How Royal Brother In Arms Are Now Strangers Involved In a Heavy-handed Feud!  

How Royal Brother In Arms Are Now Strangers Involved In a Heavy-handed Feud!

The increasing tension between the two sons of Princess Diana in recent times has brought on a lot of baggage! The tension is not limited to the Royal House of Windsor; newspapers and media houses worldwide highlight it!

Like hungry vultures, they are trying to get any information they can to learn about what is happening between the brothers. If you had seen him a decade ago, you would not have believed these two could fall out. The brotherly bond between them was something people gave an example of!

After their mother’s death, they both held on to each other against all storms and crises! And yet, the rot set deep within the brothers’ bond is not healing anytime soon. What with the explosive comments and remarks of Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, in the Netflix docu-series and his book!

The feud has gone to an extent where King Charles, their father, had to step in to integrate some peace through royal avenues. But is that enough? The question remains: where did it all go wrong?

It all started on a pre-Christmas occasion where Harry expressed his feelings about William not being welcoming enough of his fiance, Megan Markle! This remark hurt William, who questioned the period within which the relationship between his brother and Megan progressed.

Later, King Charles asked William to put in some effort, leading to the Cambridge, William and Kate inviting the Sussexes to spend Christmas with them. However, the rift between the two brothers continued to broaden, and Harry and Megan’s comments on the Cambridge led to significant controversy.

People and significant media in the UK suspect that the gap between the two brothers has increased due to Megan Markle. As a brother, William was protective towards his brother, and it was in this place of concern that he was trying to make him more aware and careful.

Yet, Harry has made some comments on both the Netflix series and his book, which are quite demeaning. He mentioned that William had been aggressive and hurtful towards him and his wife. Yet, no statement has been made by the Cambridge regarding this matter.

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