Cartoon Network Characters

Cartoon Network Characters

For someone who is in love with old-school cartoons and grew up watching these amazing characters, that makes a lot of sense now that I am all grown up. These characters and their personalities somehow shaped our lives without us even understanding the influence. 

Who can ever forget the Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network, Bug’s sassy attitude, and Daffy Duck always falling for his witty antics? 

The one-liners, reverse psychology, and sarcasm is what made Looney Tunes a well-rounded cartoon show with the best cartoon network characters. 

But they are not the only cartoon network characters that stayed with us, there are more. So what not check them out? 

Best Cartoon Network Characters

There is no actual list of the best Cartoon Network characters; hence here is a list of characters that are my all-time favorite. Most of these characters represent the Golden Age of Cartoon Network, back when the shows created an impact. 



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Well, I don’t think I need to explain the character of Tom to anyone here. Tom and Jerry are one of those iconic cartoon network characters that never left their permanent place in your hearts. 

Tom is a pampered house cat with short grey hair. But did you know he was originally named “Jasper” and not Tom? 

But the makers decided to change his name to Tom as we all know now and love. His frenemy situation with Jerry is an age-old relationship that we can’t get enough of. 



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Jerry is the other half of the best 90s cartoon network characters for me. This clever little house mouse is the best counterpart of the often innocent laid back Tom. Jerry is a small brown anthropomorphic mouse who was named “Jinx,” in the first few episodes.

Though both Tom and Jerry were considered enemies, those two had unspoken love, respect, and care for one another. Both the characters were mute, but that kind of friendship needed no words. 

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunney

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Bugs Bunny is another example of being one of the most iconic cartoon network characters ever made. This anthropomorphic grey rabbit with the catchphrase, “Eh..What’s up, doc?” is among the most well-recognized characters in the world. 

He is considered a trickster and the official mascot for Warner Bros. Entertainment. Bugs was not the creation of one person but a collective of 5 to 6 directors, which also had the amazing character designer Charlie Thorson.

Daffy Duck

daffy duck

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Well, Bugs Bunny is not complete without his unrestrained, unhinged, and complete whack job of a frenemy Daffy Duck. 

Not to be confused with Disney’s Donald duck, but Daffy duck is a black duck who is combative and assertive; his character is like an explosion. He is one of the most straightforward cartoon characters ever. Bugs and Daffy’s interactions are the ones that I used to crave more. 



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Ed, Edd, and Eddy is one whacky show with equally whacky cartoon network characters. All three are friends with totally different personalities. Among all the boys, Edd was the smart one, who was a neat freak and inverter and the most intelligent one among the three. 

These three friends are always cooking up some scheme to scam money from other kids in the neighborhood to buy Jawbreakers. Ed’s sister Rolf is attracted to Edd. 

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

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There is hardly anyone who doesn’t remember this iconic cartoon network characters 90s edition. Johnny Bravo was a romantic comedy cartoon network characters and show that was for teenagers and also young adults, definitely not for kids. 

It is highly speculated that the character of Johnny Bravo was very loosely based on James Dean and Elvis Presley. But unlike them, Johnny Bravo lives with his mother and fails in his constant attempt to impress girls.



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Among all the characters from the Powerpuff Girls, I loved the most the feisty one, Buttercup. She is the toughest, headstrong and bravest five year old superhero I have ever seen. These all make her one of my favorite cartoon network female characters.

She was the most tomboy character in the show, and her strong persona of a tough girl is what was great about her character. The color associated with her is black and lime green; if that isn’t a look, I don’t know what is. 

Mojo Jojo

mojo jojo

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Who doesn’t love a good villain? Well, even when I was a kid, I used to love the character of Mojo Jojo, and his name being funny helped a lot in liking him. Mojo Jojo was originally the lab assistant of the Professor, who caused an accident by breaking the Chemical X container. 

The chemical spilled on him and turned him into a mutant. This caused his brain and intelligence to enlarge and also gave him emotions like inferiority and envy. 

Mojo Jojo’s number one motive is to take over the world and defeat the Powerpuff Girls, but he is always defeated. 



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This Dexter is not the anti-hero protagonist but the little boy-genius scientist with a lab that is cleverly concealed by a bookcase in his room.  

He is one of those characters that have the ability to inspire kids to become a scientist even though Dexter’s experiments fail most of the time. He even has an arch nemesis, Mandark Astronomonov, his classmate. 

 Dee Dee

Dee Dee

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One of the great things about Dexter’s Laboratory is his teenage sister Dee Dee. She is one of the most fun loving, innocent cartoon network characters I have ever seen. 

She is Dexter’s hyperactive older sister, who is recognized mostly by her yellow hair and everything pink to wear. Her ignorant curiosity about Dexter’s lab accidentally destroys the whole lab practically daily.

How Can Watching The Best Characters On Cartoon Network Be Beneficial For Your Kid? 

How Can Watching The Best Characters On Cartoon Network Be Beneficial For Your Kid_

How was your experience exploring your favorite Cartoon Network characters from your childhood again? Nevertheless, many of us are parents by now, and we have to strictly monitor our kids’ TV-watching or screen time. 

It does not matter whether your mom or dad was not happy with you watching these shows. You can always allocate some screentime for your little one. Of course, you will monitor the duration and the show they will be watching. However, watching these cartoons can be beneficial for them in many ways.

Cartoons Improve The Communication Skills Of Children 

Many of the cartoons on Cartoon Network have very lucid and easy-to-understand language. So, if they are very young, you can allocate at least half an hour a day to help them learn new words and know how to communicate with others. This will be beneficial when they communicate with their friends or conduct themselves in social spaces. 

My little niece used to struggle in structuring sentences and communicating ideas through two or three sentences. She was a great fan of Powerpuff Girls. I noticed improvements in her speech and sentence construction within a few months.  

Further, watching cartoons can positively impact the communication skills of children in the following ways.

  • Understanding the opinion of others
  • Attentive and active listening
  • Articulating their thoughts and ideas

Cartoons Fuel The Creativity Of Young Minds 

Cartoons make children imaginative by transporting them to a new world. Further, they instill a positive mindset in them by showing them how the world is full of possibilities and that they can overcome all the oddities with a positive mindset. 

Further, cartoon shows are filled with different characters, plots, and locations. These encourage children to come up with their own stories and nurture their own ideas. We can easily relate to this idea if we recollect how we used to make stories and imaginative characters, which were very much a part of our childhood adventures. 

Some Cartoon Shows Have Educational Value 

Many people may disagree with the idea of cartoons being an effective medium for education and learning. However, if you broaden the horizon of cartoon shows and the resources, you will come across many shows that are excellent for making children more interested in certain subjects. 

Further, you never know how shows like Dexter can bring out the hidden entrepreneur in your child. 

Cartoons Are A Great Way For Developing Empathy And Emotional Intelligence Of Children 

The entire world is talking about the importance of emotional intelligence these days. It does not matter how brilliant you are in academics or how good you are at your job. 

Emotional intelligence is important to optimize your ability and fulfill your purpose in life. Teaching emotional intelligence to children at a young age is very important so that they can understand their emotions and take charge of them with time. 

In addition, by introducing the children to various ideas, cartoons can make them more receptive to others’ ideas and empathize with their emotions. These are all important social interaction skills that will help your children in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):-

If you wanna know more about the best cartoon network characters, then there are a few questions asked by others that might help you. 

1. What Is The Top Cartoon? 

Ans: Here is a list of the top cartoons that were ever made. 
➼ Batman: The animated series
➼ Samurai Jack
➼ Scooby-Do
➼ Justice League
➼ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

2. Who Is The Smartest Cartoon Character?

Ans: Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory is the smartest character in the Cartoon Network channel. Even though he is just a child, his achievements are far above his age. 

3. Who Is The Most Popular Cartoon Character Of All Time? 

Ans: The most popular cartoon character of all time goes to no other than Mickey Mouse. He is just a classic character, since he was first released in 1928. 

Wrapping Up!

When we look at the cartoon network characters, then you will know that there are a lot of great characters that are worth the mention. But it was not possible to add everyone here. But surely tell us in the comment section who is your favorite character. 

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