CV Engineer – Overview, Features, And How To Use It In 2022

CV Engineer

Finding a good CV Engineer in 2022 can be a hassle. With so many online CV builders out there, you will be overwhelmed by the number of choices. However, all of these online CV and resume builders have the same function – to build you an automated, professional CV.

People do not want to waste much time or effort creating their own CVs or resumes. Therefore, we recommend using CV Engineer – an excellent application you can use to create resumes automatically. With tons of features and suggestions, this application is a must-have before you go for the interview.

If you want to know more about its features, uses, and pros and cons, continue reading this article. After reading this, you will be able to use this application to create impressive CVs that nail your job interviews.

What Is CV Engineer?

What Is CV Engineer?

CV Engineer is a free resume builder that lets you create your own custom-made CVs and resumes. Designed by Matthew Callery in 2019, this application is only available for android and iOS smartphones. Therefore, you need to download and install them from Google PlayStore or the Apple Store respectively.

The software engineer CV you can create using this app can be customized in many ways. For example, using custom templates with lots of formatting options is a great way to create professional resumes. In addition, it also advises you to make the CV you desire based on your requirements.

Features Of CV Engineer

The primary features of a Resume Builder like CV Engineer are:

1. Professional CV Templates

CV Engineer provides users with a plethora of different CV templates from which they can choose. All these CV templates have different designs to them. This helps users to select their CV design according to their liking. Various templates are provided, based on the requirements of different industries.

2. Create Custom CV Sections

After choosing your mechanical engineer CV template, you can also customize them by adding your own sections to them. This is a pretty helpful feature since it allows you to further enhance your CV. Therefore, add new and extra elements to it to make it stand out from your competitors.

3. Formatting Options

You can format each aspect of your mechanical engineer CV as per your liking. This application provides multiple options, like letting you change the fonts, spacing, colors, and margins on the page. 

If you think you have a lot to add to your experience that you cannot fit it in 1 or 2 pages you can simply shrink the font size to make them fit. 

4. Download And Share Your CV as a PDF File

After you are done creating your engineer CV, you can download it as a PDF file. This allows you to share it with others through emails, and even upload it to LinkedIn. This is a great feature since it removes the hassle of converting the file to PDF before sending it to recruiters. 

5. Add Your Photo To Your CV

Like other CV builders like Resume Genius and My Perfect Resume, CV Engineer also allows users to add their own photos to the CV. This is a great addition since it allows you to make your CV look more modern, which impresses interviewers

6. Dark Mode

Do not like the bright colors of the normal mode? Then simply shift to the dark mode to make the background black so that it does not strain your eyes. 

7. Mock Interview Questions And Answers Based On Your CV

The best feature of CV Engineer not found in other CV builders like Novoresume or Kickresume is the addition of suggestions. This application will suggest some great ideas based on examples provided by other users and CV designing experts. 

When you are building your CV, you can check other example CVs made by other users to get inspiration.

How To Use CV Engineer In 2022?

How To Use CV Engineer In 2022?

To use CV Engineer on your Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad, you need to:

  • Download and install the CV Engineer application from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  • Open the application.
  • Select one of the premade CV templates.
  • Start filling up all the sections with your details.
  • You can add your own custom sections and remove other sections as per your liking.
  • Add your photo by either clicking it on your smartphone instantly or uploading it from your files.
  • Format various aspects of your civil engineer CV, like the font size, line spacing, color of backgrounds and borders, and paper size.
  • After you are done making your CV, click on the Save option to save it to your device as a shareable PDF file.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of CV Engineer

Benefits And Drawbacks Of CV Engineer

After using this application to create a few different variations of my CV, I found some positives and negatives. After comparing this with other CV makers like Zety and Canva, its pros and cons are:


The various benefits of using CV Engineer are:

1. Lots Of Professional CV Templates

This application has many pre-made CV templates that provide users with a lot of CV design choices. Therefore, you will never run out of ideas to craft your own CV without starting from scratch. 

2. Pause And Resume Editing Your CV

If you ever feel like taking a break from making your CV, then you can simply exit the application. CV Engineer has an autosave feature that saves incomplete CVs as drafts and lets you pick it up where you left it. 

3. In-App Tutorials And Tips & Tricks

This application has many in-app tutorials that allow you to get accustomed to the CV designing process if you are a newbie. This removes the hassle of watching online guide videos on YouTube. In addition, it also shows examples of various CVs made by other professionals, so that you can get some design inspiration. 

4. Available In Various Languages

This application is available in multiple languages. Therefore, wherever you might be in the world, there is a high chance you can use this application in your own mother tongue. 


The various drawbacks of using CV Engineer are:

1. Save Issues

Sometimes, the autosave function did not work properly, which hampered my designing process. Also, after finalizing the CV and exporting it, certain sections did not get updated properly and were left blank when I saved it as a PDF file. 

2. Templates Are Mostly The Same

After browsing through all the templates, I came to the conclusion that most of them are the same, with minor changes. Only a few fonts and colors were changed. The overall design aesthetics and layout of the CV remain the same throughout. 

3. No Option To Upload Existing CV

If you want to create a CV using this application, you have to start filling up all the details from scratch. You cannot upload an existing CV and make changes to it or add new elements. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Is CV And Resume? 

Ans: CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. It contains all the details about your qualifications, skills, and work experiences so far. On the other hand, a resume is a shorter one-page summary of your professional background and experience.

Q2. What Skills Should A CV Engineer Have?

Ans: The skills necessary for a CV engineer are:
➼ Attention to detail
➼ Design creativity
➼ Less is more approach

Q3. Do You Need A CV For Engineering?

Ans: Yes. You will need a CV for every job interview you will give throughout your life.

Q4. Is CV Engineer Free?

Ans: Yes, CV Engineer is 100% free to download and use.


CV Engineer is a great application for every modern professional. With feature-rich templates and lots of editing choices, you can fine-tune every detail using this application. In addition, you also get great suggestions and even some examples of other professional CVs to get inspiring ideas. 

With autosave functionality and the ability to export their CV directly to a shareable PDF format, this is one of the best CV builders for smartphones. Even with a few minor hiccups like not being able to modify existing CVs, I highly recommend using this app to create a professional CV that impresses your interviewers. 
If you want to read more about other CV and resume builders, check out our other articles here at WorthyToShare!

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