Here Is The New City In Arabia That Stands On GLASS!

The Line Saudi Arabia

Do you know about The Line Saudi Arabia, the newest urban project? It is one of the most ambitious and interesting architecture worldwide! Read the article to learn about the massive project and how it can change the future of the construction.

The Line, better known as the City of NEOM, has many plans, some of which were unveiled in 2021. The structure is called the Line because the city will be based within two parallel lines! Seems futuristic? It is! Please read about the features of the building to learn about the way it is set.

With so many series and films set in the dystopian world, here comes a real structure that will fan the concept and practices of the dystopian world. It stretched across the northwest part of Saudi Arabia, closer to the Red Sea.

Here Is The New City In Arabia That Stands On GLASS!

Here Is The New City In Arabia That Stands On GLASS!

The whole city will be within this construction! It seems a little unreal, but it is not a dream! It feels like you are in a dystopian novel, as it is a vertical city inside one building where Zero gravity can be a thing! Shocked? A lot is still left!

Imagine this whole construction will have the capacity of housing 9 million people! From parks to waterfalls, you will get everything inside it! Remember Blade Runner! The Line will have cars flying inside the city with developed technology, so the reality is more like a movie than an actual movie.

In this article, you can read about the features of the NEOM city and how it benefits Saudi Arabia concerning the development of their economy and industrial franchise. There are also plans to include a moon, an artificial one for the residents to gaze upon!

What Is The Line: Saudi Arabia?

What Is The Line_ Saudi Arabia_

The Line or NEOM city will span 13 square miles or 34 square kilometers across the desert! Based on the press release about the project, the Line will be like an oasis across the desert!

Incorporating the verdant space near the Red Sea will be used by rendering the architectural design of the building. The building will have plants and water features, including a natural feel to the city! Morphosis, an American company, has done the design of the plan.

There has not been any set timeline, but considering the importance of the project is high, especially with the project’s announcement! It was announced that the earthworks of the construction initially started in October 2021.

The Saudi government has announced that the whole project will end by 2030. It has also been informed that residents are likely to move inside the building by 2030!

The project timeline has been explained due to the integration of a countrywide improvement plan, which has been shared with the people of Saudi Arabia. A plan has been drawn based on the assumption that the project will increase annual visitors and economic profit!

What Are The Features?

There are a variety of features in the proposed building, The Line. Let’s discuss these features that will make the construction remarkable and one of the special manufactured monuments extraordinary.

  • The construction is vertically layered and has different features, such as offices, public schools, homes, and public parks.
  • The climate of the building will regularly be controlled, whether in outdoor or indoor spaces.
  • Each resident will be five minutes from all amenities, such as hospitals, shops, stores, and other services.
  • A high-speed rail will be constructed from end to end of the building and will help transport residents from end to end within 20 minutes. The rail will extend and connect a 106-mile city!
  • There are natural elements within the building that can be easily accessible by residents. The government of Saudi Arabia has claimed that clean energy will be used to construct the building. It ensures that there will not be any emissions from the cars.

Most of these features have been proposed. Hence, the question remains whether these features can be constructed, considering they are all notable. The proposed width of the building is 656 feet with all the modern trappings!

Why Is It One Of A Kind?

Why Is It One Of A Kind_

They are saying that people worldwide will be visiting every year to check this construction! Well, it’s true! See what they have done with the Burj khalifa! Saudi Arabia will be creating a structure in its tourism industry that will help it become powerful both economically and on a global scale.

Almost 100 million annual visitors are expected to visit to see this building! NEOM City is just the name of the building, but in reality, The Line is just one part of the NEOM project. The plan is in the Vision 2030 plan, where the Northwest part of Saudi Arabia is being urbanized.

The government is also planning to construct a bevy of networks for airports along with green energy plants! The plant might be the biggest worldwide for energy production! The focus is to create a self-sufficient country.

People living within this project might be called “Neomians” instead of “Saudis”! It is especially because The Line will be an attraction where visitors worldwide can appreciate the innovative and creative ways. The vision of Saudi Arabia is committed to The Line, as claimed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman by 2030.

How Futuristic Is This Construction?

How Futuristic Is This Construction_

The construction of The Line is futuristic! It is a step towards making Saudi Arabia a country powered by tourism instead of just the crude oil economy! In a utopian world in the middle of the desert, the city is an ambitious project, which is also the country’s goal.

The futuristic city has been planned as a 105-mile-long city that will be developed in the northwest area of the country. With the features of high-speed trains, natural elements, and outer walls being mirrors, the desert will create beauty!

How the city will be designed will look like it stands on glass! The mirrored glass used to design the outer walls of the building will give the idea of a mirage in the desert. There will also be an e-VTOL transport, more like a volocopter, decreasing the travel time.


The Line will be designed, built, and located northwest of Saudi Arabia! The futuristic city gives off a utopian vibe, especially for visitors looking at the building from the outside. The residents living inside will be getting all the facilities at their fingertips.

The government of Saudi Arabia is trying to make the country more accessible for visitors. The futuristic version is a way of grabbing people’s attention worldwide.

Comment below on whether you would like to visit The Line City and why!

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