Corgis, Race Horses, Sloth, Swans, Hippos & Kangaroos- Queen Elizabeth Owns Them All!

Queen Elizabeth Corgis

Wonder what happened to Queen Elizabeth Corgis? Did you know that the Corgis became synonymous with the crown, especially after Elizabeth became Queen and took them out every day? Read the article to learn more about her love for animals, which extends beyond dogs.

Queen Elizabeth II supported them as a patron of the Zoological Society of London by patronizing the Royal Windsor Horse Show for almost 70 years. This shows her love for animals and her involvement in their care.

At age three, she was also gifted a little Shetland pony named Daisy because King George VI always wanted her to be an excellent horsewoman! You can easily see her majesty’s interest in show horses, military equine, and race horses.

In pictures and videos over the years, you can find Her Majesty touching the horse if it is at arm’s length! Please read the article further to learn about other animals she owned and cared for!

Elizabeth II: The Longest Ruling Monarch!

Elizabeth II_ The Longest Ruling Monarch!

The Queen was pragmatic! This was something that did not surprise anyone! Apart from that, she has also been responsible, logical, and introverted! Frequently, we have seen the Queen maintaining a gentle expression, especially when the media have been present!

You will only see the mask slipping when she is with animals. She is quite popular for her attraction towards dogs, horse racing, and raising Pembroke Welsh corgis. The media has painted a picture of the Queen as a fairy-tale queen who brought hope and progress, especially after World War II trauma.

I will discuss different animals and birds for which the former Queen Elizabeth II has shown interest, love, and support. You can also read the article to learn more about her majesty’s interest in and involvement with animals.

Corgis, Race Horses, Sloth, Swans, Hippos & Kangaroos- Queen Elizabeth Owns Them All!

Corgis, Race Horses, Sloth, Swans, Hippos & Kangaroos- Queen Elizabeth Owns Them All!

Do you question where the Corgi love began? It was on her 18th birthday that the former Queen, then princess, was given her first corgi. She fell in love, and it was noted that she owned almost 30 corgis over her life span.

Apart from corgis, we will also talk about other animals who the late Queen Elizabeth II has shown love and support. Other dogs, such as Pembrokeshire Corgis and Labradors, were also loved! She used to love helping with the training of the working Labradors who used to fetch birds during hunting parties.

As the Queen, she was quite a first hand and involved in launching institutions caring for animals. One such event or engagement that Her Majesty and Prince Philip attended was the Center for Elephant Care opening at Whipsnade.

A baby elephant was named after Her Majesty to commemorate her 90th birthday! Very recently, in 2021, the Queen adopted a cocker spaniel named Lissy, who was four years old. After her husband’s death, Prince Andrew gifted Her Majesty two puppies, as reported by Newsweek.

Her Majesty’s Love For Corgi Dogs!

Her Majesty's Love For Corgi Dogs!

It was her father, the Duke of York, who gifted her the first corgi on her 18th birthday, whom Her Majesty called Susan! In 1933, The Duke of York brought one called Dookie. She has been in love with these dogs and is closer to them all these years!

What would they do with her beloved animals now that she is not here? The way she used to take them everywhere clearly showed her love for them. Before she became too ill to care for them, she had always taken them on walks and fed them herself.

The Queen Was Fond Of Horses!

The Queen Was Fond Of Horses!

Another of her favorite animals, horses, was her lifelong passion for her majesty! Her horse Landau won her a match at the Rous Memorial Stakes one year after her coronation in 1954. She also had a stallion, Aureole, who won the Hardwicke Stakes.

During the Ascot week, the Queen had four winners in 2013, and her thoroughbred helped her become the first reigning monarch to win the Royal Ascot’s Gold Cup, even after her death. Her horses have made her proud!

Two days after her death, a horse that the Queen bred won a race that took place in Baltimore. She has created a legacy that not only improves the lives of the animals but also helps the royal house maintain the quality of the animals.

Owning The Swans, Queen style!

Owning The Swans, Queen style!

According to the reports, all mute swans in the British water belong to Queen Elizabeth! There was a statute established in 1324 according to which the former Queen had rights to claim dolphins, whales, porpoises, and sturgeons.

The Queen was interested in increasing the number of swans because they are an essential food all across Britain. She wanted people to be aware of Swan education and conservation; hence, she helped charities and organizations dealing with animal protection.

As reported by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, based out in England, there is a ceremony of Swan upping, which is important and symbolic among the people. Swans are checked for hurt, injury, fishing hooks, and line and are constantly protected.

Royally Into Pigeon Racing Competition!

Royally Into Pigeon Racing Competition!

Pigeon-racing competitions are what she was involved in locally and nationally over the years, clearly maintaining the tradition and supporting her people! As a patron of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, she was a regular in these events.

It all started when King Leopold II of Belgium in 1886 gifted racing birds to the royal household of England. Later, it turned into an event! Queen Elizabeth always attended one of her favorite pastimes, Pigeon racing.

The Sandringham pigeons were trained to be carrier birds during the two world wars. One of them, Royal Blue, won a medal for gallantry as it supported a lost aircraft in the 1940s. Over the years, she grew very connected with the sports and the birds.

The Royal End…

Queen Elizabeth’s corgis symbolize her love, grace, and beauty as a monarch and a world leader. Her interest in animals started very young, and she managed her life by loving animals.

Being practical and yet being sensitive is how Queen Elizabeth will live in people’s hearts! After her death, her animals will be looked after and taken care of.

Comment below about your love for animals and who you are, a dog or cat person!

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