How To Cancel Hbo Max? Know Your Answer Here!

Hbo Max

Are you wondering how to cancel hbo max? Spending too much on streaming services? It is a valid option to cancel the subscriptions to save some money. Read the article to learn more.

With the increasing streaming costs, people are trying to keep those subscriptions with interesting watch options. HBO Max can be one option you plan on canceling, as it has increased prices in Jan 2023.

It has also announced that it will merge with Discovery+ becoming just “Max.” If you want a 4K video without any interruption of advertisements, you will have to have an updated subscription of $19.99 monthly. It can seem difficult for many. Hence, the article will list ways to cancel it.

Some specific shows are being canceled on HBO Max; therefore, you might think about how to cancel hbo max. Other platforms such as Disney+, Apple TV+, Netflix, and Hulu have all raised their prices. It can be difficult for many to maintain subscriptions on all these platforms.

How To Cancel Hbo Max? Know Your Answer Here!

How To Cancel Hbo Max Know Your Answer Here!

HBO Max has been a favorite streaming service for a long time; however, with the increasing subscription rates and certain series and movies, leaving the platform might lead to some un-subscriptions.

Series such as Made for Love and Starstruck are available on this service, yet, the increase in the price does raise the question of continuing with the services. The HBO Max will be canceled on the mobile app, HBO Max website, service provider, or other resources by following the steps.

Canceling the subscription to HBO Max is easy, yet it is important to follow the effective step because of the automated deductions and the upcoming next billing cycle.

What Is HBO Max?

What Is HBO Max

HBO Max is an online streaming service or platform with various series, movies, and documentaries. Presently individuals who are subscribed to the channel get two types of subscriptions, such as $10 per month and another $16 a month.

For a $16 monthly subscription, there are no advertisements. After 23rd May, the application will be updated to Max, or it will guide you to download the new app.

Why Do You Want To Cancel Hbo Max?

Why Do You Want To Cancel Hbo Max

With the changing subscription prices and some content being completely available, many subscribers will likely stay on the platform. Another reason can be that you need to find the content available on HBO Max interesting enough.

What Are The Ways To Cancel?

There are different ways in which a subscriber can cancel hbo subscription, especially regarding other devices on which it can be accessible. Before you cancel the service, you must learn who bills users to access HBO Max.

Users sometimes access HBO Max from third-party providers; hence, you can check the billing details from, your subscription billing, or the bank statement, as the regular charges are deducted from the bank account.

On Web

On Web

To cancel the HBO max subscription on the Web, you can access the official website of HBO Max online from your laptop or computer. The current subscription for HBO Max services is $14.99 monthly; hence, you need to use your user profiles to cancel that.

The first step is visiting the HBO Max website and logging in through your account. Once a user is logged in, they can click on their name, which appears in the top right corner of the display. You will find the option “subscription” in the menu that opens.

On Web 2

The “Manage Subscription” option must be selected from the left part of the display screen. A new window will open where you will find another chance, “Cancel Subscription,” present on the right side of the page. Users must select a reason why they are canceling the subscription.

Once you have selected any reason, click “Yes, Cancel Subscription.” It does not matter which reason you choose. The expiration date will now be displayed on the confirmation page. There is also an option to resume the services if the users want.

On Android And iOS

On Android And iOS

Users must open the HBO Max app on their device, such as Android or iPhone, considering the login is already done. It is in response to how to cancel hbo max. The “Profile” icon present at the bottom right position of the display should be clicked. Later, users must click on the “Settings” option, a gear-shaped icon.

You can also check the transaction details through the “Billing Information” or “Manage Subscription” option. It varies based on the service providers; hence, a subscriber will find the option “cancel subscription” at the last option. It is the 4rth and final step.

Remember the billing cycle and accordingly cancel the subscription. You must pay the entire monthly subscription if you cancel the subscription after a day or two of the new billing cycle.

The recent cancellation will be applicable in the next cycle. Therefore, you should think how to cancel hbo max subscription based on the bill cycle.

On Hulu

If you watch HBO Max through a Hulu and HBO Max bundle subscription, visit If you are already signed in, then you open your “Open Subscription” section, or if you are not signed in, then do it.

Click on the option “Manage plan” once the “Your Subscription” window is open. Then search for the toggle on which, once you click, it will be marked as X. Press on “Review Changes,” leading to the subscription cancellation.

On Cable Provider

If you access HBO Max through a cable provider, you should log in to the HBO Max website. You then have to click on the account name and check on the screen’s upper right corner.

Once done, you should click on “subscription.” You have to check the subscription provider. Then you have to login into the website of the subscription provider or call them.

You can then cancel your account or subscription to HBO Max. The hbo max cancel subscription is applicable now.


Please read the article to learn how to cancel hbo max to effectively do it without spending more. Based on your present decision, you need to select the steps based on your device and accordingly perform the steps. Comment below why you want to cancel the HBO Max subscription.

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