functions with limited resources and realizes that other civilizations might have more resources and opportunities. This might increase the probability of one civilization becoming jealous of others, thus attacking the other to survive!

Limited Resources

When you are living your life, from an individual or group level, there are always limited or finite resources. There are several aspects, such as space, materials, or energy, which are often resources based on which civilizations fight each other.

Mutual Understanding Is Missing

Timelines, biology, and culture are different for different civilizations, impacting their understanding. So clearly, there is a lack of mutual understanding among the civilizations because their intentions towards others might vary or differ.

Not everyone feels the same about other people or motivation towards others! There is a high chance that how you feel for another person, the other person might not feel the same towards you. There is a high probability of negative interactions or repercussions leading to violence.

High-Risk Decisions

An intentional approach towards other civilizations might impact the overall perspective of people or communities! It is important to learn about the theory and how it affects the way any civilization in this Universe experiences existential risk.

The Universe is a large place where you can go ahead in the darkness very cautiously and carefully checking out the darkness. It is about walking along, checking the challenges and risks, and moving forward toward progress and growth, both scientifically and universe-based.

Implications Of The Dark Forest Theory!

Implications Of The Dark Forest Theory!

When you want to learn more about the implications of the Dark Forest Theory, you will have to read about the potential threat. Anyilization still hidden in the vast universe realm constantly becomes a target. Do you wonder if the biocentrism debunked is an implication of the Dark Forest theory?

If they try to alert other civilizations or come out of hiding, there is a high chance that others might attack them for more resources! Imagine what you would do if someone tried to remove your bedroom when you invited them to check it out.

Taking over another’s habitat, resources, and opportunities is a way of survival; hence, the theory confirms that there is a higher risk of one civilization trying harder or attacking another. It is an unspoken rule; therefore, what is important? What is the tenet of the theory?

It is best if most civilizations try to stay hidden from others! That may be why no aliens have ever approached Earth or tried to connect with the scientists of Earth. It is like revealing one’s existence or location to other advanced civilizations!

Exposing yourself is like waiting for them to address you as a threat or future competitor. So, what are the rational strategies regarding the implications of the Dark Forest theory? How about invisibility and silence? It is one of the best ways to minimize risk for civilization.

Is The Forest Dark?

Is The Forest Dark_

The way cosmic society works is rare, especially when it comes down to three hypotheses. The behavior of the living entities from other civilizations or aliens, as we like to call it, is completely based on assumptions.

It might feel like the technological assumption of the other party is that everything is naturally hidden; however, it is not completely dark. We consider that stopping reaching out to aliens is significant.

The night sky is quite transparent, so all we can do is make a space telescope to look for them! The bigger and better telescope will help you get better resolutions. So why are we still waiting for the radio signals from the aliens? Because even we are scared of losing our place in the Universe.

So, if you are planning to overpower other civilizations, think again. Keep in mind that if the aliens can see you, they can kill you. The top civilizations in the galaxy have the power to wipe out our entire race, leading to losing their world.

Is It A Reality, Or Is It A Sci-Fi Story?

Is It A Reality, Or Is It A Sci-Fi Story_

To learn the Dark Forest theory, you must consider the significance of survival and how it is the primary need of any civilization. So, to survive, you need to function with regards to individual and global scale, constantly looking for a better way to grow.

For civilization to grow and expand, we must consider how we need resources. The concerns start here! We always keep trying to find new ways and planets for better resources. So imagine, if another civilization tries to find a resource-filled planet and find ours?

For example, in the movie Atlantic Rim, robots piloted by humans are sent to manage giant sea monsters! It might sound like a story and you might enjoy it when watching the movie, however, if you are a character living it, I am sure you will realize how dangerous it can be!

It sounds like a Sci-Fi story, but it is the reality. If the first hypothesis, survival of the fittest, is considered, it is dangerous to consider the opportunity to find other civilizations and try to explore the Universe more!

Limitations Of The Dark Forest Theory!

Limitations Of The Dark Forest Theory!

The Dark Forest Theory has several limitations, though it is quite thought-provoking, especially with the relativity to the Fermi Paradox. Read the following limitations of the Dark Forest theory to understand the functionality of it better:

Technological Solutions

Technology is the first step or a significant strategy to be used by advanced civilizations so that the members of the civilizations can overcome resource limitations. The competitiveness of resources will become less relevant with the increasing advancement in technology.


There are several principles based on reasoning and human behavior based on which civilizations act. According to the theory, that is how humans behave, and it is expected that extraterrestrial beings or aliens will behave the same. However, what if they don’t?

So, for example, you face an alien race who has a completely different motivation toward gaining more exposure and resources. They might be aggressive towards us instead of following the principles of no violence or hurting others. 

Overemphasis On Competition

There is also a concern about this race, which is based on how competition over survival and resources can not be the only case! Other factors like mutualism and symbiosis can also influence extraterrestrial intelligence. 

You might feel like the destruction might feel like white hole or black hole? Emphasis on the secrets of the Universe however, it is vastly different!

Ethical Evolution

According to advanced civilizations, aggression is discouraged while coexistence is observed. However, the alien community or civilization might have different perspectives and can easily believe in implementing evolution.

This is speculation. However, it is important to consider because only some have ethics. Neither do they evaluate the effectiveness of ethics and its implications.

Relationship With the Fermi Paradox

Relationship With the Fermi Paradox

What is the Fermi paradox? Have you ever heard about it? It is related to the Dark Forest Theory, but how? Let me break it down for you! There is a clear discord or gap between how many advanced civilizations are supposed to be in space compared to the huge lack of evidence.

That is what we call the Fermi paradox. There might have been a significant number of hypotheses, and yet hardly any practical solutions have been formed. This has been decades in the making, and still, we are unable to understand it. 

Many researchers have tried decreasing the number of civilizations using the Drake equation. They do that so that they try to find a way to justify why we haven’t met any of the other civilizations. 

Researchers have informed us that the start or origin of life itself is rare. According to certain claims, most civilizations have a short lifetime in the scheme of the bigger things, and they will fizzle out after a certain point.

So, are many civilizations intentionally trying to stay away from others? Aren’t we doing the same? Or are we highlighting our steps in the world and announcing in space our existence?

Finishing Off…

Have you learned about the dark forest theory and how it influences how scientists think? For example, when we study the history of Earth, many civilizations are technologically less developed, and races are mostly suppressed and disrupted.

This shows how the dark forest theory proves itself by stating that civilizations are worried about becoming targets or exposing themselves to stronger civilizations. Reaching a significant developmental stage and avoiding contact or remaining silent shows they have no choice.

Comment on your thoughts about giving exposure when several civilizations are in the Universe!

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