They Tried To Surround A Tiny Dog. Why? It Will Make Your Heart Stop!

It’s scary enough when a beloved pet gets loose, but learning that they found their way onto a busy highway? I don’t even want to think about it happening to my furry babies!

Some people do awesome things to help animals, like building them their own wheelchairs, and these bikers have proven that hearts of gold can be found under all that leather. When a tiny dog jumped out of a car window in the middle of a busy freeway, these brave riders used their motorcycles to block oncoming traffic and prevent the pooch from getting seriously hurt.

Both the people and the dog in this situation were in some serious danger — I really think my heart stopped at :49! Thankfully, though, their perseverance and teamwork paid off. It looks like everyone involved in this terrifying ordeal had a happy ending (unless you’re one of the people who was late to work because of a runaway dog, that is). There are many ways to save a pet’s life, but very few people would be so courageous as to risk their own lives for an animal in danger.

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