Elon Musk Is On Headline Again With Acquisition Of Twitter

Acquisition Of Twitter

Elon Musk has been trying to get Twitter for the last few weeks. He made multiple offers to the board of Twitter. There were no other offers, which turned in his favor. After the acquisition with $44 billion, some people are worried, and others are happy. However, some human rights groups have raised questions regarding the event.

Lack of moderation can easily make the platform filled with hate speeches. Also, some banned people think that the acquisition might help get their accounts back. Even an important person as Donald Trump was suspended from Twitter. 

What Are The Next Steps Of Elon Musk On Twitter?

What Are The Next Steps Of Elon Musk On Twitter?

Many human rights groups are worried after the news came to light. They think that Twitter might start getting a lot of hate speeches with less moderation. In addition, Twitter will give Elon Musk a lot of power, who is a self-described absolutist of free speech. He was vocal about the Twitter policies for a long time and wanted to make it a place for free speech. 

He is going to change how Twitter works and come up with many new ideas. So, you can expect to get new ideas, new features, more options, fewer bots, and many other things. Many people are not happy about the takeover, others are very happy about it. So, you might see a lot of people leaving the company.

Alongside, a lot of people will join Twitter again. Some banned people might come back as well. One of the things that are going to change is the way people speak on the platform. Due to policies, many users were not allowed to speak freely. We have to wait now to find out what he does with Twitter.   

A new era of Twitter is here with a new mind behind the desk. Most users are excited to try new things and freely speak on the social network platform.

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