Creating Urgency: The Power Of Sms Text Promotions

Sms Text Promotions

Urgency marketing is one of the best ways for businesses to build momentum and generate sales. If you are seeking effective ways to engage in urgent marketing, SMS text promotions are highly relevant for businesses in the 21st century. Experts believe that the exchange of text messages often comes with an inherent sense of urgency.

According to Gartner Research, recipients open 90% of SMS messages within the first three minutes of receiving a notification. In addition, nearly 99% of smartphone owners open SMS messages within 20 minutes of receiving them. 

Businesses can capitalize on this open rate with promotions. A look at the best practices for creating urgency through text messages can take your marketing to the next level.

Creating The Much Awaited Urgency: Looking at the efficacy of Text promotion

Text promotions have their key features and benefits. Let us try to give a look at it so that it gives a clear understanding of the subject. 

Begin With A Topic Of Interest

When initiating contact with a customer via text message, starting with a topic of interest is always best. Although text messaging is a preferred contact method for many customers, businesses must still compete with other types of SMS traffic. This competition can include inundation of messages from social media sites, family members, employers, or emergency alert systems. 

Use relevant messages to stay high on a customer’s list of priorities. Most businesses start with messages directly related to a customer’s previous order or purchase. If the customer has not ordered in a while or you need to reach many customers quickly, focus on relevant calendar holidays or current events to ensure that your SMS marketing benefits each recipient.

Create A Limited-Time Offer

Limited-time offers incentivize customers to act quickly to avoid missing out on a product or service that they may never see again. Research shows that time restrictions may increase the perceived value of an offer. According to Social Media Today, nearly 50% of recipients purchase directly from getting time-sensitive deals from businesses. They also purchase directly (70%) by performing related searches within an hour of seeing limited-time offers.

Examples of limited-time offers include weekend flash sales and countdown deals. You can also limit the supply of a product or service to urge the customer to act while supplies last.

Provide A Mobile Coupon

Another popular way through which you can create a sense of urgency is by providing mobile coupons. According to the viewpoint of Statista, around  145.3 million adults in the United States used a mobile coupon in 2021. Customers are always looking for incentives, and coupons are an excellent way to incentivize customers. 

It motivates them to buy the pricier luxury goods in larger quantities. There is a date of expiry for every mobile coupon. This encourages recipients to order quickly instead of postponing a purchase or leaving it lost or forgotten in an inbox. 

Another important method is to ensure that a shopping cart displays both the regular price and the price after the discount. The visual impression of savings can encourage recipients to use similar coupon codes in the future.

Limit The Available Rewards

A radical way to create urgency is to limit the availability of rewards. For example, you can create a referral contest with rewards for customers who invite the most friends to sign up for your newsletter or join your social media page. 

Giving the contest a definitive time of 24 hours can increase the urgency of this offer. If you want to offer a contest requiring minimal effort, try creating a raffle or sweepstakes instead.

Give A Clear Call To Action

To foster a sense of urgency, SMS text promotions should always end with a clear call to action. Since there is a 160-character limit on most text messages, this call to action ensures that customers follow through as you fulfill your marketing goals. Before completing a marketing message, brainstorm what you want a customer to do. 

Examples include signing up for a newsletter, clicking a link to activate a coupon code, or filling out a survey for a chance to win big. You can then include this call to action as a final directive for your text.


SMS text promotions offer productive ways to engage with consumers. However, creating a sense of urgency is important to achieve the best return on investment. Incorporate smart practices to create relevant text messages that enhance the impact of your mobile marketing campaign.

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