The Real Reason Why Elon Musk Wants To Colonize Mars: Revealed!

Doppler Effect

Have you heard about the Doppler effect? Do you know that Mars is spinning faster than it originally was? Do we human beings are probably responsible for it? Read the article to learn about the phenomena.

Elon Musk, one of the leading industrialists of our times, is also trying to get humans to Mars by 2026! The project sounds ambitious, but is it ridden with risk or just his ego? Read the article to know more about the probable colonization of Mars!

Why Can’t We Be A Single-Planet Species?

Why Can't We Be A Single-Planet Species_

Being highly confident of the capabilities of human beings as a species is a good thing! However, Elon Musk sounds more like a tyrant than a businessman with the objective of growth and development! The money tycoon has scientific understanding and motive and believes in property value!.

Scientists, astronauts, and physicists worldwide are working hard to search for the truth and discover different factors that will help us understand the risks and benefits of using Mars as another planet to establish a civilization.

The Doppler effect recently observed in the spinning of Mars should be an integral part of the way Musk is considering using Mars to transfer humans! Instead, he has become completely focused on how his company, SpaceX, will successfully imperialize Mars.

As a science fiction reader, I understand Musk’s excitement, but he has the money and resources to go for it! The issue is, what if it negatively impacts the population of Earth? Read more to find out the real reason for Musk aiming for Mars!

The Real Reason Why Elon Musk Wants To Colonize Mars: Revealed!

The Real Reason Why Elon Musk Wants To Colonize Mars_ Revealed!

Elon Musk has invested in SpaceX as a company that will focus on the vision of humanizing Mars by making human existence permanent on the planet. The company is constructing Starships rockets to carry people to and from Mars.

Currently, the company uses Crew Dragon Capsules and Falcon 9 rockets to fly astronauts in space. However, it is the gigantic stainless steel rocket that people worldwide need to look for! SpaceX is constructing this Starship, which is reusable for flying people to and from Mars and the Moon.

In April of 2023, Musk announced that people on Earth, especially the governments and authorities of different nations, should be focused on becoming a multi-planet species. This was after SpaceX launched the Crew-2 mission into orbit.

The Starship is of stainless steel rocket located in Boca Chica, Texas! while the scientists are testing it in the development facility! Transferring people and cargo is an important part of this plan as Musk aims to launch missions to the Moon and Mars.

The prototypes of the Starship are already ready, which is 150 feet tall, or you can compare it to a 15-story building. Three Raptor rocket engines are used when supplying power to the prototypes of the Starship.

What Is The Doppler Effect? 

When referring to the Doppler effect, I would like to draw an example to help you understand the concept! When music is playing loudly in a car, the closer you get to the vehicle, the sound of the music gets louder, even though there is no increase in volume.

Also, when you pass the car and move away, the impact of the sound of the music decreases. The frequency of light or sound waves is influenced by them leaving the source and how an observer receives it.

The application is significant and can be implemented in different fields surrounding us! You will find the Doppler Effect in Astronomy, Audio, Radars, Sirens, Vibration measurement, Flow Management, Medical imaging, Satellite communication, and blood flow management.

When observing the movements of the Stars, the Doppler effect is considered, especially when the observations are made from the perspective of Earth. Christian Johann Doppler was the one who described the phenomena, especially with the increase or decrease of starlight depending on the relative movement of the star.

How Does The Doppler Effect Play into The Observation Of Mars?

How Does The Doppler Effect Play into The Observation Of Mars_

When studying Mars, the data display of the Mars Orbit insertion shows that there has been a speed change. The Odyssey signaled a speed change in Mars’s spinning, triggered after the spacecraft fired into Mars’s orbit.

The wavelength was short through the Doppler effect, and the frequency increased! The Insight seismometer has picked up on small meteor impacts and earthquakes leading to minuscule vibrations.

Many people on Earth are working and studying day and night to consider Mars an inhabitable planet and whether humans can establish their cities and colonies on Mars.

Even with some data hinting at the presence of carbon, oxygen, sulfur, and molten iron at the center, much of the planning is completely theoretical. Elon Musk must consider the Doppler effect development when aiming for a 2026 landing on Mars.

Shannon Stirone, the science journalist, informs that Musk is very unrealistic regarding the myriad of the Red Planet. He is so focused on success, economy, and epic transformative changes that he is not considering the impact the Doppler effect might have on humans!

Various conditions include freezing to death, deterioration of muscles leading to death, fizzing up like a bottle of soda, or starting your blood boiling. All of these conditions can result from the planet’s increasing speed as scientists are still evaluating all data.

What Is the Ulterior Motive Of Elon Musk In Colonizing Mars?

What Is the Ulterior Motive Of Elon Musk In Colonizing Mars_

According to Elon Musk, humans must be more aggressive when creating their mark in this universe. He wants people on Earth to have a permanent base on the Moon and establish cities on Mars.

He is quite confident that human beings should be a spacefaring civilization for whom traveling into space should not be difficult. It is one of the reasons he is pushing his company, SpaceX, to create the stainless steel rocket to kickstart space travel!

The prior cost of the Starship was calculated to be around $5 billion when completely developed; however, it has not been disclosed yet by the company SpaceX, but of course, it is likely closer to the approximate reported amount.

There are two specific projects, Starship and Starlink projects, and SpaceX has been raising funds for both over the years quite steadily. Currently, the company is valued at $74 billion, one of the market’s most sought-after and valued private organizations.

It is one of his motives to increase the valuation of his brand apart from trying to be imperative and acquire a position of control and power if there is any chance of success from the Starship programs.


Now that you have learned about the Doppler effect, will it help us understand other galactic actions in and around Earth? Why do you think Mars is the only planet that Musk targets for human transfer?

Comment below on what you think about the colonization of Mars and if you have any inhibitions!

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