How Old Is Google? Here Is Your Answer

How Old Is Google

You necessarily don’t need a thousand words extended essays explaining how old it is, google. Alright, I will simplify it for you. As of August 2022, Google is 23 years old. That should sum up the answer to your question.

But do you think it is alright to leave with that little information? Since you are asking questions about Google’s age, why not learn a little more?

Yes, all of us know that the age-old search engine put Internet explorer (with all due respect) out of the scenario. But how did it start? How did google come into existence? Or how did it become the World’s favorite search engine? 

If you are curious, this article might be worth wasting your time on. Most importantly, I have discussed some fun things about google’s origin that you will definitely make it worthwhile to read.

How Old Is Google

Google came out of Stanford university at the hands of Sergey brin and larry page. On September 7, 2022, the Google search engine came online. Both founders of this search engine met each other in 1998. The famous search engine will celebrate its 24th birthday on 2022.

Google had a Dramatic start. Larry Page went to Stanford for his Ph.D. after finishing his Computer engineering Degree. Sergey Brin was already a Ph.D. and was assigned to show Page around the Campus. The duo came up with the idea of a search engine from their college dorm room.

Larry Page was looking into the behavior of linking in the WWW. Larry came up with an idea to create a system that would crawl the internet and determine which page is connected to which. The duo also created the PageRank algorithm.

In 1996, Larry Page and Brin Launched their search engine on Stanford’s Network. Page and Brin moved to a Garage in California to start Google. The seed shown in Stanford’s dorm room grew into a sapling in the garage of Susan Wojcicki. The current manifestation of the World’s first search engine is already visible to us.

What Is Google’s Real Name?

What Is Google’s Real Name

The real name of the most popular global search engine based in America is Google LLC. The company name of Google is Alphabet Inc.Google had a completely different name when it started. Larry and Brin initially named it BackRub.

Fun Things You Did Not Know About Google

You should know plenty of fun things about the World’s most popular search engine – Google. Here are some facts that need your attention when your question is – how old is google?

1. The Original Name Of Google Was Backrub

The Original Name Of Google Was Backrub

The Google search engine, in its early phase, was called BackRub. A Search Project that started in 1996, BackRub was the first name Google went by. Both Larry Page and Sergey Brin worked in their college dorm room while developing the idea of Google. According to popular speculations, google’s tactic of analyzing links earned it this name.

2. Google Accidentally Released Its Phone Number

Google Accidentally Released Its Phone Number

This happened when google was in its early phase. They accidentally released their phone number while operating from a small office in Palo Alto. With only less than 30 people and millions of users, Google started to have many calls after the phone number was out. They had to change it to a new one.

3. Google’s Founders Met By Chance

Google's Founders Met By Chance

Sergey Brin and Larry Page met by chance. When Larry Page applied for a Ph.D. at Stanford University, Brin had already earned his Ph.D. Yet, surprisingly, Brin was in charge of showing Page around the Campus. That is how the founders of Google met. This meeting was the key point of Google’s birth.

4. Google Was Built Upon Lego House

Google Was Built Upon Lego House

Page and Brin made a house using Lego Bricks to place the first-ever server of Google. The server had ten 4Gb disks.

5. Google Started From A Rented Garage

Google Started From A Rented Garage

The first workspace of Google was started in a rented Garage. It started in California in the garage of Susan Wojcicki, currently the CEO of YouTube. Before it moved out, Google operated from that garage for around six months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you have gotten the answer to your query, allow me to draw your attention to some relatable questions about Google. These popularly asked questions are worth reading.

1. What Does Google Stand For?

If your question is what Google stands for in all the full forms of google, here is the answer – Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth.

2. Can I Buy Google?

Yes, you can buy Google. But you cannot buy the whole google. No, you cannot buy the whole company, but you can definitely purchase the stock of this company by entering Google’s tickers symbol. You can place market orders on most brokers according to the number of shares you want and their dollar value.

3. Who Owns Google Now?

Although we know Google as the company name of the popular search engine, it is not the official name that the company goes by. In 2015, Google changed its name to Alphabet Inc.,

4. How Many Searches Does Google Get A Day?

Did you ever guess that your Google search is among the 5.6 billion daily searches google gets every day? Yes, google gets a whopping 5.6 billion searches every day.

5. Who Is The CEO Of Google?

The current CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai. Sundar was appointed the CEO of Google in 2015, and he has been the chairperson of the search engine ever since.

Bottom Line

How old is google, you asked? The World famous search engine is almost 24 years old. Google will become a 24-year-old search engine in September 2022. The most famous search engine in the World still remains at the top when the word ‘internet’ comes to your mind.

I hope that you have got your answer from reading this article. If you need any further clarification, you can ask your queries in the comment box. We will be as quick as possible to get back to you.


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