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How Michael Jordan Passed The Torch To Kobe Bryant In Basketball Superstardom!

kobe bryant vs michael jordan

Are you a Basketball fan? Have you encountered a more potent legacy than Michael Jordan in the NBA? If yes, then of course, Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan is one such competition that comes to mind!

In the article, I will be highlighting the career growth of Michael Jordan and how he became who he is today! Along with the legacy, we will discuss how he handed over his stardom to Kobe Bryant, especially with the high-scale rivalry that created a whirlwind and mesmerizing game!

The two of the greatest personalities in the NBA, Bryant and Jordan, were initially considered at loggerheads! However, over the years, the perception has changed! It became clear that the two did not have any bad blood among them after the death of Bryant!

To uncover more facts about the legacy of these two exceptional players, read the article and further evaluate the greatness of the players!

Who Is Michael Jordan?

Who Is Michael Jordan
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Born on 17 February 1963, Michael Jeffrey Jordan was a professional basketball player and an American Collegiate. Considered one of the greatest of all time, Jordan won six National Basketball Association (NBA) championships for the Chicago Bulls.

He also won Olympic gold medals for the U.S. basketball team, once in 1984 and once in 1992! Drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984, Jordan, in his first season as a professional, was named the Rookie of the Year as he took the league with scoring.

Over the years, he has averaged most of his games with 33 points each for almost seven years consecutively. Five times in a row, Michael Jordan has been given the honor of getting named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the NBA.

It was in 1998 that Jordan retired again, thus buying shares of the Washington Wizard! Before that, he took some time off between 1993 and 1995. The NBA could not maintain performances, and the television ratings were falling off! He came back and finally ended his career in 2003!

Overall, the legend finished his career at a high with a 30.12 points-each-game average and the second-highest 2514 steals. Michael Jordan Stats of 6 feet 6 inches is incomparable so nothing could stop the enigmatic shooter and a passer!

Net Worth Of Michael Jordan

Net Worth Of Michael Jordan
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When discussing Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan, it is simple! We need to discuss the net worth of Jordan to understand his uniqueness and demand in the market.

Michael Jordan net worth as of 2023 is one of the richest players in the NBA, $2 billion! With a salary of $90 million in his career, Jordan has earned $1.8 million from brand endorsements such as Gatorade, Hanes, and Nike!

Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets! Further, he is a NASCAR team co-owner in 2020! He has a 15-year playing career and is the highest-paid player in the NBA! The Air Jordan basketball shoes were made based on his popularity and gaming, thus creating a forever legacy!

How Michael Jordan Passed The Torch To Kobe Bryant In Basketball Superstardom!

How Michael Passed The Torch To Bryant In Basketball Superstardom
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Fans often say, “Kobe Bryant will never be Michael Jordan”! Bryant didn’t need to be Michael Jordan! He was an original on his own. As they say, nothing is completely original, especially when every player growing up has his idol who they follow!

So yes! There is both originality and duplicity in the greatest of players. For example, even Jordan admitted to idolizing Julius Erving and David Thompson, so it is not true when they say Kobe mimicked Jordan! What Bryant did was pay tribute to Jordan!

The Black Mamba is often mentioned when it comes to becoming the basketball legend he is today! He is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. His untimely death did take the world by shock!

The career started when he passed out of high school in 1996, and over the course of 20 years, he has created a memorable legacy out of his basketball career. Winning several individual achievements, two Olympic gold medals, and five National championships!

Kobe has been popular for his “Mamba mentality,” which is more than just some fanciful term to highlight himself! He was the embodiment of hard work, dedication, and pushing to the limit, and so he did, both on and off the court!

Passing The Legacy To Kobe Bryant!

Passing The Legacy To Kobe Bryant
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It was when Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan on the NBA’s all-time scoring list in 2015 for third place it felt like the legacy of the NBA was now being carried by Bryant more than Jordan! Jordan has said this many times that he thinks Kobe has achievements that deserve appreciation.

According to Jordan, Kobe deserves all the accolades and has earned the comparison people make between Jordan and Bryant! Kobe has spoken many times about how he has learned so much from Jordan and cannot even agree to have surpassed his achievement, Jordan!

Even with so much comparison and a drawn-out heat between the two, the NBA players held each other in high esteem. Kobe openly accepted that Jordan was his idol growing up, while Jordan regularly congratulated Kobe on his achievements.

Kobe Bryant’s Death!

Death of Kobe Bryant
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The legacy of Kobe Bryant will live forever! Nothing could beat his achievements, tenacity, and longevity across the years he was on the court. His sudden death on 26 January 2020 in a helicopter crash where he was accompanied by his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven other people was tragic!

His achievements on the court and his self-belief, competitive attitude, unapologetic approach towards positivity, and work ethic inspired people worldwide! He was the model for achieving greatness.

With his motivating speeches and interviews, Kobe Bryant has exclusively made a mark on the world for both inside and outside the growth of an individual! The “Black Mamba” was an alter ego of Kobe who made it possible for him to create a mindset that was never dying.

Michael Jordan Reacting To Bryant’s Death!

Michael Jordan Reacting To Bryant's Death!
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During the memorial service for Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan broke down while tears ran down his face. He spoke about losing a friend. He described Kobe as a “little brother” and stated how he admired Kobe’s dedication to the game!

Following the tragedy, Jordan expressed how he was shocked and saddened, releasing a statement informing him of his pain! With the expressions and words of Jordan, it was clear how the two greatest players of all time in the NBA connected well!

There was no hate among them! Instead, they were each other’s fans and greatest cheerleaders of all time!

Wrapping Up The Legacy…

The influence that Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan had on people is something you get to see only sometimes! What can be better than sharing their memories and achievements, especially when one is not there to increase his achievements further?

When learning about Michael Jordan, it is apparent that Kobe Bryant will be mentioned! The two illustrious NBA players were each other’s inspiration for the game and life outside of the court!

Comment below on what you think when there is a comparison of Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan!

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