Can Minecraft Java Play With Xbox?

can minecraft java play with xbox

Are you wondering whether cross-play in Minecraft is really a thing or not? Are you looking for the answer to the very question can Minecraft Java play with Xbox? Here we will offer you the necessary knowledge on this. 

In addition to this, the way you will be able to play Minecraft cross-platform is also crucial to learn. It does not actually matter what game edition you are owning, you can actually play on Xbox and on your computer as well. 

 In the year 2009, during its launching Minecraft took the whole world by storm. In a short time span, this fantastic survival gaim managed to develop a dedicated fanbase. With the association of the Better Together update, it also has included cross-play between several platforms.

Opera GX – Get An Early Access

Opera GX – Get An Early Access

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So, the question is “Can Java Minecraft play with Xbox?” Minecraft totally supports the cross-platform play between Xbox and PC, after the Better Together update. In case you already own a Java edition Minecraft, you are required to redeem your code, using your Mojang account for cross-playing with other platforms. 

Now in case, you are finding the answer to the question, Can Minecraft Java play with Xbox with your friends, when you are using Windows 10?” Well in this article, I will answer this question also. The short answer is “Yes.” but everything depends on the type of platform and also on the version that you have. 

Can Minecraft Java Play With Xbox?

Can Minecraft Java Play With Xbox

The game developers at Mojang always had a fantastic idea. It all started with a single question “What if we offer our users the opportunity of playing cross-platform?” in a historical move, soon they started to work on this project. And guess what, they succeeded. 

They had released a really crucial update on the Minecraft edition, which let you play your favorite game from Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and also even devices with iOS or Android. 

By using the significantly Better Together Patch, this whole process is performed. Just the same way you can play on Xbox Live, this also lets you play Minecraft with your other friends really easily. 

On the official website of Minecraft, you will be able to find more pieces of information regarding this. 

How To Play Minecraft With Friends Using Cross-play On Other Platforms

How To Play Minecraft With Friends Using Cross-play On Other Platforms

Minecraft is a really cool game to play with your friends. The platform does not matter here when you are willing to cross-play. The only thing that matters is the version that you are using. It has to be the same for all.

Once you are done setting up your Microsoft account, you need to make sure that you have added all your friends to the friend list so that you can play with them whenever you want to. To the Xbox Gamertag, you need to send a friend invite. 

Now, you get the answer to the question, Can Minecraft Java play with Xbox or multiple platforms?” Now is the time to get an idea of how. So, let’s get started. 

1. Joining A Friend’s Game

In case any of your friends are playing on their own hosted session, straight through the game, you obviously can join them. In order to do so, you need to be friends via Microsoft. 

Just by scrolling through the Friends tab along with looking under the label, “Joinable Cross-Platform Friends,” you can quickly join their session. 

2. Inviting Friends To Your Game

For inviting friends, you need to open the start menu in the game. There, a sidebar will remind you to invite friends. By selecting the option “invite,” you will be able to add people to join your game from your friend list. 

Be a little attentive towards the player permission you have already active in your current session. It is visible in the setting option. If you want, you definitely can change it so that people who are joining your session only can look at your world. 

Or else, you also can allow them to run wild, breaking and building blocks. You can grant them even administrative privileges. After your friend joins your session, you can set the privileges one by one by clicking on the yellow icon located beside their names. 

3. Using Realms For Multiplayer

Here, players are also given the ability to join Realms. These are the servers that stay online all the time. It also does not need any host to be presently playing. Via the tab names your Friends, you also can send invites to your Realm. 

In case you are playing on your PC, you can send invite links to your friends. After one click on the link, it will launch the Minecraft app. Console players will always be required to be invited via the same friend list. 

Once you join the Realm for the first time, from your Friends tab, you are capable of returning to it every time you want. Under the section “Joinable Realm,” the Realms you have already joined will always appear till the time the Realm is online.

There is something that you need to keep in your brain. At the same time, the Realms are capped at only 11 active players. So, in case you are not able to join a Realm, this means there are already too many players. 

Final Talks

So, this is all you need to know about cross-platform Minecraft gaming. I hope you get more than just the answer to the question, Can Minecraft Java play with Xbox? Yes, obviously you can, but you need to make sure that all of your friends, including you, have the same version of it. 

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