Do You Know Why Was Google Images Created?

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Please read the article to learn about why was Google images created! Trust me, you would be shocked to know the inspiration behind it. Fashion is not easy, and you must be aware of it when it becomes a starting point for technological development.

The founders at Google Image Search created it on 12 July 2001, and it was all because of a Versace green dress worn by Jennifer Lopez in 2000! You don’t believe us, do you? It is a far-fetched idea that a jungle print dress will go on to have such a huge technological impact, but it’s true!

You will realize the significance of fashion and Technology when you see how Google and Versace collaborated in 2020 when Google Tilt Brush contributed through digital artwork in decorating the runway inspired by the new Versace print. You can learn interesting facts and get inspired!

Do You Know Why Google Images Was Created?

Do You Know Why Google Images Was Created

“Okay, Google, Show me the real Versace jungle dress,” Jennifer Lopez walks down the ramp in a green, leaf-print dress, a revamped version of the Spring 2020 womenswear collection. Jennifer Lopez inspired the creation of Google images!

Donatella Versace confirmed how the dress worn by JLo played a phenomenal role in creating Google Image Search. It led Google, a leading tech icon, to create one of its most popular features, image search.

Today Google Image search is not just a person looking for a photo or a picture on the internet. Instead, it is also about encouraging ideas and architecting new thoughts daily. Read along to learn about the launch of Google Search Image and how fashion and tech came together!

A Tech Icon – Google

A Tech Icon - Google

In 1998, the tech icon Google was founded, which shocked the world with its accessibility to information and knowledge sharing. People were going ga ga over the way they could search for anything on Google and get their answer in the easiest way possible.

However, compared to today’s standards, Google was way behind in the perception of its users. In 2000, after the 42nd Grammy Awards, the co-founders of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, realized the gap in the search results. So, why was Google images created?

Millions of search results followed the 2000 Grammys, and people wanted to see what Jennifer Lopez wore at the music award show. Search queries include phrases like “photos of Jennifer in her famous jungle print dress.”


Source Image

More than just text‘ represents what people were looking for! CEO Eric Schmidt in 2015 wrote this regarding search queries made on Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress. The folks at Google needed help figuring out how to give the customers exactly what they wanted!

Google hired Huican Zhu, a young graduate, who partnered with Susan Wojcicki, the present CEO at Youtube, to build the search engine for images, launching it in 2001.

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Google

Jennifer Lopez Green Dress

When Jennifer Lopez wore the green jungle print dress on the 42nd Grammy’s Award red carpet, it became an overnight sensation! The green Versace dress was phenomenal, especially because it made a strong impression on people’s minds!

In 2000, when people were still strangers to nude looks on the red carpets presented by Kim Kardashian and Cardi B, JLo’s exotic green number created history. People went crazy searching for that dress on the internet or, to be more specific, crazy to see Miss JLo in that green Versace dress.

Jennifer Lopez green dress became iconic, almost similar to the white dress of Marilyn Munroe! It was not just the dress but the combination of the one who adorns it! However, what was noteworthy was that the search created a whirlwind and it set up a revolution at the Google headquarters.

Google designed a method focused only on a collection of images that could be searched within a year of the music awards event. Google created an algorithm to launch a Google Image search where images were cataloged, allowing users to only query for images and pictures.

The catalog of 250 million images of that dress is currently on Google image search. Google with the image of JLo in a green-printed Versace. The image search engine has gone from power to power over the years.

The search engine for images lasted because of the relatable content. It repeatedly proved why having a search engine specifically offering images to search queries was important!

A Dress By Versace!

A Dress By Versace

A flowy bohemian chiffon gown in jungle green color and prints, the dress designed by Versace was first adorned by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards. As JLo walked the red carpet, the World watched starry eyed!

It highlighted to the founders of Google that people wanted something more, and it was not text. It led to the realization that something was missing, and the green Versace print dress inspired Google Image Search.

JLo’s dress was the impetus to think about the Google Image search engine. The dress symbolized European fashion creating an incredible look of beauty and performance.

Fashion Meets Technology!

Fashion Meets Technology!  

Donatella Versace is a fashion icon, the sister of the creator of one of the most significant and fashionable brands worldwide! After Gianni Versace’s death, Donatella inherited a portion of Versace as the brand’s creative director.

She is currently the chief creative officer, and it was her initiative to collaborate with Google to create the Versace Women’s Spring Summer 2020 by giving tribute to the iconic green jungle print Versace dress sported by Jennifer Lopez.

“Anything about technology, change and innovation ignites my creativity” – Donatella Versace

The popular actress, now 50, appeared in a similar revamped green dress designed by Donatella Versace and walked the ramp at Milan Fashion Week. The event was more than just to honor the dress.

It also highlighted Google Images, launched and inspired by the green Versace dress sported by JLo in 2000 at the Grammy Awards.


Do you now believe in the importance of fashion? A green jungle print is a reason why was Google images created! Let’s remember the exotic actress and singer, JLo, who gave life to the dress.

What can be more inspiring than a dress that started a revolution by launching one of the major technological tools of the century? Google Image search engine is one of the coolest tools to be used as it can act as a seed of an idea.

Donatella Versace was proud to show off her creation on JLo’s in 2020, proving the power of fashion once more.

Comment below on your preference for the Versace dress, the first or the revamped one!

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