Steve Harvey Net Worth: How Much Does The Host Make In 2023?

Steve Harvey

A well known personality, Steve Harvey has made his name as a comedian, actor, producer, comedian and writer. Are you curious about Steve Harvey net worth? Read the article to learn more about Steve Harvey’s net worth.

Steve Harvey hosts one of the most heard after syndicated morning shows called The Steve Harvey Morning Show in America. It airs on more than 100 radio stations on the national level, with six million listeners every week.

In 2010, Steve Harvey started hosting Family Feud, which acquired ratings that made records. The show became the first syndicated TV series nationally and maintained its position for 7 years. He finished the tenure of Richard Dawson.

He started hosting Miss Universe in 2015, further encouraging and propelling his career forward. He launched Steve on Watch in 2020 on Facebook, thus, catering to a broader audience across different social platforms.

Steve Harvey Net Worth: How Much Does The Host Make In 2023?

Steve Harvey Net Worth

An african american boy with the issue of stuttering held on to his dream to rule television, and he did it. He has pursued his career passionately and thanks God in every show and present attitude.

Be it on stage or print, radio, and screen, Harvey is ruling by using his sharp humor and wit to interact with the audience. The stand-up comedy career of Harvey ended in 2012 when he performed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It brought down the house!

Apart from stand up comedy, he has been a successful host for the past few years, contributing to creating significant entertainment roles. It was from Showtime at the Apollo that Harvey became a household name.

Who Is Steve Harvey?

Who Is Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey was born on 17th January 1957 and is an American citizen. He has an appealing personality, and people are pretty enamored with him. A handsome character with a height of 6 feet and 2 inches, Harvey has an impressive physique. His full name is Broderick Stephen Harvey Sr.

The man has a substantial following on social media platforms, such as 10.4 million followers on Instagram, 11.9 million on TikTok, and 6.2 million followers on Twitter. Steve Harvey has been nominated for 14 Daytime Emmy Awards leading to him winning 6 Daytime Emmy Awards across his lifetime.

He is the only double-winning host to win two Daytime Emmy Awards in 2014 and 2017 for Outstanding Talk Show Host and Outstanding Game Show Host.


Steve Harvey was born in 1957 in West Virginia to a coal miner, Jesse Harvey, and a Sunday school teacher, Eloise Vera Harvey. He is a public personality born in Cleveland, and he attended Kent State University even though he didn’t get any degree.

Harvey has a comprehensive experience of struggles in his professional life. He has been a mail carrier, carpet cleaner, insurance salesman, autoworker, and boxer. He has also been homeless for 3 years and struggled to create his business name.

The man is an American comedian, author, radio personality, actor, and television personality who is a success due to his endearing attitude and self-help advice for relationships. He is known for his observational humor.


Steve Harvey started his career by performing in hotels and sleeping in his cars. Rich and Becky Liss gave Harvey an opportunity through a contract of credit at a travel agency and carpet cleaning.

He later became a finalist in “Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Showtime” in 1990. Harvey then performed on the “Kings of Comedy tour, ” making him a household name. So, do you want to know what is steve harvey’s net worth?

Harvey is considered one of the top standup comedians in the industry, and the tickets for his shows sell like hotcakes! The man is a money magnet considering his earnings from his show in Las Vegas, which are over $500,000 from each show.

What Is The Net Worth Of Steve Harvey?

What Is The Net Worth Of Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey net worth can be calculated as around USD 300 million in 2023, and with the increasing popularity of different television shows, his valuation has further increased. The steve harvey net worth 2023 constitute of approximate annual salary is $49 million from various television talk shows.

The net worth steve harvey is calculated from his overall performance. He is also the host of some radio shows where he earns around $20 million annually. He also co-created a show called “Little Big Shots” in the year 2016 and further hosted it again in 2019.

The famous standup comedian has $6 million from his shows and performances of standup in his net worth. He has also appeared in movies such as “You Got Served” and “Johnson Family Vacation” in 2004.

How Did Steve Harvey Get Rich?

How Did Steve Harvey Get Rich

Initially, he struggled in the entertainment industry, mainly because he belonged to the african american community. He did a show called The Steve Harvey Show which did not get any critical acclaim beyond his neighborhood. However, with time, he has created his mark.

Do you know how much is steve harvey worth? Keep reading about Steve Harvey’s career and the way it started in 1985. 28 years later, he is one of the best names in the standup comedy business.

The production company, East One Twelve, is the in-house production company of Steve Harvey and is one of his primary sources of income. The production house develops television shows, digital content, and films.

Apart from successful television shows such as Showtime at the Apollo, The Proud Family, Family Feud, and Little Big Shots, he also writes books such as Straight Talk, No Chaser, Act Like a Success, and others. The books also considerably add to his net worth.

Assets And Investments

The assets of Steve Harvey are calculated and priced at around $190 million, with liabilities of $28 million. He has invested in a stock portfolio of approximately $100 million. Steve Harvey also writes books from which he earns around $2 million.

Harvey has 16 luxury cars and more than 75 luxury watches. He also owns 5 luxury yachts and 1 private jet. He pays around $2.7 million in taxes, while his monthly expenditure is about $1 million. Therefore, his annual income is $55 million from television shows, production houses, and book deals.

The famous comedian earns considerable money from content creation platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and others. Brand-sponsored posts and deals have helped him potentially achieve an estimated $50000 yearly.


Please read the article to learn about Steve Harvey net worth and how he earned his position in the industry.

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