With No GPS On Moon, How Did Chandrayaan-3 Succeed? Find Out!

With No GPS On Moon, How Did Chandrayaan-3 Succeed_ Find Out!

India has been working on Chandrayaan 3 for a long time, especially with the worn failure of Chandrayaan 2! Do you ever wonder about the key reasons why Chandrayaan 3 became a success and earned itself a significant position on the global scale?

With Chandrayaan 3 successfully landing on the south pole of the Moon, people on a global scale have been lauding the nation, ISRO, and its scientists. The project director, P Veeramuthuvel, listed three specific reasons for the success of Chandrayaan 3.

He raised the success of Chandrayaan 3 as a food for thought for students in the related field and asked them to think beyond technological achievement. While receiving an honorary doctorate award from the SRM Institute of Science and Technology on Tuesday, he spoke about the reasons for Chandrayaan 3 successes.

Unwavering belief, sleepless nights, and tireless effort of all scientists in ISRO working on the project are the three reasons for the success of the project. Considering the Moon has no GPS, the project needs to be successful.

Overall, the navigation system and sensors of the Vikram lander and the rover have been tested repeatedly on flat and soft terrain, sloppy terrain, and land of different velocities to evaluate the impact of the touchdown. It has also been mentioned that all working on the project were dedicated to its reliability.

He encouraged his audience not to be scared of failure and informed everyone that when we fail, that is when we start learning about how to be successful. To be sure and gain an inevitable outcome, people must die before succeeding.

Veeramuthuvel appreciates the team environment as he encourages students to work in a team and be more innovative in their thoughts, ideas, and research. The project manager informed the students they needed confidence to deal with different challenges. Only then can they succeed!

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