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How many of you watched Pokemon when you were a child??? Many of you, I hope. Do you remember why Mew was often described as the most powerful pokemon there? That’s because Mew knew Ergokinesis and could channel the cosmic energies into something compelling to defeat its opponent.

Many fictional characters have shown us diverse examples of Ergokinesis from time to time. Mantis from Marvel Comics, Nail from Dragon Ball, Stardust from AC Comics, Infinite from Sonic the Hedgehog, and even the Powerpuff girls-all are examples of superheroes who knew energy manipulation techniques. So, let’s find out more about Ergokinesis here.

What Is Ergokinesis?

What Is Ergokinesis

Ergokinesis is the ability to manipulate various forms of energy. It means the techniques you use to manipulate energy, control it, or channel it into something powerful is called Ergokinesis. 

If you know Ergokinesis, you can either store it for future use or release it sporadically into something vast. One with the knowledge of Ergokinesis can also negate potential energy causing the other person in front of him to move in his signals or to stand still at a fixed position.

It is the ability to assimilate, shape and control various sorts of energy; including electric energy, gravitational potential energy, radiant energy, and kinetic energy.

According to Fandom, this is the “ability to psychically manipulate various forms of energy and energy-related phenomena.”

This power is referred to by many names, for example, dynamokinesis, dynakinesis, autokinesis, and energy control. However, ergokinesis is in fact its more common name .

Because there are so many different kinds of energy, this is a very useful and fascinating power to learn. As a result of this, the person who holds this power has a lot of options for the kind of energy they want to use. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Ergokinesis Types

If you know Ergokinesis, that means you already know how to manipulate energy with your mind. However, knowing Ergokinesis doesn’t make you an expert on all kinds of energy manipulation techniques. Therefore, let’s find out the types of Ergokinesis before you dive deep into energy manipulation training.

1: Omnikinesis


Omnikinesis is the ability to manipulate everything you encounter on a realistic plane. For example, people interested in figuring out how to manipulate energy will likely want to learn Omnikinesis because it is the most potent form of Ergokinesis.

2: Gravikinesis

Gravikinesis is the power to control gravity. People who possess this power can use their crowd control abilities and wear down their opponents using one of the most fundamental forces of the universe.

3: Telekinesis


Telekinesis is also a powerful form of Ergokinesis. It allows the possessor to move any physical system with its mind without interacting with the physical system. If you remember Dragon Ball, Freiza used Telekinesis there to fight against Goku and kill Krillin. 

4: Kinetikinesis


Kinetikinesis is the power to manipulate any form of kinetic energy. For example, some people can allegedly make a hole in a wall or turn any object’s potential energy into kinetic energy if they know this type of Ergokinesis. It is also known as cryokinesis.

5: Haemokinesis

Haemokinesis is the ability to manipulate anything that is even remotely related to blood. When people possess this power, they can control blood over themselves and use it in different kinds of rituals or combats.

6: Electrokinesis


As the name implies, electrokinesis is the ability to manipulate electricity and generate power sources from that. During the 1800s, Ferdinand Frederic Reuss first observed electrokinesis in the electrophoresis of clay particles.

7: Atmokinesis


Is energy manipulation real? We think it is because if you use atmokinesis, you can control the essential elements of nature such as water, air, fire, and earth. If you look closely, these are also the primary elements classifying our zodiac signs. Pyrokinesis and hydrokinesis are its types.

8: Biokinesis


Biokinesis is a unique kind of Ergokinesis used to manipulate the cellular and chemical aspects of a physical body. So, for example, you can use this power to modify your DNA and take whatever shape you want for your body. Of course, it’s superficial, but it’s pretty cool, right?

9: Umbrakinesis


This particular kind of Ergokinesis allows you to solidify dark objects, and it is the ability to manipulate the absence of light. You can create shadows and travel through them if you possess umbrakinesis.

10: Photokinesis

Last but not least, you can use photokinesis to change the movement of any living organism. For example, you use the intensity of the light and accelerate it or slow it down to move the organism faster or slower.

Is Ergokinesis A Real Thing?

Yes, Ergokinesis is actually extremely real. And I will explain to you about why and how it is real!

Think about how thousands or even millions of different elements from outer space came together to form Earth, the planet that we live in. Now, everything that exists on and inside our planet has these elements from outer space.

This means that the body of all the biologically living and nonliving beings, the natural creatures on planet Earth, including us, the human body, are made out of a portion of the components on it.

In case you are wondering what these specific components are, I will give you  a few names to be specific. These include ozone, radioactive elements like thorium and uranium, cyanide, alcohol, and other precious metals like gold and silver.

Apart from these, there is yet another thing that our body has, and that is the magnetic field of the human body. And we all know that the magnetic field affects almost every element in the world.

A person who knows the art of Ergokinesis, knows how to control these elements in the body along with the magnetic field of the same. And that is why this is a real thing! Isn’t that really cool?

How Do You Manipulate Energy?-Uses Of Ergokinesis

The primary use of Ergokinesis is to control different forms of energy and generate a far greater power source from that. For example, you can cause blasts, beams, waves, rays, bolts, and so on if you know Ergokinesis. However, there are a few steps you have to follow if you want to acquire this power.

Step 1: Find Out The Blocks

When your mind is preoccupied with some other thoughts, you cannot fully concentrate on channelizing the power of the universe and applying Ergokinesis. Even if you are over-excited, over-emotional, or overly logical on a topic, that also hinders your mind from becoming entirely free. Therefore, relax your mind and be open to accepting various philosophies of life.

Step 2: Channelize Your Thoughts

It is a crucial step on how to manipulate energy to manifest. After you eliminate the emotional blocks, you have to think about your objective and how you are going to approach it. Think about the words you are using, and make sure to use positive words instead of negative ones.

Step 3: Breathe, Breathe, And Breathe

Focus solely on your breathing once in a while and start counting your breaths. As your mind becomes calm and stable, you can focus on the things you want to achieve. If you practice this energy manipulation exercise, you can communicate your thoughts more clearly.

Step 4: Pick Up The Pace

Once you are comfortable focusing your breaths in a single direction, you can pick up the pace. Go for a quick stroll around the block, go for jogging, swimming, or even gymming. These energy manipulation activities will help you channelize your internal energy sources into external outputs.

Ergokinesis Pros And Cons


1. You can control your internal powers in a more balanced and harmonious way.

2. Ergokinesis can make you more confident and controlled.

3. One could physically generate different forms of energy such as bombs, rays, waves, blasts, etc.


1. If not careful, you can cause damage to other persons’ lives.

2. It can also give you a superpower to convert any potential energy source into something else.

3. It is a time-consuming process and doesn’t hold any real evidence of its existence.


How to manipulate energy to get what you want? Well, we don’t know how many of you will succeed in this process. Still, if you take a look at the Ergokinesis definition, its types, and its uses, you may possess a scientifically possible superpower and be an evolved version of yourself. So, if you want to know more about Ergokinesis, or other ways to manipulate energy, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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