How To Make Money As A Teenager Without A Job?

How To Make Money As A Teenager Without A Job

Do you want to know how to earn money without a job as a teenager? You may look for this question about how to make money as a teenager without a job over the internet. Well, you are just in the right place. 

Most teenagers may feel this situation requires more pocket money. Unfortunately, some of them failed to request their parents to increase their pocket money? I faced this same problem when I was fourteen. I wanted to buy a lot of clothes, make-up kits, books, and food and I also wanted to go out with my friends. 

With less money, how do you do these? Okay, I had found the best earning option and earned pretty money to spend to have our choice. That’s why I write this article to share that you also follow these and increase your pocket money without doing any permanent job. Let’s dive right in!

How To Make Money Without A job As A Teenager?

How to make money without a job as a teenager

Teenager are involved with school and education, so they can’t involve with any permanent job to earn money. There are so many options where you can earn money without spending not much time. Here, I present most lucrative ideas Scroll down. 

Sell Things You No Longer Want Or Need

Sell Things You No Longer Want or Need

How as a teenager make money without a job? To pursue the answer to this question, I select this idea top of the one. If you notice in your wardrobe or bedroom, you may find out that you have a lot of things that you don’t use anymore. 

We all have so many material things lying in our room that make our room messy and unclean. You may see that some of the things you used one or two times, and now you don’t have any interest in using them. Am I right? I felt so. Do you know you can earn money from this old stuff? 

In Digital Marketing, there is some site that buys old stuff. Some of the sites are:

These sites are made for buying and selling old stuff. First, visit the site, upload what you want to sell, and interest people to connect with you. For Depop site you have to pay 10% commission when you are going to sell any item. 

On the other hand, using Decluttr requires 18+ to create an account. Decluttr specializes in selling second-hand Phones, TV, books, gaming tech, music system, home theatres and more. 

OLX is famous for buying electrical products, phones, laptops, computers, furniture, bike, cars and more. You can also sell clothes and books. Suppose you have gathered ancient coins or notes you can also showcase on the OLX; so many interested people collect old coins and notes of dollars. 

Always remember when you sell any ancient stuff that would be dollars or other things, bargain properly before fixing the deal. For example, I used these platforms to sell my old clothes and my old bicycle. 

Babysitting Service

Babysitting Service

This is another timeless way to earn extra pocket money. Enjoying to spend time with baby or younger children that you can go for this idea. In USA, babysitting service has high demand. Many teenagers, college student do this to earn money. 

Some babysitting service is easier than other. It requires only take care off sleeping baby or children. How to make money as a teenager without a job online? Babysitting service can be the answer of this question.

Do Odd Jobs During The Weekend

Do Odd Jobs During the Weekend

Use your weekend time to earn extra money. It is a great idea to make some extra money. How to make money as a teenager without a job? This is one of the answers; you can select this idea. In these options, there are plenty of spaces where you can go to make money. Some instances are:

  • Cleaning Houses
  • Dropping Off
  • Picking Up Dry Cleaning
  • Doing Yard Work
  • Mowing Lawns
  • Food Delivery
  • Helping With Shopping
  • Caretaker Of The Shop. 

These are the options that you can select of them, or you can switch between them. These are suitable for teenagers on the weekend time. 

Living in a busy area like a city then you are the lucky one because city people are always searching for someone who can do these. 

Sign Up For Online Survey Sites

Sign up for Online Survey Sites

This is a quick and efficient way to start learning how to make money online as a teenager. There is a tonne of opportunities on online survey sites to make money without getting up from the couch! In addition, there are many sites concerned with teen opinions about what they like and love, etc. 

Visit the site to make more pocket money: 

These sites accept people who are 13+. Visit the site and log in with a username, email address and password or you can sign up with Google and play online games, complete challenges, watch videos and much more options that you will have on these sites. 

Passive Income Apps

Passive Income Apps

How to make money as a teenager without a job? This is another answer that you can follow. In the online market, many apps provide opportunities for passive income. Many types of apps are available in the market. Some of them are :

  • Data collection
  • Cashback apps
  • Video rewards

For teens, these are great ways to get extra dollars by using only your phone. 

Become A Online Tutor

Become a online Tutor

Online tutors are one of the best for making money. It is a traditional business. Still, now it has a huge demand, why would you not select this idea? 

Well, an online tutor is different from a traditional tutor. You have to open a Youtube channel for education video purposes and post a video there. Which subject do you like most? If you have enough knowledge to teach others, select that subject.  

Start A YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube Channel

With more answers to this question about how to make money as a teenager without a job, I present another answer: Youtube channel. However, a creative person can select this answer. 

Open a Youtube channel for dance videos, cooking videos, vlogging, crafting, motivational, music channel and more. This is one of the most trendy ways to earn money for teens. 

Start A Blog

Start a Blog

Do you like learning and want to present your imagination through your writing? Then you can start a blog. There are multiple sites in the online market where you can write a blog and earn pretty money. Some of the sites are:

  1. WordPress
  2. Ghost
  3. Medium
  4. Substack
  5. HubPages

How as a teenager to make money without a job: these are the sites where there is no need to do regular work to get money.  

Sell Your Creations

Sell your Creations

Why waste your creation by keeping it in the box? Instead, click the pictures of your creation and post them on your social media handle. Stay back and wait for the next thing to happen. Interested people and followers connect with you through social media and sell your product. 

You can call this social media marketing. Moreover, most of the people on social media are doing this business. So why are you missing this chance? It is a lucrative idea in the digital era. 

Play And Win And Earn 

Play And Win And Earn

How to make money as a teenager without a job? This is the last answer that I want to mention in this article. In the digital market, there are many apps where you play to earn money. Let’s check some of them out:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.How Can A Kid Get 50 Fast?

Ans: Here is some more information regarding how to make money as a teenager without a job; you can look out at it once if you want to get more. 
There are many options, and you can follow some of them:
⦿ Babysitting
⦿ Sell old stuff
⦿ Pet setting
⦿ Sell flowers
⦿ Deliver newspaper

Q2. What Is The Fastest Way To Make Money As A Teenager?

Ans: Fastest ways to make money as a teenager:
⦿ Survey Junkie
⦿ Freelance Writing
⦿ Babysitting
⦿ Swagbucks
⦿ Pet Setting
⦿ Photo selling

Q3. Can I Get Paid To Do Nothing?

Ans: It’s not possible to earn money by doing nothing. You have something for yearning. There is a bucket of options that you select for yourself as per your choice. 

Bottom Line

How to make money as a teenager without a job? Now, you may have lot of answers to this question. These are the most wanted and fabulous ideas that I have mentioned in this article. Hopefully, you will also get money to do this. If you have any ideas, then you can share them by commenting below. I would like to know your choice ideas. 

Apart from this, remember that you are in the teenage stage in your life. Therefore you have to focus on your studies, that is your main aim, not earning money.

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