Exactly How Old Is Spongebob SquarePants Supposed To Be?

Exactly How Old Is Spongebob Supposed To Be

Let’s start this article off SpongeBob style, shall we? 

ARE YOU READY KIDS? ( *in an aggressive pirate voice* ). 

Uhm, don’t sit idle. Gimme an “AYE AYE CAPTAIN!” please. Done? Okay, Moving on!

Let’s just straight up admit the fact that we have all watched at least one episode of SpongeBob at least once in our lives. Whether we like the cartoon or not comes later, but it was really funny at times (in a silly kind of way).

Let’s start this article off SpongeBob style, shall we

By any chance, if you are one of those people who live under a rock (like Patrick), lemme quickly run you through what the show is all about.

Spongebob Squarepants is a yellow sponge who lives underwater in the Pacific Ocean in a two-storey pineapple house in the community of Bikini Bottom with his closest buddy Patrick Star(whom I earlier mentioned lives literally under a rock) and neighbor Squidward Tentacles.

Keep reading to find out how old is SpongeBob.

The Main Characters

The Main Characters

Let’s share some background information about SpongeBob SquarePants’ main characters.

The first character I’ll talk about is, of course, SpongeBob. The undersea city of Bikini Bottom is home to the immature, happy, and bumbling sea sponge SpongeBob and his companion pet snail Gary. They both reside in a pineapple. 

Additionally, if you might be wondering how tall is SpongeBob, then let me tell you, he is just 4 inches tall.

He has a job at the Krusty Krabs as a fry cook, which he is really good at and genuinely enjoys. Mr. Krabs is the owner of  Krusty Krabs.

The most noticeable characteristic of Mr. Krabs is his greed and fixation with money. On occasion, he treats money and wealth better than his daughter and staff.

Pearl is a young whale who resides with her father, Mr. Krabs, in a hollow anchor. Mr. Krabs wants Pearl to inherit the Krusty Krab and run it when she is an adult in order to carry on the family business. 

So, how old is Pearl from SpongeBob? She is a 16-year-old teenager. 

That certainly makes you wonder yet again how old is SpongeBob because the two have been paired together several times. Pearl and him are just friends, even though Pearl’s friends have occasionally referred to SpongeBob as her boyfriend.

Then there’s Patrick, who is a pink sea star who is overweight and ignorant. He is SpongeBob’s neighbor and best buddy, and they like hanging around together.

Next up is Squidward. Squidward is an octopus, despite the fact that his name contains the word “squid.” He is a highly cynical and self-centered person.

He occasionally despises his job as the cashier at the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob’s boisterous and happy demeanor frequently irritates Squidward, although occasionally, he defends him and considers him a friend.

There are many more characters, but I am not going to elaborate more on that. You have to watch the show for that.

The 7 Sins Theory

There’s this really interesting fan theory on their unofficial wiki about each of SpongeBob’s friends representing the seven sins, and I think it’s really interesting.

According to the theory, 

  • Mr. Krabs – Greed
  • Squidward – Wrath
  • Pearl – Lust
  • Patrick – Sloth
  • Mrs. Puff – Gluttony
  • Plankton – Envy
  • Sandy – Pride

I definitely can relate with the Patrick one, honestly. I wouldn’t have it otherwise because it’s said that being slow is always better than being fast (literally said by no one ever XD).

Kids, if you are reading this…don’t count me on that, please.

So, How Old Is He Really?

So, How Old Is He Really

There was this one episode called “Sleepy Time”, where the fans got a quick glimpse of SpongeBob’s driver’s license, which was unblurred and clearly showed his birthdate as 14th July,1986. The said episode aired in the year 2000.

Furthermore, the same birthdate of his appeared in another episode called “No Free Rides.”

So to answer the question, “How old is SpongeBob in the show?” he was 12 when the show had its debut, and as of this year (2022), he is 36 years old.

But according to the creator, Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob is supposed to be ageless in order to appeal to a wider network of audience. He also once stated that SpongeBob is 50 years old “in Sponge Years” but likely younger in human years.

I mean, it’s really obvious that he is an adult even though he indulges in these childish antics with his friends. He lives in his own home away from his parents and goes to a job to earn his own living. That just shows how he is clearly living the adult life.

My Thoughts On It,

My Thoughts On It,

In my opinion, SpongeBob SquarePants is really funny in a silly kind of way, as I have said before. I really enjoyed watching it during my childhood. But now, If I ever happen to come across one of the show’s episodes, it kind of irks me in more ways than one. 

Like water supplies to houses in Bikini Bottom when they are literally living underwater? Lighting campfires underwater? Also, do you know how old is Gary from SpongeBob?

Well, he is 30 years old, and as far as I know, snails don’t live that long. The most they live for is 15 years maximum.

These are only just three examples. There’s a lot more. But it would be illogical to find logic in kids’ cartoons.

Maybe I am just annoyed because I am going through the “Squidward” phase of my life.

I also do value my personal space a lot, and if some hopping, skipping ball of sunshine and optimism comes and invades my space, I’ll be really annoyed too. 

Okay, now enough about that!

Some Random FAQ’s About The Characters :

1. Is SpongeBob a kitchen sponge?

Ans:  No. Spongebob is a sea sponge.

2. When did SpongeBob SquarePants start getting popular?

Ans: It started getting popular when its second season started airing.

3. How is Pearl a whale if her father is a crab?

Ans: According to SpongeBob SquarePants Trivia Book, Pearl, who is the biological child of this whale and Mr. Krabs, simply resembles her mother more than her father and hence looks like a whale.

4. How old is SpongeBob SquarePants in the show in human years?

Ans: He is 30 years old in human years.

5. Is SpongeBob older than Patrick?

Ans: No. Patrick is older than SpongeBob by two years.

6. What is SpongeBob’s gender?

Ans: SpongeBob is a male.

7. What age is Plankton?

Ans: SpongeBob wiki states Plankton is 59 years old.

To Wrap It Up, 

To Wrap It Up,

So, did that answer your question of how old is SpongeBob?

SpongeBob’s age still, to this date, remains a mystery, even with all those speculations. 

While some fans might be disappointed, that is exactly what Stephen Hillenburg wanted. A timeless character who appeals to both children and adults.

And on that note, I would like to thank you, dear readers, for reading up till here. Let me know in the comments below which character do you relate to the most.

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