How Can Magnetic Personality Influence Your Business?

magnetic personality

There are basically two elements for developing a magnetic personality. The very first one is the ability to attract people, and the second one is approachability. These two qualities create a positive attitude together. 

It is one of the top traits of a master network. Together they also influence how magnetic you are for your business. When it comes to business, magnetism simply means being the center of influence. 

So what are the things that make you the holder of a magnetic personality? It is not always about presenting yourself; it is also about how you make others feel when they are with you or around you. Here are some magnetic personality traits that will surely influence your business.

  1. Be ready to engage.
  2. Focus on CPI or common point of interest.
  3. Offer flavored answers
  4. Do not cross your arms at networking events.
  5. Provide options for communications.
  6. Always have business cards.
  7. Conquer your fear of rejection. 

Now you may need to get a piece of detailed knowledge about all these traits and how to get them. It is also crucial to understand how all these things will influence your business and get you more opportunities that you can not even imagine. 

How Magnetic Personality Can Influence Your Business?

Along with the brand value of your business, your personality also has the power to drive your business in the right direction and influence others. Here, I will guide you with some magnetic personality traits that can actually influence your business.

1. Be Ready To Engage

When you happen to an event, meeting, party, or anywhere else, it is obvious that conversation will happen. So, be always prepared. As soon as you meet someone, in the back of your mind, be ready with stories, conversation topics, and questions. 

This will not only help you to avoid small talk but also get you the attraction of other people. And you will be able to become the center of the conversation as well. Your engagement in the conversation may lead to a business opportunity that can change your life. 

2. Focus On CPI

CPI implies a common point of interest. I every interaction and conversation, CPI is an essential element. When you are talking with people you already know or meet some new people, your duty is to discover the Common Point of Interest as soon as possible. 

It works really well to build a bond between you and the others. Along with increasing your approachability, it also ensures that other people are feeling comfortable talking to you. 

3. Offer Flavored Answers

In your interactions, you may have had enough fruitless questions, like “how are you?”, “what’s up?” Do not fall into the conversation, ending the trap of responding. So, instead of saying “Fine,” answer with “Amazing!” or “Everything is beautiful.”

The other person will change her or his attitude instantly and also asks you what makes you answer like that. It is just because nobody usually expects this. Apart from this, offering a true answer in order to magnify the way you feel is the perfect way to make yourself available to others. 

4. Do Not Cross Your Arms At Networking Events

Though you are tired, bored, cold, or just do not want to be there anymore, never cross your arms. It makes a magnetic personality look skeptical, close-minded, judgmental, nervous, or defensive. People see you cross arms and will drift away, not want to bother you.

It makes you approachable. If you encounter someone with cross arms, will you approach the person, or start a conversation with him or her. Obviously, the answer will be no. So, resist yourself from doing that and try to do something else with your hands. 

5. Provide Options For Communications

Your co-workers, customers, colleagues, and friends prefer different ways to communicate with you. Some may choose a face-to-face conversation, some will email you, or some just prefer a phone call. Some also may go for a bit of everything. 

Make yourself available for all of that. Offer as many options as you can for communicating with you. This will make them feel comfortable and pleasant. And making others comfortable with you is always a magnetic personality trait. 

6. Always Have Business Cards

Opportunities are everywhere; you never know what is waiting for you at a normal event or a party. You may have heard stories of successful stories that end with, “Thank God I had my business card with me that day.”

It is practicing approachability by being really easy to reach. But in case you do not have your business card, you may have missed a crucial opportunity for a long time. People often forget cards, or neglect getting their supply reprinted. 

7. Conquer Your Fear Of Rejection

The most common reason why people do not start a conversation is the fear: fear of looking foolish, fear of inadequacy, and fear of rejection. But with practice, you will be able to fade away this fear. The more you will start a conversation, the more you will become better at it.

So, be the first to say a “Hello!” or introduce yourself simply. Instead of a passive role, when you take an active role, you will gradually develop your skills. And it will also lower your chances of rejection. And this is too vital to ignore for developing a magnetic personality. 

8. Wear Your Name Tag

I know name tags look really silly. But do not forget that everyone is also wearing it. I also understand that name tags are also ruined your clothes. But maybe it will not if you wear it on the edge of your lapel. You also can use cloth-safe connectors along with plastic clips. 

There are several reasons why you should wear your name tag, and the first one is, that your name is the first thing that people may have forgotten. And if they are not able to recall your name, there is a high chance that they will not approach you. 

9. Have A Good Sense Of Humor 

Having the ability to “laugh it off” or just make everyone in the room even chuckle a little bit is a trait of having a magnetic personality. Your sense of humor makes others surrounding you attracted to you.

Your personality determines how you communicate with your business associates and employees. A strong sense of humor can help you attract and connect with your employees. They will admire and feel inspired by your way of handling a tough situation in business with a pinch of humor.

10. Not A Chatterbox, But Eloquent  

A magnetic personality integrates your ability to speak eloquently. No, you don’t have to be a chatterbox. But when you say what you say, your way of saying it makes a huge impact. A magnetic person says the same words that another person might say.

But, an energetic, interesting, and passionate way of saying ( wording ) makes a lot of difference in how others take it. An eloquent person with a motivational personality is bound to excel himself and others in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the same topic–

What Are The Characteristics Of A Magnetic Personality?

Here are some characteristics of a magnetic personality –

  • They are very authentic and sincere
  • These people are energetic
  • They motivate people around them
  • Magnetic persons are skilled in their fields
  • They have an inherent sense of humor.

What Is A Magnetic Charisma?

The magnetic charisma of a person attracts people around them. They can influence others positively around them with their actions, words, and work ethic. These people are great at capturing the attention of their surroundings.

How Can I Be Socially Magnetic?

If you want to stand out and be socially magnetic, you can check these points out –

  • Choose your words wisely and spend them wisely.
  • Compliment others
  • Be attentive and listen to others when they speak
  • You also need to be enthusiastic and energetic

Final Tips

So, these are the things that you should know about magnetic personality influencing your business. Your personality does have an effect on your business actively. After all, you are the face of your business when you are attending an event or networking with others. 

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