5 NGOs You Can Support To Help Fight Hunger


Hunger poses one of the biggest threats facing the world today. According to the World Food Programme, 821 million people around the world suffer from chronic hunger.

While governments and international organizations work to address this issue, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also play a crucial role. NGOs often work directly with communities and support innovative solutions.

Checkout Five NGOs You Can Support To Help Fight Hunger

Fight Hunger

Here are five NGOs you can support to help ameliorate hunger:

1. The World Food Programme

WFP is a United Nations organization and the largest humanitarian agency combating hunger worldwide. It provides emergency food assistance to refugees and displaced people. WFP also works on long-term hunger solutions by improving access to nutritious food in schools, supporting smallholder farmers, and building resilience to climate change.

You can donate to WFP or advocate to push governments and institutions to support policies and programs that improve access to nutritious food. WFP provides emergency food aid and humanitarian assistance to an average of 91.4 million people per year in 83 countries. It focuses on emergency assistance as well as long-term solutions like improving nutrition, providing school meals, and building agricultural resilience. WFP relies entirely on voluntary donations from governments, corporations, and individuals.

2. Action Against Hunger

This international NGO provides treatment for malnutrition and works to prevent life-threatening hunger. Action Against Hunger helps communities gain access to clean water and food, screens and treats children for malnutrition, provides emergency food assistance during humanitarian crises, and develops long-term strategies to promote food security.

The organization operates in over 45 countries worldwide. You can donate, fundraise, or volunteer your time to support Action Against Hunger. Action Against Hunger treats around 5 million malnourished children each year and provides access to clean water and food to millions of people worldwide. It has helped establish national nutrition programs in over 45 countries and trained many governments in emergency strategies. Action Against Hunger spends about 85% of its budget directly on programs and services.

3. Feeding America

It is a nationwide network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs in the United States. Feeding America helps provide meals and snacks to children, families, and seniors in need. They partner with schools, workplaces, health care centers, and senior centers across the U.S. to distribute food and connect people with federal nutrition programs.

Consider donating or volunteering with your local Feeding America member food bank. You can also advocate to improve access to federal food assistance programs. Feeding America secures and distributes 4.3 billion meals annually in the U.S.

It relies on a nationwide network of food banks and pantries in all 50 states. Feeding America also partners with major food corporations, manufacturers, and retailers to secure surplus food and essential products. It spends over 97% of its budget on programs and services.

4. Share Our Strength

No Kid Hungry is a campaign by Share Our Strength that works to end childhood hunger through advocacy, education, and community outreach across California. They work to connect kids with effective nutrition programs like school breakfasts, summer meals, and after-school suppers.

The campaign educates policymakers and communities about solutions to childhood hunger and mobilizes supporters to take action. You can donate to No Kid Hungry California or advocate for programs and policies that provide healthy meals to children in your local community. No Kid Hungry California has provided over 340 million meals to children in need since 2011.

It works with schools, community organizations, and lawmakers to expand programs like school breakfasts, summer meals, after-school meals, and SNAP benefits.

5. Oxfam

Oxfam is an international NGO that works to address the root causes of hunger and food insecurity around the world. Oxfam provides both humanitarian assistance during the crisis and long-term development programs. The organization advocates for political solutions and policy changes on issues like climate change, inequality, land rights, and gender equity.

Oxfam also works with communities to help them gain access to resources and implement sustainable agricultural practices. Consider donating to Oxfam or joining their campaigns to put pressure on politicians and companies. Oxfam works with communities in more than 90 countries to develop long-term solutions to hunger, poverty, and injustice.

Oxfam helped over 6.2 million people gain access to food in 2018-2019. It also trains farmers in sustainable agricultural practices, helps communities gain land rights, provides emergency humanitarian aid, and pushes for policy changes that can help end hunger and poverty. Oxfam spends about 80% of its funding on programs and advocacy work.

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