Shocking Facts You Need To Know About Makima From Chainsaw Man


Manga readers always have an ace up their sleeves. They are always one chapter ahead and know much more than anime lovers do. If you have started watching Chainsaw Man, you might be simping on Makima.

However, hold your horses. I have some crazy facts about Makima, and you may want to reconsider simping on the Goddess of Victory. The first season of Chainsaw Man is over, and people are already drooling over the picture of the dominating character of Makima.

If the anime interests you, you should know about these shocking facts about her. However, if you did not watch the anime, then there are some possible spoilers in this article you should skip. But, if you are willing to dive in like Denji anyway, let’s start.

Who Is Makima?

Who Is Makima

First, let me introduce you to the most attractive redhead from the anime Chainsaw Man. Makima was introduced as one of the major roles of the anime when the anime started. She is a high-ranking public safety devil hunter. Denji, the anime’s main character, has lustful desires and fantasies surrounding her (no wonder people fans want to be Denji). But all that glitters is not gold.

Makima might seem to be on the bright side of the anime for those who watch the anime. But there is more to it than what meets the eye. So, check out these facts about her.

10 Shocking Facts About Makima: Watch out For The 1st One

So, here are some interesting facts about Makima –

8. Makima Is The Control Devil

Makima Is The Control Devil

This is no news to manga readers. But anime lovers should know that Makima is the control devil. You can tell by the looks in her eyes. She has yellow eyes with red rings reminiscing of the hypnotic spirals. As the control devil, she can control all living things who feel inferior towards her. She can use mice to keep tabs on some of her targets.

Not only that, Makima can also brainwash you (I am sure she already has). She can manipulate someone or meddle with their memories. She can cause her targets to forget their traumatic events or trick them into believing that she has saved them. However, her power does not work on those superior to her.

7. Makima Killed Power!

This is a serious turn of events. Makima shocks the manga readers by killing Power out of the blue in chapter 81 of the manga. Power was waiting outside Makima’s home to give a birthday cake to Denji. Makima calls Denji to open the door. As soon as he opens the door, Makima uses her psychic gun to tear Power’s torso into two halves.

This act was mainly due to her objective of controlling Denji. She wanted to void Denji’s contract with the Chainsaw devil Pochita. Makima Gave Denji the happy life he wanted with money and family. Her only intention was to take away everything she had given to Denji by killing Power. Don’t worry; Power still lives partially with Denji since he drank her blood on page 71.

6. She Is One Of The Four Horsemen

Makima Is One Of The Four Horsemen

Chainsaw Man anime has a group of strong devils who are known as the four horsemen. Among these horsemen, there are Death Devil, Control Devil, War Devil, and Hunger Devil. All the horsemen work together. But all of them have different objectives.

Makima, as a Control Devil, wants to use Pochita’s power to destroy the other devils. While the war devil wants Pochita to vomit the nuclear weapon devil.

5. Makima Owns A Painting Of Paradise Lost 

Makima Owns A Painting Of Paradise Lost

Before the scene where Makima kills Power, she is seen leading Denji to the door. On the wall, we see a painting of Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré, the French Artist. The illustration is about the fall of Lucifer, the most powerful devil.

It is a representation of Makima’s failure to control and dominate the world. She was once the strongest devil in the world. But her pride became her nemesis, and she lost her previous position. She wanted to use the power of the CHainsaw Devil to dominate the world. But her arrogance caused her downfall.

4. Makima Does Not Like Denji

Makima Does Not Like Denji

If you think that Makima takes a liking to Denji, then you are mistaken. She is only using Denji as a means to get what she wants. What does she want? Well, the assistance of the Chainsaw devil, Pochita. Makima is nice to Denji only because Pochita is inside him.

She also thinks that Denji should not be with the Chainsaw devil. However, she has been influencing him to eradicate all unpleasant things on earth, like fear, anger, sadness, and death.

3. Makima Has Seven Dogs

Makima Has Seven Dogs

This may seem a little out of character for Makima, but she owns seven dogs. Although she wants to dominate the world, she still has a soft heart inside. She also wanted to have a true family and wanted to be loved by the people around her. Perhaps that is why she comes home to her dogs after finishing her dirty business.

Most of her dogs are unnamed. But two of them are named Tiramisu and Custard. Denji also takes care of Makima’s dogs after Makima’s passing.

2. Makima Is Immortal

Makima Is Immortal

Yes, she cannot be killed. She has existed since the start of human civilization. She can recover herself miraculously after any fatal blow. No matter how hard her foes try to kill her, she can recover from the blow and recover from any killing blow.

Makima also has a durable body. During the fight with the gun devil, she returned almost thirty times from the dead. She took the bullets as if they were minor hits. Her immortality will only disappear if the chainsaw devil devours her.

1. Makima Is The Primary Antagonist

This may come as a surprise to those who did not read the Manga. Makima is one of the main antagonists of the whole series of Chainsaw Man. In the Public Safety Saga, Makima is the main villain and the main antagonist of the arc called Control Devil Arc, which is the first arc of Part 1. She reveals her identity in the Gun Devil Arc.

Bottom Line

Aside from the facts in the anime, Makima is also the winner of both Japanese popularity polls. The anime has been a huge hit, and the fans cannot wait to see what’s next. However, if you want to know more about these characters, you have to read the Manga. I hope you liked the different facts I have explained in this article. However, if you are curious about anything related to this topic, then we can take the discussion down to the comment section.

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