How To Cancel Youtube Tv In 2023?

How To Cancel Youtube Tv

If you are thinking how to cancel youtube tv? Keep reading. YouTube TV is accessible in the US; however, there is no confirmation about whether the streaming service will be accessible in the UK or any other country.

According to the Alphabet brand, almost 99.5% of households in the US use this streaming service. To access the streaming service and purchase the subscription, you must sign up for an account on YouTube Tv.

Open the browser page and go to the YouTube TV sign-up page. You will find the option “Try it free,” which you can click on to get started. If the devices are compatible, 4K playback is only available on YouTube TV.

You have to select the option to live and watch the on-demand content if you add on the 4K Plus. The streaming service also includes advertisements that cannot be fast-forwarded.

Just like traditional TV, the advertisements occur in between live TV. As a user, you can pause the video and later extend it to bring it to the live version.

How To Cancel Youtube Tv In 2023?

Cancel Youtube Tv

YouTube Tv was first launched in 2017 in the United States and is restricted to specific locations in the US. The service has been expanded across the United States in 2010 locations by 2019. It has established itself with competitive pricing and an effective user interface that makes it easier to use.

To check the list of channels available on YouTube TV, put the ZIP code of your location. Initially, when the streaming service cost was launched, it was priced at $35; however, over the years, it has increased.

The streaming service provides many discounts and offers for first-time users and new joiners. New joiners sometimes pay the first three months for $54.99 every month. The additional discounts and offers make it quite popular among users in the US.

There is also a subscription plan priced at $29.99 called Entertainment Plus, which gives the users access to the channels such as Starz, Showtime, and HBO Max. You can watch the streaming service anyplace, primarily through Chromebooks and laptops.

Thinking about how to cancel youtube tv subscription? Well, the subscription cost can sometimes feel like a lot, especially with the increasing number of streaming services in the market. Therefore, it is normal to feel the need to cancel the subscription.

What Is YouTube Tv?

What Is YouTube Tv

Planning on how to cancel youtube tv? First you have to know about it. YouTube Tv is a live-streaming TV service owned by the company Alphabet, previously known as Google. Streaming is one of the most popular services in the United States. The service has original programming.

YouTube Tv offers account sharing and DVR and gives access to sports networks, cable channels, and services across a diverse range of devices. The service serves 85 broadcasts, regional sports networks, and cable TV.

The live streaming service is accessible across devices such as computers, TV, tablet, and phone. The service provides unlimited DVR storage to subscribers. The service competes with other streaming services like Hulu and Sling TV.

What Does YouTube Tv Offer?

There is only one subscription plan for YouTube TV, which costs $64.99 monthly. You can access premium networks, popular cable networks, and significant broadcasting videos if you purchase this subscription. Also, you can also watch different types of content created by YouTube Creators.

You can watch channels like Fox and CBS regional sports networks through YouTube TV. With the basic subscription plan, you can create 6 different profiles from one subscription. According to the company, there are no installation appointments, hidden fees, and equipment rentals.

As a user, you can cancel the subscription anytime; hence, there is no compulsive responsibility to keep the subscription. To add premium and sports networks, you need to pay additional charges. Further, users can unlock 4K Plus to access different features.

When subscribing to YouTube TV, users can record videos and content and later watch it offline. The video quality of the content is of high quality. The usage of YouTube TV can be unlimited streams once you subscribe to the subscription plan.

How To Cancel YouTube Tv?

Step to Cancel YouTube Tv

As users, you can always pause or cancel your subscription to YouTube TV. You can access YouTube Tv till the end of the payment period. It will be removed after you pay for the service. The immediate removal can only occur if you are on a free trial.

How to cancel youtube tv trial, you must go to the official website, Then you have to go to the option of settings. Once you have selected locations, you have to select the Membership option.

When answering the question, how to cancel my youtube tv subscription? You then have to click on the Manage option present in the tab. Then you will see the chance to “Click membership” and have to click on it. Once done, you will be released from any subscription.

However, you will retain access to YouTube at that very moment. Instead, you can access the service until your billing cycle ends. Therefore, checking your billing cycle before you cancel the subscription is essential.

Once the billing cycle ends, you cannot access the service or the application. All the recorded programs in the stream channels stay for 21 days. So if you have downloaded any programs, you can only access them 21 days after the subscription cancellation.

Another question that comes to your mind is how to cancel youtube tv on iphone. The same process can be repeated but on the application.

Features Of YouTube Tv

Before canceling, you should know about all the features the streaming service provides its viewers.

  • Multiple people and users can access the YouTube Streaming service on different devices. It is one of the most flexible streaming services available.
  • Users can use voice control when they watch any YouTube TV service. Be it an iOS device or Android, users can use voice control to give instructions and change preferences.
  • You can jump from one segment to another. The feature, however, is only available on TV screens.
  • The dark mode is available on the YouTube TV streaming service.


Please read the article to learn more about how to cancel youtube tv in 2023. The article has also discussed the streaming service, subscription plans, and features so that you are confident before canceling. Please comment below on the reason why you are canceling the subscription.

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