ISRO Chief Updates Press Media, “Chandrayaan-3 Happily Asleep On Moon, If It Wants To Wake Up…”

Chandrayaan-3 Happily Asleep On Moon

ISRO chief S Somanath said that Vikram Lander of the Chandrayaan 3 mission is happily sleeping on the moon. Somnath also said that while the space agency will continuously make efforts, it is not likely to revive the contact with the lander.

Chandrayaan 3, which landed on the lunar surface, was designed for one lunar day. A single lunar day means 14 Earth days. The southern region on the moon experiences an extreme cold when the temperatures can decrease to -280 degrees Celsius.

On September 2, the space agency said the rover had already completed its assignments and was parked safely. It also said that the lander’s battery was charged fully, and the solar panel was associated with receiving the light at the next sunrise, expected on September 22.

Once the Sun again came up on the moon, ISRO tried multiple times to get connected with Chandrayaan 3. But the agency didn’t receive any signal. Today, ISRO said to the press that lander Vikram had done its job very well during the lunar day.

Lander Vikram and rover Pragyan performed multiple experiments on the moon’s surface, including the presence of sulfur at multiple temperatures. On Monday, Somanath gave an update that Aditya L1 is all set to study the Sun. The ISRO Chief also shared updates that the ambitious space mission of the country aimed to send humans into space. Somanath also said that the space agency will conduct three most important vehicles under the wonderful Gaganyaan program, which has already been scheduled for October 21.

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