The Third Largest Religion In The USA You Haven’t Heard About!


Do you know Mormonism is the third largest religion in the USA? A faith borne out of America, the church of Mormon is growing quickly. Please read the article to learn about the origin of the Mormons and how they have been suppressed for a long time!

We are not aware of many things and often misinterpret this religion. People consider this religion secretive, but it is more of a repression over time that has led to Mormonism becoming a mystery!

People following the Mormon religion are known as Latter-day Saints who believe in equality among men and women. The belief is not restrictive of Christianity. However, Christians do try to oppress or dictate Mormons!

In this article, I will discuss why Mormons need to stay aloof, especially with their history of facing violence and aggression from others.

The Third Largest Religion In The USA You Haven’t Heard About!

The Third Largest Religion In The USA You Haven't Heard About!

The third largest religion, Mormonism, has developed from upstate New York and is increasingly becoming the fastest-growing religion worldwide. Due to the issues of misrepresentation, Mormons are often misconstrued. Hence, they launched a “We’re your neighbors” public relations campaign.

The founder of Mormonism, prophet Joseph Smith, was murdered by an angry mob, while Mormons never openly discussed their faith, especially because till 1976, killing Mormons was completely legal.

The Mormons believe in Jesus Christ as our Heavenly Father because he is considered a father of all human spirits. All human spirits are created in God’s image! According to the Mormons, God has guided us to lead a faithful and virtuous life in modern times.

It is interesting to know that the religion of Mormons claims that the prophets in modern times restored Christianity. Joseph Smith founded Mormonism between the 1820s and 1830s. There is so much we do not know, so let’s read about some unknown facts that will reveal the actual religion!

What Is Mormonism?

What Is Mormonism_

What is Mormonism? Currently, there are 16+ million members in the United States as members of Mormonism. As a religion, it has more than 14 million members outside of the USA. The followers of this religion are called the Latter-day Saints and are significantly working in different well-known societal positions.

Whether in education, business, political parties, charity, the entertainment industry, science, news media, or government, Mormons are everywhere! Mormon theology empowers everyone to perform good deeds and have good experiences.

In a 21st-century covenant, Mormons care about doing good and charity worldwide. According to the Mormons, Jesus Christ is considered a Redeemer and Savior who seeks baptism, praying to his holiness, and entering sacrament.

Why Is Mormonism Different Than Christianity?

Why Is Mormonism Different Than Christianity_

One of the Mormonism beliefs is that Jesus Christ has a physical body, while Christians don’t. Mormons believe that humans one day will share the attributes of God, absorbing all good characteristics, while Christians do not have such expectations.

According to the Mormons, the dead can be baptized because they believe in dead people responding to the Gospel, while Christians do not believe the same!

When evaluating the practices of Mormonism vs Christianity, according to the Book of Mormon, humans are saved by Christ, but the Christians consider that they are doomed!

Things We Do Not Know About Mormonism!

Things We Do Not Know About Mormonism!

Often, Mormonism is misinterpreted as a religion different from Christianity. However, that is not the case. According to Mormons, they create interpersonal relationships with God inspired by mind and heart! They take Christ’s teachings seriously concerning restoring faith and practices across humankind.

The church of Jesus Christ was established when Joseph Smith, living in upstate New York, informed that an angel visited him and guided him to a hill where he found a pair of golden plates buried. He translated the Book of Mormons from the golden plates.

The Book of Mormons was taken as a controversial topic across the world! Across the world, Mormons claim that God still speaks, and people must not consider the Bible as the end of God’s words. One of the most uncommon elements in the practices is their traditional beliefs, especially with their modern practices.

1. Mormons Forbidden Tea And Coffee!

Mormons Forbidden Tea And Coffee!

According to Mormons, the code regarding health is that anything harmful to the body must not be consumed! The teaching about Latter-day Saints informs that alcohol, illegal drugs, coffee, tea, and tobacco are forbidden.

Based on the mortality rates evaluation by a 14-year-old UCLA study completed in 1997, the Mormonism health code decided to adhere to the health code. Based on the health code, it has been observed that the death rates were at their lowest if continued with certain practices.

The risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer can be decreased if you avoid using substances such as tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, etc. Based on current practices, it has been observed that Mormons who follow the health code have an increase in life expectancy from 8 to 11 years.

2. Mormonism Is An American Religion!

Mormonism Is An American Religion!

Mormonism is such an American religion at its core that they believe when Jesus Christ returns, he will come to America. The followers of the religion consider that Jesus Christ came to the American continent to teach the early indigenous people.

What do Mormons believe? For the members of Mormonism, the Lost Tribes of Israel are the ones who were guided towards betterment as they believe that other Christian churches fell into apstasy.

They believed that God sent the Angel Moroni with a new scripture to reveal to the people of the USA in the hands of Joseph Smith, living in New York!

3. Mormons Wear Special Underwear!

The special underwear is called a “temple garment,” which the Mormons wear to symbolize the covenant and the Mormon temple. It represents a sign of protection from any evil and temptation.

It is a widespread belief among the Mormons that underwear protects them from evil and provides them with spiritual protection.

4. Mormons Believe In Polygamy!

Mormons Beleive In Polygamy!

The practice of polygamy was at one point active among Mormons. However, it was abolished in 1890. The method of polygamy at one point was considered normal; however, now, it is regarded as a stereotypical practice. However, they believe that in the afterlife, polygamy is a practice.

Marriage is considered a life-long commitment in Mormonism; however, they allow divorce! In cases of divorce or death, men in Mormonism can be married to another woman, and it is considered a celestial marriage.

All marriages in the Mormon practices are honored regarding celestial marriages continuing till eternity!

5. The Book Of Mormon Supports The Bible!

Book Of Mormon Supports The Bible!

The Book of Mormon is often considered the opposite of the Bible. However, that is not the case! Rather, the Book of Mormon supports the Bible and is another testament of Jesus Christ. The writings in the book inform the way ancient prophets discuss the dealings of God.

The book is often criticized based on its historical authenticity and origins. There are skeptics raising questions on the authenticity of the Book of Mormons, and yet, many followers believe in its support for the Bible.

6. Did You Know Stephanie Meyers, Author Of Twilight Is A Mormon?

Did You Know Stephanie Meyers, Author Of Twilight Is A Mormon_

The author of the book and movie series Twilight, Stephanie Meyers, is a Mormon who used her religious beliefs about marriage to inspire the storyline. The bond between the protagonist, Bella, and Edward is sealed when Edward bites her.

It is similar to a Mormon marriage where Bella, a human, cannot turn away from the bond she shares with her vampire partner. Later, she is turned into a vampire, thus coming together for an eternity! The book has sold in 38 languages worldwide, with over 116 million copies.

The movie franchise has earned $1.8 billion, significantly justifying the storyline and the Mormon concept.

“Celestial marriage” is a Mormon belief where the couple who seals their marriage in a Mormon temple will be together in the afterlife.

7. Mormons Recruitment Programs In FBI And CIA

The intelligence agencies and law enforcement of the Nation, such as the CBI and FBI, require moral and ethical righteousness! The Mormons are the perfect lot for the recruitment programs for national authorities.

Mormons are considered incorruptible and faithful; hence, they are considered the prime candidates for law enforcement authorities. Therefore, there are particular recruitment programs in both the CIA and FBI as they value foreign language skills, respect towards management, and abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

8. Mormons Discovered Gold In California!

Mormons Discovered Gold In California!

In Northern California, several members of the Mormon Battalion were working as a construction crew, and James W. Marshall was the supervisor! Most of these men were working to save money to migrate to Utah. It was in 1848 when the crew discovered Gold in the riverbed!

The discovery of Gold was sparked in 1849 as the California Gold Rush led to the Mormon Battalion creating their mark on history. In total, $17,000 worth of Gold was discovered and brought back home, thus helping the Saints to establish in Utah.

9. Mormonism Believes In One God!

Mormonism Believes In One God!

The Mormons call Godhead the combination of three entities: the holy father, Jesus Christ, and the holy ghost. They believe Jesus Christ is both the father and the ghost; thus, God is one, the same substance or being. The concept of the Holy Trinity is all but one!

As per the Christians, the concept of the Trinity is that there are three identities to worship: the Eternal Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. However, the Latter-day Saints believe there is one God who is the same!

10. Mormonism Supports Diversity

Mormonism Supports Diversity.

Mormons support diversity! They have been very apparent regarding how they treat others, especially when they announce that all religions are the same for them! People from different races are accepted by Mormons, along with their strict opposition to slavery.

The official teaching of the Mormon temple supports the “Black and white, bond and free, male and female;…all are alike unto God” written in the Book of Mormon. The teaching supported more exposure, encouraging males and females to aim for greater things.

Women acquire a significant role in Mormon culture as they are considered the favorite of Jesus. Gordon B. Hinckley, the president of the Mormon Church in 2006, claimed, “No man who makes disparaging remarks concerning those of another race can consider himself a true disciple of Christ...”

The statements support racial infrastructure and harmony without considering any issues based on ethnicity! It also informs how men and women are all loved by God, regarding them as their children.

11. Membership In Mormonism Has Increased!

Membership In Mormonism Has Increased!

Membership in the Mormonism religion has increased significantly over the years. Through missionaries of the Mormon, the awareness of the faith has been growing especially! 50,000 Mormon missionaries are working across the world.

With various skills related to communication, political, and world-related concerns, Mormons have created their place in the world. With more than 14 million Mormons living worldwide, it is taking a significant place in world religion.

12. The Mormon Church Has Over $30 billion in assets!

The Mormon Church Has Over $30 billion in assets!

The wealth of Mormon temples has been increasing over the years, especially when one-tenth of the annual income of the members of the Mormons is given to the temple. Annually, $5 billion is collected by the church.

The Deseret Management Corp manages the business investments for profit and manages substantial real estate! The company handles its ranch land and farm in the U.S. as they are the largest owner.

The company also owns a life insurance company, Bonneville International Corp, the 14th largest radio chain and the largest nut producer, AgReserves, Inc. According to Mormon doctrine, entrepreneurialism is a part of the practices informed by Mormon temple founder Joseph Smith.

What Did We Learn…

Mormonism is one of those significant religions that believes in diversity and encourages more interaction with people of other races, cultures, and religions. There is so much to know about the faith, and due to some weird practices, they are considered significantly weird.

Mormonism is evaluated as a secret rather than a sacred due to its confusing perception spread worldwide. Yet, the religion supports female empowerment, global balance, diversity, and inclusion.

Comment to let us know the significance of the religion and why so many people worldwide believe in it!

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