How To Cancel Chegg Subscription? Learn It Here!


Planning on how to cancel chegg subscription? Considering Chegg is being used to cheat and perform deceitful activities in their educational performance and homework answers.

Chegg was initially conceptualized as a physical and digital textbooks rental platform for all students. Over time, it has been developed into Chegg Study, an online tutoring division where you can access archives of assignment help outcomes and homework answers.

The services being provided by Chegg are efficient. However, some of them are legitimate, while others are not. According to the official website of Chegg,, the service spreads across different subjects, which can range from core knowledge to higher levels of education.

The platform has 55 million experts to answer students’ questions and create textbook solutions. Students can access practical exams and lecture notes made by instructors. In a month, a student can ask up to 20 questions. The study platform can solve custom equations.

How To Cancel Chegg Subscription? Learn It Here!

How To Cancel Chegg Subscription

The name Chegg is derived from two words, chicken and egg. It is from the confused feeling of being unable to get a job without experience and acquire experience without an appointment. The mission of the platform is for the students to have more time.

The help that the students are receiving in the form of assignments and solutions can harm their future. The professional growth of the students is hampered because they might get too dependent on Chegg, ultimately with no knowledge of their own.

With time, it is becoming easier for teachers to catch students with ready-made answers that have a pattern or are familiar. At times, when the answers are copied verbatim, the students are getting seen, and Chegg does corporate with universities in cases of academic misconduct.

What Is Chegg?

What Is Chegg

Chegg is an online educational platform created by an American education technology company that caters to students for different services. The services include tutoring, internships, homework help, online textbooks, document rental, and scholarships.

The company is based in Santa Clara, California, and was founded in 2005. There is also a live online help option for students who can connect with tutors online. Students also receive assistance with their homework or projects from the online education platform.

Even though the applications do not give students experience, they try to make it easier for students to work and study by helping them with assignments and educational growth at a lower cost. There are controversies regarding how students are supported and it makes me question how to cancel chegg.

Costs Of Chegg Plans

You can access services on Chegg initially at a 7-day free trial. After the trial, you can subscribe, starting from $14.95 monthly. It is an essential subscription that includes a 90% discount on the textbooks and 21 days return option for the book purchase.

The basic plan allows you to ask or post 20 questions monthly. You will also get a one-month free access to the study pack. The platform offers solutions through these subscriptions, helps with assignments, and answers questions.

You will get unlimited options with the essential services in the second pack. You can post as many questions as possible. The price of this subscription is $19.95 every month. You can access a plagiarism checker, practice sets, and instructor-made notes in this pack.

The platform also has an additional pack of writing services which costs $9.95 every month. You can access Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, and Easybib. There is also another service called Chegg Math Solver which costs around $9.95 every month.

What Are The Services?

Different types of services can be accessed on Chegg Study that are used to cheat. This might make you question how to cancel chegg subscription. Based on the diverse range of services, students are taking advantage of it. The benefits are as follows:

1. Textbook Rentals

It is one of the best services available on the Chegg platform, and it draws a lot of customers. Both physical and digital copies of textbooks can be rented on this platform at affordable rates.

The physical copies of the textbooks are delivered by mail, and they take time; students can access the digital copy on the platform in the meantime.

2. Chegg Writing

You can upload your written work, be it an essay, article, report, or question answer, on the Chegg platform and check it through grammar checker and plagiarism checker. In this service, students can create bibliography entries and in-text citations in their written work.

Chegg has a website for creating citations called CitationMachine.

3. Chegg Study

It offers two main plans or subscriptions that users can access. Writing help and math help services, exam help, and homework help can be accessed by paying $19.95, while you can access textbook solutions over 35 million and receive answers to their questions for $14.95.

4. Chegg Prep

Through this service, you can make your flashcard that will help you memorize information and study materials required before exams. It is quite effective to use the pre-existing flashcard sets in the platform to help you prepare for your upcoming exam.

What Are The Deceitful Ways Of Using Chegg?

With the increasing issues of students using the Chegg platform to cheat, it is harmful to both them and deceitful to educational institutes and universities. The students can access “Textbook Solutions,” where they find published answers and answers that have been searched.

  • Looking for answers based on prior-based Q&A makes it easier for students to search for the answers in their exams, projects, and homework. The immediate help in the assignment has turned into a full-blown cheating process.
  • At times, the support received from the tutors is taken exactly as they are, with no added knowledge or information by the students. It shows that the students need to be capable of learning or further growth in their educational progress.
  • By creating a customized math solver application, Chegg has made it easier for students to solve math problems without learning anything or acquiring any information. With the accessibility of this tool, the students do not feel the need to know.
  • Another important thing is that the application also gives steps that show the calculation process.

How Do You Cancel Chegg’s Subscription?

Due to these negative impacts, you might be asking yourself how to cancel my chegg subscription. To learn about chegg membership cancel, the following steps need to be followed:

  • You have to log into the account you have on Chegg through the website
  • You can find your profile which is visible in the top right corner
  • You can click on the profile. Then go to select the option “My Account”
  • You then have to click on Cancel membership/ change”
  • You can choose the ‘Pay As YouGo’ plan
  • Then click on the option “Save Changes”
  • Once saved, click on “Unsubscribe anyway”
  • You have to provide a reason for canceling
  • Then you will find an option “Submit”
  • Click on “Submit,” and it is done!

Based on the probabilities of the negative impact, you might think about how to cancel a chegg subscription. Apart from canceling Chegg, you can also learn about canceling HBO Max and Blink by reading these articles.


Please read the article to learn how to cancel chegg subscription. You also will know how Chegg subscriptions can be withdrawn. Comment below on your perspective on cheating students through Chegg in their educational careers.

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