The Benefits Of Trying YouTube TV Free Trial Before You Buy

YoutubeTV is a very popular live TV streaming service, specially in the US. It is known to actually provide access to a lot of cable channels and sports networks and offers account sharing and DVR. It also works on a range of different devices. In this article, I will be talking about the services of Youtube TV and the services that they offer.

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What Is Youtube TV?

Youtube TV is known to be a very popular TV streaming service. It will provide access to live television from over 80+ cable, regional sports, and broadcast networks. It is also known to offer an unlimited amount of DVR space, and up to six accounts will be able to log in under one account. It can also be accessed on all of devices (like your tablet, computer, TV, or phone).

They also include originals which you won’t be able to access elsewhere – other than this platform.

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List Of Devices Youtube TV Is Compatible With

List Of Devices Youtube TV Is Compatible With

Here is a list of the following devices where Youtube TV can be accessed:

iPad, iPhone
Android Tablet, Android Smartphone
Android TV
Apple TV
Roku Smart Soundbar, Roku TVs
Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premiere, Roku Express, Roku Ultra
Fire TV Cubes, Fire TV Stick
Samsung & LG smart TVs
Vizio SmartCast TVs
Chrome, Safari
HiSense TVs

Benefits Of Getting Youtube TV

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YoutubeTV is known to provide live access to the same channels as satellite and cable services. The difference being this space allows the users to get more flexibility regarding how and where they can watch. It also comes with many other benefits which one cannot get from cable TV.

Here are a few benefits that getting YoutubeTV poses for a user:

Watching Shows Anytime And Anywhere You Want  

As compared to traditional satellite and cable TV, where you do not have the flexibility of carrying your device around or tuning into your favorite show whenever you want, YoutubeTV would provide you with such benefits. Here, you can select your favorite device to watch your show on. You can also tune into your favourite series whenever you want and feel like.

You Will Get A Lot Of DVD Storage  

If you are a person who follows a lot of shows and is a serious binge watcher then you will find this very useful. Satellite and cable Tv are known to limit the number of shows you can record as do most of the TV streaming services. But Youtube TV is different because it is known to offer an unlimited DVR storage.

You are never going to miss another show again and even if you forget to record then ofcourse it would still be available to be watched on demand anyway.

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Pocket Entertainment  

You do have a streaming device and also like watching on the big screens, but in this modern day and age where people are always busy and constantly on the move need to be able to stream shows whenever and from whichever device they want.

YoutubeTV is compatible with many devices and is helpful if you are constantly on the hustle and want to access entertainment from whichever device that you want.

Multiple Users With One Single Account  

If you love watching live TV, and so do many other people in your house, then YoutubeTV will be very beneficial for you. YoutubeTV allows up to six users to connect and use a single account at the same time. Three people would be able to watch different shows at the same time.

How Much Does It Cost?

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A Youtube TV membership costs around $49.99 dollars per month, and unlike the other providers which are there in the streaming market, it does not offer different form of packages. There’s only this one plan for all.

All of the YoutubeTV channels are available in the basic service plan which essentially means that there is no need of upgrading or even evaluating the different plan options. However, the subscribers can now make a purchase of adding more channels through an “add-on.”


Youtube TV provides channels like BBC World News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News and also provides local news services like CBS, NBC, and ABC.

They also have a lot of surprises in store for avid sports watchers. There’s ESPN, Big Ten Network, NBA TV, CBS Sports, Golf Channel, NBC Sports Network, MLB Network, and ACC Network. They also feature plenty of wildlife and lifestyle channels like Discovery, Food Network, Travel Channel, HGTV, and Motor Trend Channel.

Users can also get access to local channels that will depend from person to person, based on their zip code and location. When the sign up for such a service, the users must be able to provide their ZIP code which would then define the local channels that they would be able to watch.

Youtube Free Trial

As of the month of March 2023, Youtube is known to offer a 7-day free youtube tv trial which is greatly valid for the new users. With this youtube tv free trial, one can access all of the Youtube TV’s content. However, the user who signs up for this free trial will be charged an hold on authorization after entering their credit card information for the purpose of verification.

The youtube tv free trial length can actually vary for each of the add-on channels that the user has opted for. An user needs to check the duration that is remaining for each of the respective channels in the “settings” option. The youtube tv free trial account then auto-renews it to a paid subscription after the trial period ends. After which, the user will be charged for the base plan if they do not cancel free trial youtube tv.

Why Is It Important To Explore YouTube TV Trial?

If you are thinking of subscribing to YouTube TV, you need to apply the trial! In recent times, everyone follows news, trends and information on streaming platforms and social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and other streaming services.

It is therefore important to understand that before subscribing to a plan, you must check on all the services that you will be getting from YouTube TV. In the trial, you will be getting to watch 85 channels. This is the base plan of YouTube TV within the trial period!

During the trial period, you can also take extra networks such as Spanish Plus or HBO Max. you can add these channels to the membership of YouTube. Before paying for a subscription, you can check on what all it offers in the trial period.

Are You Even Eligible For YouTube TV Free Trial?

You have to check whether you deserve or are eligible for a YouTube TV free trial by signing in! You have to sign in to your YouTube account so that you can check whether there is an option to access free trial.

Otherwise, you can also check through your YouTube app. Go to your top-right corner of your profile photo. Once you check that, you can check through Settings in the menu list.

Click on membership option where you can check the validity of the free trial. If you have already applied to it, you can check how many days are left for the trial to finish.

To Wrap It Up!

That was all for information regarding YoutubeTV and its services. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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