Curls Were An Integral Part Of Queen Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets!

Curls Were An Integral Part Of Queen Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets!

Two of the most powerful Roman men were crazy about her, so imagine the kind of Femme Fatale Queen Cleopatra VII was! It was not just looks but also her intellectual ability to influence men, decision-making, and ruling an empire that brought on the charisma of Egyptian beauty!

Even if several Egyptian rulers tried to remove her from the records and saw that people might not know who she was, she still was the talk of the town! Beauty and wit are integral parts of the attraction of people, both men and women, towards Cleopatra.

According to the historical record, only a little has been revealed, especially about how she looks. There have been some records where clearly people were trying to manipulate Cleopatra’s history.

However, there is also some evidence based on which we can develop an understanding of the beauty secrets of Cleopatra. It was in a historical description created by Cassius Dio, an ancient Greek historian, about Cleopatra saying, “a woman of surpassing beauty”!

She has an irresistible physical appearance, charm, and intellect, which she used to influence the two famous Roman generals and rulers. According to Cassius Dio, even when she used to say some words, it was so captivating! The army generals were all captivated by Cleopatra.

Her manner was persuasive, which increased her strong hold on all listeners! Another Greek philosopher and historian, Plutarch, praised Cleopatra for her intelligence and character. Her hair was in individual curls divided in a design that framed her face elegantly!

A bun is made from all individual curls and positioned at the back of her head. There was also a headdress, which was quite commonly followed in Pharaonic times. It has been observed that it looked like a rearing cobra, along with a metal proudly displayed!

The Egyptian queen loved using black Kohl with an elongated touch! Along with blue eyelashes. She also extended her eyebrows along with intricate henna patterns.

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