Fat Albert And The Gang: A Look At The Iconic Characters

The Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids is actually an American animated television series that has been created, produced, and hosted by the comedian Bill Cosby. He also lent his voice for a number of characters in the show.

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The Show’s Premise

Show’s Premise

The production series of the Fat Albert cartoon was Filmation. The show premiered in the year 1972 and ran until the year 1985.

The show was primarily based on Cosby’s remembrances of his childhood gang of friends that had Fat Albert and his friends.

The whole show features an educational lesson in each of its episodes, which is emphasized even more by Cosby’s live-action segments. Additionally, towards the end of the early episodes, the gang is shown to typically join in their North Philadelphia junkyard for playing a song for their cobbed-together instruments – this was a way to summarize the show’s lesson.

The Characters

Here are the main Fat Albert characters of The Adventures of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids series:

1. Fat Albert Robertson

Fat Albert Robertson

This character is based on Cosby’s childhood friend named Albert Robertson. He is the series’ main character and is also their gang’s conscience. Even though he is obese, he likes playing sports and is very athletic. He is typically always shown wearing a red shirt paired with blue pants.

2. Donald Parker

Donald Parker

This guy is shown as a dimwitted fellow. He has a very lanky physique and is Rudy’s best friend. He is shown as a person who always wears green and also loves wearing long-sleeved jerseys, which are likely to be three sizes bigger. Also, he also wears a stocking knit cap of pink color, which covers almost his entire face except for his mouth and face.

3. James Mush

James Mush

The James character (Fat Albert Mushmouth) is a slack-jawed character who has big lips. He plays bass guitar in their Junkyard band. 

Tip: Did you know that the airplane C-130 of the U.S was named Fat Albert because of its shape and size. This Fat Albert plane has the capacity to fly more than a hundred thousand miles every season.

4. William Cosby

This character is actually based on Cosby himself and is shown as the host of the series. Like the others, Bill is shown as a great athlete who enjoys playing sports. However, he actually spends most of his time trying, oftentimes unsuccessfully, in order to keep his brother Russell out of trouble. Bill is also oftentimes shown as a person who plays the role of a voice of reason in the gang.

5. Harold Simmons

Harold Simmons is shown as a tall, skinny and kid with beady eyes who is the most tall out of all the Junkyard Gang and also wears a gold colored blazer, a red sock on one foot, and a brown sock on another. He is rather shown as a very clumsy kid. In the band “Junkyard,” he plays a harp made out of bedsprings and occasionally plays a dressmaker dummy in the percussion section. 

6. Russel Cosby

Russel Cosby

The character of Russell Cosby is shown as Bill’s younger brother. He is shown as a person who always wears a yellow scarf, red boots, and a heavy blue jacket. Also, he has a tendency to make blunt observations and snide remarks about people and situations. He is portrayed as having a snarky personality.

7. Rudy Davis

Rudy Davis

The character of Rudy is rather sharp-dressed, cocky, and has smooth-talking skills. He has a very cocky attitude and a type of dismissive demeanor, often the catalyst for any typical plot’s conflict.

He is Donald’s best friend. Rudy has a very good heart and also learns from his mistakes. 

8. Bucky Miller

Bucky Miller

As the name indicates, he is shown to be a very flexible and quick athlete. He is shown to play a stovepipe organ in the Junkyard band.

Fat Albert Movie

The Fat Albert cast of the movie is really star-studded as well. The plot of the Fat Albert movie goes somewhat like this – the animated character Fat Albert (played by Kenan Thompson) appears from the universe of television and into the real world. He is also partnered with Old Weird Harold (played by Aaron Freizer), Mushmouth (played by Jermaine Williams), and Dumb Donald (played by Marques B. Houston).

Even though the gang gets flabbergasted by the modern world, they still make new friends. After this, Albert attempts to help Doris (played by Kyla Pratt) become popular. Even though things start getting complicated when Albert actually falls for the elder sister of Doris – Lauri (played by Dania Ramirez), and must positively return to the creator Bill Cosby for advice.


Here are a few reviews on the Fat Albert movie, by people who have already watched the movie:

“This was a fun to watch. Keenan Thompson was funny the main character Fat Albert. Everybody else was good also, so where the guys who played his friends(AKA The Cosby Kids). I am so glad Bill Crosby made a guest spot in this movie. It would'nt be much of a Fat Albert movie without him.”
“I applaud Dr. Cosby for his decades of struggle to bring clean, uplifting, positive yet funny entertainment to us and to make the world a better place. If everyone tried to do that in whatever it is we do in our daily lives, we COULD actually make a change. Anyway, this is a wonderful family film, and we all found it very funny and engaging. The "Fish out of water" motif that worked so well in the second Brady Bunch movie works again here. We'll be buying this one on DVD the day it comes out--just like we saw the movie the day it came out.”
“If you want to have a good time for 90 minutes, then watch Fat Albert. After that, buy the DVDs (or divids that they are referred to in the film) of the original cartoon series. 6/10.”

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Fat Albert and gang:

Q1. What was Fat Albert’s gang name?

A: The gang name of Fat Albert’s friend group was Junkyard Gang.

Q2. Where can I watch the Fat Albert movie?

A: If you want to watch the movie, then you can watch it on Disney+, ESPN, or even Hulu.

Q3. What cartoon character says, “Hey! Hey! Hey!”?

A: The character of Fat Albert says the catchphrase “Hey!Hey!Hey!” to announce themselves or even get someone’s attention.

Q4. Who are the girls in Fat Albert?

A: The girls in the cartoon Fat Albert are -Tiffany, Liz, Doris Robertson, and Robin Franklin.

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