How To Keep Bugs Out Of A Camping Trailer?

Keep Bugs Out

Camping in an RV is a unique experience as you enjoy nature’s serenity with all the home facilities available to you. An RV is nothing but a secondary home on wheels.

It allows you to immerse yourself in nature and the freedom to travel anywhere you want and take the road untaken. You can travel to remote locations or popular campsites with an RV.

However, when traveling in an RV, you get close to nature and are more exposed to natural elements. Bugs and flies are a major problem while staying in your recreational vehicle.

Even if you want to open the windows and experience the nature of your RV campsite, the bugs make it impossible to crack the windows and enjoy the fresh breeze.

You must be wondering How to keep bugs out of camping trailer?

Here Are Some Methods To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Camping Trailer

  1. Use a spray
  2. Do not keep trash open
  3. Keep the lights off
  4. Rv bug stop screen door

1. Use a spray

While bug spray may not be able to stop the bugs from entering your RV, a spray ensures that the bugs that are already present in the trailer are eliminated.

It is a viable after-measure, and you can easily buy different varieties of bug spray at any store. However, it does not stop the bugs from entering your trailer.

Moreover, many people are not comfortable with gasses in the spray, which might trigger some breathing difficulties. Prolonged exposure to such mists and fumes might lead to pesticide poisoning.

2. Do not keep trash open

Trash-like wrappers or vegetable peels can attract insects and bugs inside your trailer. Keeping the trash out is one of the best ways to keep bugs out of an RV.

If the campsite does not have dedicated trash bins, you must retain all your trash covered. Uncovered trash will make your trailer smell bad, but it might attract bugs inside the trailer.

However, it is not the ideal solution as bugs might enter a trailer even if it is squeaky clean.

3. Keep the lights off

Bugs are attracted to light and fly towards it no matter where the light is. So, bugs might creep into your trailer if you have your lights on at night.

Bugs are attracted to light as it signals to escape from potential predators.

Therefore, keeping the lights off may help reduce the number of bugs and insects inside your trailer. On the other hand, keeping the lights off may make it challenging to navigate your way inside the RV at night.

4. Rv bug stop screen door

All the other solutions mentioned in the list are measures that do not particularly stop the bugs from entering the trailer.

So, how do keep bugs out of the camping trailer? The answer is installing a screen door. It is the best way to keep your RV bug free. It helps you breathe in the fresh air while keeping the bugs outside.

These screens are simple mesh screen doors made from high-quality materials like anodized aluminum.

An RV bug stop screening door with a self-closing mechanism that automatically closes the slider and prevents bugs from entering the trailer would be an excellent option. Moreover, if it is a DIY door and it’s pretty simple to install, things would be easy.

Additionally, by installing a screen door, one does not have to worry about trash, using bug sprays, or keeping lights off in the trailer.

So, consider these methods to keep bugs out of your trailer and enjoy nature.

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