5 Best And Cheapest Places To Live On Rent In 2023

In 2023, the cost of everything increased drastically due to the rise in inflation.

Inflation also affected the cost of living. Owning a house is like a dream of everybody, but in this stage, it’s like a dream only because of the high price. But on the flip side, living on rent has many benefits on its own. It’s affordable, and you don’t have to worry about repair and maintenance because it’s the landlord’s duty.

You can get many amenities if you live on rent; it becomes easier to afford luxury when you’re living on rent. If you buy a house, it will cost you a lot, and then you have to spend extra on amenities, but in the case of rental houses, you can easily find a house with many amenities, and you can enjoy that luxury just by paying rent.

If you have a transferable job, rental houses are the best option for you and your family. You can move hassle-free by hiring a state-to-state mover company without worrying much. You can easily find another house to live on rent.

Here Are 5 Best And Cheapest Places To Live On Rent In 2023

Cheapest Places To Live On Rent

In this article, you’ll find some of the best and cheapest places to live in 2023. it can help you save a lot of money.

1. West Virginia:

West Virginia is suitable for someone who loves a four-season forecast. The autumn season is the best part of the year in West Virginia. West Virginia is a very good place for those who love outdoor activities because it has mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests; therefore, you can hike, ski, fish, observe nature, etc.

The cost of living in West Virginia is considerably lower than in more parts of the country. There are many major cities like Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Cleveland, near West Virginia, which means you don’t have to feel isolated.

2. Iowa:

First of all, Iowa’s living cost is very low. The median price of a house is considerably lower than the national average price. There are many jobs available here. You can get jobs in companies and industries. You can also start agriculture. Iowa is a well-known place for agriculture, and because of it, the economy is pretty good. Iowa is a good place for those who want to live away from urbanization. Iowa has a great educational system too.

3. Arkansas:

Arkansas has a pretty good ad lively art culture. Arkansas has a whole lot of educational opportunities and provides good higher education. It has not yet urbanized, so it’s a calm place to live in. Though it’s not an urbanized place, it’s still located in a position that makes it easier to travel to near major cities for better transportation, like airports.

4. Mississippi:

For those who love culture and history, Mississippi is a good option for them. Mississippi has many museums and architectural statues that speak of its rich history. If you love nature, you can just walk to the Appalachian Mountains’ foothills at Tishomingo State Park. Mississippi is a musical state, and it has a diversified musical experience. The cost of living in Mississippi is low, and higher education is very affordable.

5. Texas:

Texas has lots of jobs and educational opportunities. It has diverse landscapes like mountains, forests, deserts, and ranches. The Texas cost of living is considerably low. The price of living and electricity is also very low compared to the national average. One of the biggest reasons to move to Texas is its zero-state tax income policy.

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