How To Split Screen On Chromebook? Check It Out!

how to split screen on chromebook

Have you ever wished to view two screens at the same time, when you are working on your computer? Have you wished to have another monitor? I know the answer is yes to all these two questions. At some point in time, we all wished for it. 

If you are using a Chromebook, then you can get the privilege of using two screens at the same time. When you keep switching back and forth between windows, a split-screen setup on your computer can actually help you to get more work done.

When you are using a Chromebook, it is super easy to set up a split-screen. And if you do this correctly, you will be able to resize the window as well. Here I will guide you with that. 

How To Split Screen On Chromebook?

How To Split Screen On Chromebook

During this work from home days, the very ability to split your screen from various tabs for showing two windows side by side on a single screen is definitely no less than getting a lottery. 

When you are on your zoom call, you can attend the meeting, and also your work goes on on the other side of the screen. But the question is, “How to split screen on Chromebook?”

1. Split Screen Chromebook Using Drag And Drop

Launch the very first site that you want to display, and now drag over it simply from the title bar to the right or left edge of the screen. An outline will be shown there, where your screen will be, and now for docking, it let go of the trackpad or mouse. 

Now open the second tab and follow the same procedure for it too. But here, you need to make sure you are dropping the second screen on the other side of the first screen. Now you have both the tabs side by side on a single screen. 

2. Split Screen Chromebook Using Dualless Extension

On the right side of the URL bar, you will find an extension named Dualless. The extension looks more like two split windows. In case you have two or more tabs open at the same time, click on the particular tab, which you wish to have on one side of the screen. 

Now click on the Dualless extension, and select the specific size, which you are willing to make that particular window. It will snap the same window on that particular size and side automatically. 

3. Split Screen Chromebook Using The Maximize Button

Another way of managing your split screens is by clicking and holding the Maximize button till the time you are able to see arrow icons. Now you can snap the screen to the right or left of the screen, as you want. 

It will automatically send the tab on the side that you have selected, and it also automatically fits the specific side of your screen. Now is the time for the second window. Follow the same procedure for it, but you just need to make sure you are sending it to the other side of the screen. 

The Split Screen Shortcut For You

The Split Screen Shortcut For You

Before, probably just by dragging and dropping the windows, you have split your screen. You may have also used the extensions for splitting the screen. This superfast split-screen shortcut can be done just by touching a button. 

1. The Chromebook Shortcut

For this, you need to press the “alt” key + Forward and also backward brackets at the same time. That’s it. For adding a second screen on the other side, at the bottom, there is a Chrome icon; hold your mouse then and then right-click on it. 

The second window will automatically fill the other half of the screen immediately. 

2. Split Screen Shortcut For Windows Computers

In case you are using Windows 7 or any other higher versions, then splitting the screen will be as simple as the previous one. First press the window screen, and then either the right or the left arrow for selecting the side you want to open the window. 

This tip can really be a game-changer for me. 

Final Tips

So, in case you are searching for the answer to the very question, “How to split screen on Chromebook?” I hope you get the answer here. You can try any of the methods that I have mentioned here in this article. You also can go with the shortcuts as well. If you encounter any issues, write to us, we will try to come to get back to you as soon as possible.

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