Were They Trying To Remove Egyptian Queen Cleopatra From The History pages?

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Are you a history buff? Are you curious about Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and how influential she was? Egyptian Cleopatra tomb is still missing; they think they might have found it! There is a network of archaeological excavations that might contain the tomb’s mystery. 

Please read the article to learn more about how archeologists search in vain yet cannot find it. It is still a huge mystery, especially with the absence of her tomb or her coffin, which is still a mystery. Do you find a similarity between Queen Cleopatra and King Tut

Explore the identity of Queen Cleopatra and how her tomb is still a huge mystery! Queen Cleopatra is globally recognized and well known, one of the most popular ancient names of Egypt. Not just in Egypt, but people in Rome were also aware of her beauty and influence! 

Do you wonder how she became the lover of two of the most influential Romans, Julius Caesar, and Marc Antony? I want to highlight the aspects that made Queen Cleopatra such an enigma! Explore the article to learn more about this beautiful and powerful Egyptian Queen. 

Were They Trying To Remove Egyptian Queen Cleopatra From The History pages? 

Were They Trying To Remove Egyptian Queen Cleopatra From The History pages_

One of the major reasons the Egyptian Cleopatra tomb is still not found is because most of the ancient Alexandria land is now underwater. There is no way in which accurate information can be evaluated or even measured because of the 20 feet depth of water over history! 

According to Chip Brown, ancient Alexandria carries many historical portrayals of the time when the Queen lived. It might be deeply contradictory, but it is the truth, especially when some archaeological finds, such as extant coins, show a plain-looking woman as Queen Cleopatra! 

This completely contradicts the creation of her image in the world where she is this beautiful and sharp seductress. The most intellectual minds of the time were her fans and respected her more than any other ruler.

The tomb has not been found, but the concern is not limited to the tomb but also her personality or characteristics! The way she has been defined in many historical reports and studies could have gone better with some evidence found.

Some historians even highlight that they are still determining the race of Cleopatra! So, what is this curiosity revolving around the Egyptian Queen? Read more to remove the thick pile of confusion and mystery that shrouds the memory of Cleopatra! 

Who Was Queen Cleopatra? 

Who Was Queen Cleopatra_

A woman of beauty and intellect, Queen Cleopatra has been respected across history for her incredible life! But why? Do you question the fate of the beautiful and brave Egyptian Queen? Her love affairs with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar are known worldwide, but what do we know about her personal life? 

She lived an incredible life, but her untimely death speaks volumes about the reason for the diverse perspectives of people towards her! She was known as the last pharaoh of Egypt; Cleopatra made Egypt proud by standing against men in powerful positions. 

Cleopatra was co-ruling Egypt with her brother, Ptolemy XIII, who was also her husband after their father’s death. Once her brother died, Cleopatra was responsible for protecting her people and her rule. 

For this reason, she tried to develop a relationship with Julius Caesar, the Roman general! There was a huge age difference between the two; Caesar and Cleopatra got involved romantically and sexually. Caesar also pledged his support to Cleopatra and her rule. 

After Caesar was murdered, Cleopatra tried hard to get her son, Caesarion, to be recognized as the rightful heir to the Roman throne as it was rumored that he was the child of Caesar! To no avail, she convinced Mark Antony! 

Even the popular Roman general fell victim to her good looks and sharp intellect! Once again, the alliance between a Roman and an Egyptian formed; however, it ended in war and death. 

Where Is Queen Egyptian Cleopatra Tomb? 

Where Is Queen Egyptian Cleopatra Tomb_

There are hardly any written sources that can claim the exact information or evidence related to Cleopatra! There is an ancient chronicler, Plutarch, who has written a biography of Antony where the reign of Queen Cleopatra has been described in detail. 

According to the chronicler, Cleopatra’s beauty was unmatched. She was the epitome of intellectual power. However, where does it all go awry? The reports written about the Queen by Plutarch have been hundreds of years after her death. 

This shows that he had no point of relativity, and when you read the account, you can see the Roman Viewpoint of the Queen. This tells you that there needs to be more understanding when evaluating and exploring Cleopatra’s life. 

We know she fought tooth and nail to safeguard her country, yet she lost against Augustus, Julius Caesar’s nephew. She failed even after the deal she drew with Julius Caesar and then later with Mark Antony. So wonder where Egyptian Cleopatra tomb still is? 

Her charm and beauty have convinced politicians; accordingly, she has made decisions. And yet, people are unaware of her, her reality, her future, or the location of her tomb. Even her death is not clear because different people draw accounts of it differently. 

Archaeologists are still working towards finding her tomb while evaluating the history that might hint at where it all lies! 

Why Are They Unable To Find Queen Egyptian Cleopatra Tomb? 

Why Are They Unable To Find Queen Egyptian Cleopatra Tomb_

They say she had borne children to both powerful Roman men! Is that what made her dangerous enough that the Romans hid her body? Or was it her people who did not want her sarcophagus to fall prey in other’s hands hence, hid it deep inside the earth?

According to history, Mark Antony and Cleopatra were lovers in the last days of their lives! The beauty of the Nile is said to be buried with the brave and handsome Roman general. Imagine an archaeologist’s excitement of finding two of the most coveted tombs ever. 

The grave of Cleopatra is suspected to be in ancient Alexandria, which means it is underwater because a large portion of old Alexandria is submerged deep under the Mediterranean Sea. After reading this, I am sure you will consider that Cleopatra’s tomb is somewhere inside a watery grave. 

However, in the early 2000s, Franck Goddio, an underwater archaeologist, explored the Mediterranean Sea, especially the section of ancient Alexandria with no evidence or trace of Cleopatra. And yet, most archaeologists are sure that the Egyptian Cleopatra’s tomb, palace, and mausoleum are somewhere underwater! 

This has been further supported by claims made by Professor Emeritus of Classics at the University of California, Los Angeles, Robert Gurval. He informs that there is a high possibility that the tomb must be underwater along with her palance because of the earthquakes and seawater having buried it deeper. 

Was King Tut And Queen Cleopatra Related_

A woman of great beauty, intellect, irresistible charm and sharpness, Queen Egyptian Cleopatra tomb is still not located! A world full of recognition, and it is still not enough to receive the actual recognition in her tomb’s form. They say she was the lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony! 

Is that why she became popular? Or was there something unique about her, just like other Egyptian pharaohs, kings, and Queens such as Queen Nefertiti and King Tut, which made her so mysterious? Have you gone through King Tut exhibit to learn more about it? 

You will be shocked to know that King Tut and Queen Cleopatra are apart by several years, so the only relationship they might share is that they were in positions of power in Egypt but at completely different times. King Tutankhamun was the Egyptian King or Pharaoh in the 18th century! 

He reigned between 1332 to 1323 ECE after ascending to the throne at a young age! There are two types of narrative about this boy king! One is where he is said to be sickly and is dependent on his helpers to perform all his tasks.

In another narrative, the king was pleasant, an active soldier, and loved hunting and parties! He is one of the most popular because King Tut’s tomb is the most intact after its discovery in the Valley of the Kings. However, the Egyptian Cleopatra tomb is still not found. 

Is Queen Cleopatra Tomb And King Tut Tomb Connected? 

Is Queen Cleopatra Tomb And King Tut Tomb Connected_

Queen Cleopatra was the last active pharaoh of Egypt as she ruled between 51 to 30 BCE! A member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, the Queen in Egypt worked hard to keep her position and rule. However, she lost everything after the war with the Romans. 

Her intellect and intelligence helped her gain access and favors from two of the greatest Roman generals, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. However, her relationships with both turned the Roman empire, mostly men in power, against her. 

Maybe it is for this reason that Egyptian Cleopatra tomb is still a mystery. Even though the archaeologists claim that it is all under the Mediterranean Sea, there is no confirmation that it is there. There has been no evidence or proof that supports this theory by a long shot! 

With the diversity of ancient Egypt, the culture entertains significant objectives from the perspectives of history. In the ancient world, pharaohs were an integral part of Egyptian culture; hence, talking about Queen Cleopatra and King Tut was necessary. 

The Egyptian Cleopatra tomb and King Tut tomb might not be connected. Still, the individuals inside those tombs or the dedicated individuals are some of the most popular pharaohs of Egypt. The gender roles in Egypt were quite balanced or, should I say, more advanced than in the modern world. 

Women in Egypt enjoyed a superior position when it came to other women across the world. They received a position of power and held it with grace, intellect, energy, and beauty! 

Impact Of Cleopatra! 

Impact Of Cleopatra!

Kathleen Martinez, a criminal lawyer turned archaeologist, has been trying to find the Egyptian Cleopatra tomb since 2009! It has been a relentless search filled with enthusiasm and hope. Martinez considers Cleopatra as her hero! 

It is a significant aspect that she highlights, just like this blog! The Romans were scared of her! She threatened Rome, not just on the account of war but also on the account of rule and power. She was powerful enough to conquer the world, and the Roman generals Julius Caesar and Mark Antony knew it. 

Cleopatra has been defined as a powerful and cunning queen and many people are scared of her. Martinez builds a strong case for Cleopatra, who was known as the embodiment of the Goddess Isis herself. 

There is a claim that Martinez has made about the Egyptian Cleopatra tomb! She says that the tomb is not in ancient Alexandria, which is underwater. It is at the temple of Isis, a 45-minute drive west of Alexandria, Taposiris Magna. 

One of the major reasons she makes this claim is because, according to her, Cleopatra considered herself the embodiment of Isis and Mark Antony as Osiris. Cleopatra and Octavian negotiated about burying Mark Antony in Egypt, thinking she wanted to reenact the legend of Isis and Osiris. 

Isis And Osiris 

Isis And Osiris

Some say that Cleopatra killed herself with a snake bite because she did not want to be captured by the Romans! Therefore, if it is true that the two lovers are buried together, then it is not in ancient Alexandria. There is also a cult, which a lot of Egyptians believe in! 

Maybe even Cleopatra believed in it! The cult of Osiris informs that it grants immortality to couples buried together. So, Cleopatra might have planned this because she thought that the Gods would give them immortality and allow them to live together in another form of existence, thus hoping for eternal life! 

Finishing Off… 

Now that all you, history buffs have gone through the significant details of the Egyptian Cleopatra tomb and its mystery, do you think it is in ancient Alexandria? Is there any comparison between it and King Tut’s tomb? Do you feel Egypt still has held on to its mysteries? 

When trying to learn more about how Cleopatra was influential and can still impact people, you know how powerful she is! Her mystery and legacy still have the power to inspire others to an extreme level. 

Comment on what you think is important regarding knowing about Queen Cleopatra and how misinformation is hampering it!

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