The Late Queen Elizabeth II Racing Color Items Are Up For Auction!  

The Late Queen Elizabeth II Racing Color Items Are Up For Auction!

The late Queen Elizabeth II had a set of colors and items worn by royal jockey Joe Mercer when he used to run for the races. That was the greatest set of clothing from three racing jockeys, and the items were put up for auction.

The racing silks being auctioned were worn by royal jockey Joe Mercer in 1974 at the Prix de Diane, who steered to Classic glory from the Queen’s Highclere. The colors were authenticated by Mercer in 2017, as the sets were gifted to him by Highclere’s trainer Dick Hern.

Joe Mercer died in 2021 and stated that one of the highlights of his career was winning the French Classic, and that too when the Queen was there to see it. In the auction, it has been expected that the set is said to fetch almost 8,000 pounds at the auction.

In the auction, other memorabilia that is being exhibited are racing clothes and sets by Fred Archer, Pat Eddery, and Lester Piggott. The memorabilia constituted of the loss is valued at 360,000 pounds and is due to be sold on 16 October. These memorabilia are being sold at the National Horse-racing Museum at Newmarket.

The collaboration between the Weatherbys and the Graham Budd Auctions sale is being sold. The amazing part of the sale is the Piggott collection will alone be valued at £580,000-79000 pounds, which is related to the life and career of the jockey.

One of the significant standout pieces that can be identified in this exhibition will be the 1999 Breeders Cup Trophy! Piggott famously won the award when he was riding to victory at the Royal Academy at the age of 54. There are press clippings albums he compiled when he was 12 years old.

The memorabilia is nostalgic, and as Graham Budd, the chairman of the Graham Budd Auctions, informed us, looking at them is a true honor and a testament to all the greatest jockeys, their careers, and lives.

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