What Is The Most Liked Video On Youtube?

most liked video on youtube

Youtube is an engaging social media platform where video content creates awareness and informs people about different topics. So, what is the most liked video on youtube? Please read the article to learn more about it.

When creating content, content creators consider two things in their mind, the first is creativity, and the second aspect is starting a trend. Creativity is an integral part of the personal content creators try to use to make their content unique.

It is their selling point! Do you want to know, what is the most liked video on youtube? Starting a trend is an important part of why content creators are always working hard because it helps them gain popularity and earn more views.

It is like a lottery experience; you must be very aware and focused on giving the utmost effort to see the results!

What Is The Most Liked Video On YouTube?

A social media platform, YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing platforms in the world. It has endless content, and there are almost 2.6 billion active users on Youtube. You may have seen a lot of videos that are some of the most liked videos on Youtube.

At times, certain trends, including music and events, are already popular, and creators on Youtube use that content to create their own content. That is when they experience success where there is a probability of further revenue and advertisements.

A lot of people can view a video. However, it is sometimes liked for several reasons! When a video is liked, then it is genuinely good content. Hence, we will present you with several Youtube videos that are most liked.

The Most Liked Video On Youtube: Till Date

So, do you know which one is the most liked video on youtube? The music video that has been identified as the most liked video on Youtube from 2022 to 2023 till date is Despacito. It is a sensual remix song featuring Justin Beiber and Daddy Yankee written by Luis Fonsi.

Luis Fonsi uploaded the video in January 2017, and the number of views that the video garnered on Youtube is 7.9 billion. The video has been the most liked as the number of likes accumulated by the video is 49 million.

For over 900 days, the video “Despacito,” uploaded by Luis Fonsi, has been the most-liked video on Youtube. No other videos have come close to the likes or views accumulated by the video. The channel by Lui Fonsi has 31.2 million subscribers.

There is something unique about this video as it is not only the most liked but also the most disliked video on Youtube. The video has almost 5 million dislikes! It shows that the video has a global appreciation and people’s aversion.

Other Liked Videos On YouTube

Other videos rank in the liked videos, including songs and non-music videos. It is important to know because people want many videos, and they have the highest number of videos on Youtube. Other videos that have many likes are discussed in detail.

See You Again

“See You Again” is a Youtube video with 40 million likes uploaded by Wiz khalifa from his Youtube channel. The channel has 27 million subscribers, and the view accumulated on this video is 5.7 billion.

The video was uploaded on 7 April 2015 and was written in memory of the late Paul Walker. The actor was one of the most beloved Hollywood actors and a beloved Fast & Furious series cast member.

In the past, the video has been ranked at the top on Youtube; however, currently, it sits at the second position. The song has become very popular on Youtube across the world. It has especially ranked top in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and the US.

Baby Shark Dance

“Baby Shark Dance” is the third-ranking Youtube video regarding its accumulated likes. It is quite a unique element where a nursery rhyme has acquired 12 billion views worldwide.

The imagination and hearts of kids and adults as it incites a dance craze across the globe among countless individuals. It has also been used in a protest in Lebanon for 15-month-long demonstrations. The song was first uploaded on 17 June 2016.

The youtube channel which uploaded the video is Pinkfong baby shark- kid’s songs and stories. The youtube channel subscribers are 64.9 million, while the number of likes for the video is 39 million.


Another significant video that has been liked on Youtube is “Dynamite,” which has almost 35 million likes, and the song is by BTS. Out of all bands in the K-pop industry, BTS has created a name in the industry, and it shows from the popularity of the video.

The video has been uploaded by youtube channel Hybe Labels, where the number of subscribers of the channel is 69.7 million with views of 1.6 billion.

What Is The Most Liked Non-Music On YouTube?

Most of the liked videos on Youtube that rank in the top 10 are music videos. However, one video has been most liked, and it is not a music video. The video is called “How Zach King Gets Away With Doing Graffiti,” and Dollarbill has uploaded it.

The video has 22.07 million likes on Youtube, and the video credit goes to Zack King, while the art credit has been given to Banksy. The song used in the background is Wasted Education, while the song’s artist is Blue Topaz.

So the most liked non music video on youtube belongs to the Youtube channel Dollarbill has 2.63 million subscribers. The video was uploaded on 23rd July 2019.

What Is The Most Liked YouTube Short?

Youtube shorts is another section of the Youtube social media channel used by content creators on Youtube. MrBeast holds the record for the most liked youtube short.

The short is called “Would you fly to Paris for a Baguette,” and the total likes of the video stands at 35 million as of June 2023. It is currently the most liked video shorts uploaded by mrBeast under the YouTube Shorts banner.


Please read the article about the most liked video on youtube and other videos that have been liked, such as non-music and video shorts. Comment down below regarding your favorite video on Youtube and why!

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