Mariana Trench Mystery Solved: The Monster Eating Planes And Shops Revealed!

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Do you watch many Sci-Fi movies such as Meg (2018) and sometimes wonder, is there something like that living deep under the Ocean? If you are a Megalodon believer, believing in stories projected in these movies is normal.

However, the question arises, is there any evidence? Imagine a shark over 20 feet long or even more living as a hermit. Sharks are known to dive deeper than 500 feet to 3,000 feet, so if one decides to do so, humans would have no way of tracking it. There have been records of sharks diving as deep as 12000 feet!

The conflict of reasoning arises that at 12000 feet, only a few large prey items are available, making the Megalodon’s survival difficult. With such a huge size, it will need large prey to satisfy its hunger.

In theory, if we consider that a megalodon shark does exist and lives in the depth of the Ocean, as deep as 12000 feet, then Mariana Trench is not the only place for it to live. A few more places worldwide can house this giant; the point is, shouldn’t we see some evidence to date? Let’s explore.

Can A Megalodon Still Live In The Mariana Trench?

Can A Megalodon Still Live In The Mariana Trench
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The question of evolution is always there, as a certain population of megalodon sharks might have evolved to feed in the deep waters. Or could they get near the water’s surface at night to feed? Probably not! There are many scary mariana trench animals, so let’s read more!

With the increasing scientific-based research, there is less chance that something like this would be hidden for long. Even if shark species survive in the deep, it is improbable that it is the Mariana Trench.

There is no supporting scientific evidence or justification for the probability, especially with the significant difference in the temperature and pressure inside the Trench. Scientists have informed us that the Megalodon shark became extinct 2 million years ago. So, is it still feasible for the giant shark to survive?

Mariana Trench Mystery Solved: The Monster Eating Planes And Shops Revealed!

Mariana Trench Mystery Solved
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There is a serious lack of large prey in the Mariana Trench, one of the major reasons the Megalodon would not survive. But I would not conclude that Megalodon cannot endure to this day. No, I would not! Based on evolution, a megalodon can stay at the Ocean’s depth!

Mariana Trench, however, is different from the places where Megalodon might live! It is quite impossible to survive in the Trench, especially with the huge difference in the temperature and pressure. The concept of a monster was initiated by the movie The Meg, which was released in 2018.

It is based on a novel about 70-foot prehistoric sharks and their survival in the deepest and darkest part of the Oceans across millions of years. Based on data, the size of Megalodon is three times larger than the great white shark. The jaws of the giant shark are so powerful that they can crush a car.

Based on the assumptions from the evidence and observation, the gigantic sharks vanished almost 3.6 million years ago. With the staggering depth of approximately 36,000 feet creating a mysterious and dark place, Mariana Trench is impossible to house the world’s largest shark.

How Did The Mariana Trench Form?

How Did The Mariana Trench Form
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Mariana Trench is a massive Western Pacific canyon that runs 1,500 miles. In the deepest part of the Ocean and quite close to the Earth’s crust, the Mariana Trench has been created with a geological process known as subduction.

The ocean floor of the Mariana Trench dates back to 180 million years! The Pacific tectonic plate has been moving slowly towards the west, further pushing into the Earth’s crust, increasing the pressure. Through the movement, the Pacific tectonic plate meets the Philippine Plate!

It is the volcanic activity that has created the new ocean floor. So, the Pacific Ocean floor is like a conveyor belt recycling the depths of the Mariana Trench, hence are you wondering how deep is the Mariana trench? If you compare the depth of the Trench with Mount Everest, the depth is 6000 ft deeper than the height of Mount Everest.

The pressure in the Mariana Trench is incomparable to the rest of the Ocean across the world as it measures up to 35000 feet. The deepest zone of the Trench is called the Challenger Deep, so there is a concern that not only Megalodon but, if anything, lives inside the Trench.

Why Is The Big Mystery About Megalodon In Mariana Trench?

Big Mystery About Megalodon In Mariana Trench
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Why is there a big mystery related between Megalodon and Mariana Trench? Because both of them are big and they are popular. Megalodon had been roaming from the Cenozoic Era across the seas almost 23 million years ago! It went on to become extinct 2.6 million years ago.

The question arises, what lives in the Mariana Trench? The shark was huge and ate only large Fish and whales! Its teeth are approximately 7 inches longer, so it is considered one of the top predators on Earth across time. It was a serious competition with blue whales and sharks of other species.

According to scientists, the giant shark used to live at the top of the food chain; however, they went extinct because of competition from other shark species, food supply, and climate changes.

Their extinction was probably due to evolution, so expecting to see a megalodon in the Mariana Trench is overstretching the reality! Some invertebrates and different fish species survive in the Mariana Trench, but a whale can’t stay inside scientifically!

Other Mysterious Animals Found In The Mariana Trench!

Other Mysterious Animals Found In The Mariana Trench
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Want to know more about what animals live in the Mariana trench? Let’s get to know about some of the mysterious animals that are found in the Mariana Trench! With a depth of 36037 feet, Mariana Trench is shaped like a V shape with the push from the collision of the plates in slow motion.

The pressure inside the Trench is more than 1000 times compared to sea level. So, there must be animals who are built to handle the pressure. Dumbo Octopus is one such animal which is 12 inches and looks adorable.

Deep-sea Dragonfish is another animal with oversized teeth with 6 inches while swimming between 700 and 6000 feet. Some body parts of the animal are bioluminescent! The third animal is the Barreleye Fish, which is one of those animals that is in the midnight zone of the Ocean.

We know things are inside the Mariana Trench, but maybe not the Meglodon! With scientific technology and cameras, humans have developed different strategies to explore the Trench, so we might have known if there was that giant monster!

Is It A Monster Or Something Else?

Now that we know about Mariana Trench animals, the question still blinks bright about the monster deep in the Trench. Megalodon is an enigma, but can it survive in the Trench with the immense pressure, temperature, and complete lack of light?

The Trench is a place for mysterious animals as there is a certain pressure, temperature, and a severe lack of light to create a perfect, weird place! A place so vast and massive that it seems imposing for humans even to consider the area’s effectiveness.

Comment below on what you think if there is any reality of Megalodon still living in the Trench.

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