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Are you a dog lover and love to find out more about these domestic animals? There are plenty of dog breeds that come with different characteristics and skills. However, Shepaddole is one of the most popular dog breeds that many people want to get. This one is the best choice among all the other crossbreeds if you want a dog for your family. 

Sepadoolers are also used in the police force by officers who have allergies as K-9 partners. Mostly these dogs are seen in white, black, and brown colors. They are beautiful and fluffy balls that make them very cute and adorable. If you want to ensure the safety of your children and family members, then it is the best and friendliest option for you.

However, you need to know a lot more before getting one of them for yourself. Here is everything you need to know about them.  

What Is Shepadoole? 

Shepadoodle is a very popular dog breed that is mostly used as a family dog. It is the crossbreed of a standard poodle and German Shepard. They are very adaptable, and just like other doddle breeds, they are perfect for people who have allergy concerns. As these dogs shed very rarely, the risk of having allergies are very low. 

They were first introduced back in the 60s as a military experiment in the U.S. army. However, it was not available to the public until 2007. The interesting history of Shepadoodle makes them more unique. However, it is tough to know how your dog will look when an adult by looking at the Shepadoodle puppies

This hybrid dog is very capable, like the parents. They are trained very easily, eager to please the master, bright, and fluffy. They are very loyal to their families and their masters. Also, very good with children, which makes them the perfect family dog. They take their time to get along with the strangers, which is the ideal quality of a guard dog. 

If you are still not sure if it is the perfect one for you or not, then you have to know more. Knowing some other details about Shepadoodle will help you to decide. 

Shepadoodle Origin 

Shepadoodle originated from the U.S. as an experiment in the army in 1960. It is a breed dog from two different working breeds; they need regular exercise and an energetic disposition. Still, it is hard to know all the details and characteristics of a hybrid dog. We are still learning more about them every day. 

The best thing about the Shepadoodle is the intelligence that they inherited from German Shepard and the non-shedding quality from Poodle. It makes them the perfect choice for people who have allergy concerns. However, the parents need to be purebred to have an ideal Shepadoodle. 

Shepadoodle Diet And Food 

Food is also an essential part of getting a dog that you need to keep in mind. There are some dog breeds that require an extensive food routine, which might be expensive for some owners. In the case of a Shepadoodle, you will need to keep feeding him what the breed used to provide until it gets big. 

However, you can start giving him dog food slowly to make them adapt to it. Any preferred dog food is okay for them, but you need to keep the quality in check. Just like the parents, they also have gastric sensitivity, which might trigger or become worse if the quality of the food is not up to the mark. 

An adult Shepadoodle needs around three to four cups of dry food daily of high quality. They do not like to overeat and lose their shape. The limited consumption of food and the exercising habit increases the lifespan. If you want to change their diet or are concerned about food habits, you need to visit a veterinarian. 

You need to follow all the guidelines and the advice of a veterinarian doctor. Otherwise, changing your food habits might cause problems for your Shepadoodle

Shepadoodle Training 

Shepadoodle Training

This hybrid breed was designed to be used in the U.S. military; they are built to undergo training. Therefore, they can take excessive training and come with many natural and rare instincts. Also, because of the parents of this breed, it is effortless to train and study Shepadoodle. They are very intelligent and do not take much time to understand anything. 

When it comes to agility and obedience training, these dogs perform exceptionally well. As they are active and quick responding, it is better to train them very early. Make sure to socialize them as well, as this training can help them get along with other dogs. 

If you are not familiar with training larger dogs, it is best to take the help of trainers. They can help a lot to introduce the dominance concept and reduce destructive behaviors in the early stages. However, you can try reward-based training with them that will help Shapedoodle to train faster. 

Shepadoodle Basics 

The average height of the Shepadoodle is around 22 to 28 inches, and the weight is nearly 50 to 90 lb on average. The total lifespan of these dogs is around 15 years. Most of them are found in black, white, and brown color. However, the weight of a Shepadoodle can go as high as 125 pounds. It happens due to the genetic difference of the hybrids. 

Shepadoodle Puppies 

If you are thinking of getting yourself a Shepadoodle, it is best to get them as puppies. The puppies are very cute, adorable, small, and tend to grow very rapidly. It requires lots of dedication and time to train, socialize, and exercise them. They will grow in size while having childish behavior. 

However, if you have the patience to ignore all of this, you can enjoy the advantages. Getting Shepaddole puppies will help you to train them, making food habits, getting familiar with the family members from an early age. It will help them to be very well trained and dominant as an adult.


Just like the other hybrid dogs, the Shepadoodle have their characteristics and advantages. If you want to get a dog for your family, it is the best among all the other breeds. Shepadoodle is very good with children and other members while being a very well-trained guard dog. Based on the above information, you can decide it is the dog breed you are looking for.

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