Who Is Rick Grimes? Everything You Need To Know About Grimes!

Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead is a comic series published by Image Comics telling the zombie apocalypse story. The journey of Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the comic, along with other survivors and his family, is the main plot of the comic series. It was first published in October 2003 and continued till July 2019.

The artist who created Rick Grimes is Tony Moore, and writer Robert Kirkman created the series in 2003. However, after the seventh issue of the comic, the artist was replaced by Charlie Adlard even though Moore created the cover art till the 24th issue.

The comic book won the Eisner Award in 2010 at the San Diego Comic-Con International for “Best Continuing Series.” Later, it was adapted into a television series with the same name and was first broadcast on AMC in 2010.

Leadership is one of the main characteristics of the protagonist. It is one of the reasons Rick Grimes has a huge fan base both in the comic world and people who have watched the series. Andrew Lincoln plays the character of Grimes in the series.

Who Is Rick Grimes? Everything You Need To Know About Grimes!

Who Is Rick Grimes

The plot of the comic and the series revolve around the protagonist, Rick Grimes, a police officer in Cynthiana, Kentucky. After being shot in the line of duty, he wakes up from a coma in a zombie apocalypse. He then begins a journey to find a safe place to live once he finds his wife and son.

As an individual, he has made many sacrifices to save human lives. Thus, he can be considered an inspiration for all communities. In the comic book, rick grimes walking dead has a statue built to commemorate all his contributions from the start of the apocalypse.

The television series went on for 11 seasons and has been in demand for so long. Limited series can boast 177 episodes. Hence, they are going off at a high. However, it has also created a chance for other shows in the form of spin-offs.

The stories of Meggie, Negan, Daryl, Dixon, Rick, and Michonne will be further fleshed out, and they are lining up to be released additionally, creating stories.

Who Is Rick Grimes?

Who Is Rick Grimes know more

The leadership qualities, empathy, and experience of Rick Grimes are why He has been given leadership status by a sizable community in Washington, D.C. There are constant threats that humans have experienced in the apocalyptic world. Rick Grimes has the presence of mind to take action to save lives.

He also has the confidence to raise his voice against wrongdoings like he did with his friend Shane. Gradually, he takes the leadership role; however, he has lost his loved ones and family along the way. The character has experienced immense challenges and barriers in his aim to save human lives.

He is one of the main instigators of saving people from cult-like experiences, such as in Saviors led by Negan and the antagonistic group called the Whisperers. Grimes has always been clear on his ethical and moral obligations toward humanity; hence, he can be identified as responsible for the future of civilization.

Rick Grimes In The Comic Book Series

Rick Grimes In The Comic Book Series

In the comic, Rick Grimes seems like a brave, resourceful, strong-willed, intelligent, yet naive character. He cannot grasp the manipulative perspective of humans in the apocalyptic world at first. However, he catches up fast.

Throughout their life, he is drawn as a flexible and adaptable character while managing an immediate crisis and changing environment around him. As he has established himself as a natural leader, he plans for everyday survival for himself, his family, and others.

He is also a procrastinator. Hence, he is constantly shown as a man who plans for the future. Rick Grimes faced many conflicts apart from the zombies, most of which were created by men trying to gain power and control people.

Over the years, the character becomes more hardened by the events and can be considered savage when dealing with enemies. At a certain point, he is also shown as an ambitious person who wants the world order back to what it was. It is this ambition that leads him to create networks of communities.

Rick Grimes In The Tv Series

Rick Grimes In The Tv Series

The comic book has been adapted into a television series, and the pilot episode was aired on 21st January 2010. The ratings of the show have always been high. However, season 10 has seen the lowest ratings. Rick Grimes is one of the strong characters in the story, and he is a favorite of many.

Andrew Lincoln plays the character of Rick Grimes in the post-apocalyptic horror show. His portrayal led him to win the Saturn Award in 2015 and 2017. The actor started his career with Births and Deaths and went to drama school.

One of the main roles that brought him the limelight was Edgar “Egg” Cook in the drama series “This Life” for BBC. The actor has done a great job and received much praise. The actor last appeared in season 9, saving the lives of his loved ones and sacrificing himself.

He has been assumed to be dead, and when Rick dies in the walking dead is a valid question. However, he is not dead, and he did make a brief appearance in the series finale, where he is shown being taken away in a helicopter.

The spin-off series will be based on the life of Rick and Michonne, the love of his life. Now, does Rick die in the walking dead? He does in the comic book series. However, the television series has yet to kill him. Rick Grimes returns in the spin-off series as the filming began in February 2023.

Things We Don’t Know About Rick Grimes

Things We Don't Know About Rick Grimes

At the beginning of the series, Rick is aware of the significance of killing; hence, he still has his humanity left. However, at the end of the series, he loses his humanity.

  • He has killed living people too. Almost 36 humans! It shows his increasing brutality with the passing of each episode.
  • He is ambidextrous as he is seen to grab, stab, shoot, and gesture with both his hands though he says he is right-handed.
  • Ambidexterity is also connected to schizophrenia, according to scientists, which explains the hallucinations and answering of phantom phone calls.
  • The weapon of choice for rick grimes is the colt python .357 magnum. A good gun to have in the zombie apocalypse because it is accurate up to 70 yards.


If you enjoy The Walking Dead, do not be sad because it ended. The spin-offs are coming, and so is your favorite protagonist Rick Grimes. Let us know in the comments below which is your favorite scene or comic of The Walking Dead with Rick Grimes.

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