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11 Women President John F Kennedy Had An Affair With!

John F. Kennedy

The illustrious President John F. Kennedy has often strayed on his path to become a faithful husband! Wondering about his alleged affairs and how some of them met mysterious fates? Please read the article to learn more about his life.

Ten years of marriage and one of the most popular presidents of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, still managed to screw up his image with a volley of mistresses! In a complicated marriage, Jackie Kennedy must have known about some of her husband’s affairs!

The high-profile couple was fascinating to the people, especially because they were all but mum! Jackie was considered pragmatic, but did it stop people from wagging their tongues? It has been almost six decades, and I am still curious about all these women in this man’s life!

I am sure you are, too, and that’s why you have clicked on the article! Or you want to know whether there is any truth in any of it.

Who Was John F. Kennedy: The President?

Who Was John F. Kennedy
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The 35th president of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, performed his duties as a president from 1961 to 1963. He was the youngest man to be elected President of the US! Kennedy was of Irish descent, born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on 29 May 1917.

He graduated in the year 1940 from Harvard, and then he enlisted in the Navy in 1943! Kennedy led the survivors of his PT boat to safety, which faced an accident with a Japanese destroyer, almost on the verge of sinking!

He became a democratic congressman when he returned from the war, advancing to the Senate in 1953. In the same year, he married Jacqueline Bouvier. He gained attention after writing profiles in Courage, leading to bagging a Pulitzer Prize in the subject of history.

In the Democratic nomination in 1956, Kennedy came close to winning the vice presidency! Four years later, with very little margin, he defeated Richard M. Nixon, the Republican candidate, and became the youngest President!

However, the presidency was short-lived! John F. Kennedy Jr. cause of death was assassination on 22 November 1963 while riding in downtown Dallas, Texas in a presidential motorcade.

Jackie Kennedy: The Marriage Of Convenience!

Jackie Kennedy The Marriage Of Convenience!
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Previously, it was assumed that First Lady Jackie Kennedy did not know much about her husband’s extramarital affairs. However, the more you know about the presidential couple and the public acceptance of some of his mistresses, the more it has raised the question! Did Jackie realize it and look the other way?

Many people say that wives during that time accepted the miscreants of their husbands concerning their unfaithfulness towards marriage vows. Jackie was also considered someone who was very pragmatic about her marriage! Even though she was aware of what was going on!

As recounted by Barbara Gamarekian, Kennedy’s press aide, in one of her interviews with a Paris-Match reporter, Jackie spoke in French about white house staff member Priscilla Wear, “This is the girl that’s sleeping with my husband.”

One thing that was clear about these affairs and his marriage was that JFK was not looking for any replacement; instead, for him, the sexual encounters and flings were more of an obsession. At times, he was smitten with other women, but never to the extent of risking his marriage!

11 Women President John F. Kennedy Had An Affair With!

Women President John F. Kennedy Had An Affair With
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“If I don’t have sex everyday, I get a headache.” Apparently, that was something former President John F. Kennedy would remark to anyone and everyone! Are we giving you an idea that Mr. President might have a roving eye?

Don’t worry; he had more than roving eyes, and it all felt like he was obsessed with women! Or should I be saying, conquering women through sexual notoriety and acts? Some of these women have been vocal about their time with the former President over the years, while some have been rumors!

The article details Kennedy’s affairs with women from different professions and how promiscuous they were. Please read about the 11 alleged affairs of the former presidents and learn about some of their mysterious fates.

1. Inga Arvad

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A long-term affair, Ingad Arvad was involved with John F. Kennedy when he was in the Navy! Known as Dane, “Inga Binga” was alleged to be a Soviet spy, so it is said that Kennedy’s father broke them up.

JFK’s father was worried about the relationship’s terminal effect on his son’s political future, so he decided not to let the relationship continue.

2. Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich
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Marlene Dietrich was a long-time lover and friend of John F. Kennedy’s father, Joe! The German actress was invited to the White House in September 1963 by the President to have drinks, who at that point was 60 years old while JFK was 20 years her junior.

The actress was putting on a one-woman show in Washington! According to the beautiful actress, the President made a clumsy pass at her near one of the bedrooms in the West Sitting Room at the White House by saying, “That doesn’t give us much time, does it?”

The first response that Dietrich gave Kennedy was, “You know, Mr. President, I am not very young”! It was something that she shared with her friend Gore Vidal. Later, her response became more malleable, “Don’t muss my hair. I’m performing”!

They got involved, and it was almost 20 minutes into it that JFK started falling asleep. She woke him up because she did not know how to leave the white house. The affair has a competitive ring as JFK wanted to know whether Dietrick slept with his father, to which she lied by saying “No”!

“I always knew the son of a bitch was lying” that was something that the President responded to regarding his father boasting about his relationship with the actress.

3. Mimi Alford

Mimi Alford
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At the start of an internship, a 19-year-old Mimi Alford met John F. Kennedy while taking a midday dip in the White House pool! It was the President who swam up to her and introduced himself. It might have been quite a shocking but starstruck event of her day?!

He invited her to drinks after work, and instead of giving a private tour of the White House, he seduced her in the room he liked to call Mrs. Kennedy’s room. She was interning at the White House press office, and the whole encounter was shocking, especially because it was her first time.

In her memoir, Alford wrote that the President acted quite normal about the whole interaction as if it was quite natural! It led to an 18-month-long affair where she always addressed him as Mr. President! She also informed me that JFK took recreational drugs with her.

Alford recalls in her memoir that he was so bashful as a sexual partner that once he dared her to give oral sex to the White House aide, Dave Powers, in the pool! So, she was a John F. Kennedy affair!

4. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe
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President John F. Kennedy smote the Hollywood actress and icon Marilyn Monroe, or so we would like to believe! It was at a New York dinner party that JFK and Monroe first met in 1962, which was through his honor! He greeted her by saying, “Finally! You’re here.”

He got her number by the end of the evening and invited her next month to Palm Springs, mentioning that his wife would not be there with him. In Bing Crosby’s house, which was literally situated in a desert town, Monroe and JFK shacked up for the weekend.

According to the sources, it was all there was to the affair, but Monroe had big designs or probably expected more from the President. As per the rumors, Monroe called Jackie up to tell her about the affair as, at some point, she saw herself as the second first lady material.

Knowing Jackie, we are sure she snubbed Monroe and was completely sarcastic throughout the conversation!

5. Judith Campbell Exner

Judith Campbell Exner
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JFK was known to have contacts with mobsters as he socialized with infamous people who were not completely involved in legal trades. Even as a president, he was quite fluent in his relationship with personalities such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra!

It was Frank Sinatra who introduced JFK to Judith Campbell Exner, who was an ex-girlfriend of Sinatra. She was a California girl and became the latest number in the conquest list of the American President! She became the mistress of Sam Giancana, the mob boss.

Sinatra was performing at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas in the 1960s, where the President met Judith Exner! In her memoir, Exner wrote that the President had eyes only for her! She goes on to recollect that she remembers him as a rapt listener.

As if all the muscles and nerves in his body were attentive to listen to her. An investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh, reported that Exner became the carrier of letters and envelopes containing instructions to influence the elections and alleged payoffs.

It was in these letters that JFK planned to kill Fidel Castro. Exner believed in the President as a man who would never intentionally hurt her, but according to her, he was quite reckless in his life and politics. She claims that she aborted the child of JFK!

6. Angie Dickinson

Angie Dickinson
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An actress, Angie Dickinson, has always been very mum about her alleged relationship with John F. Kennedy compared to other women’s conquests! The rumors of the affair were quite rife, and it was before Kennedy became President that Frank Sinatra introduced him.

It was at a party thrown by Pat, Kennedy’s sister in Santa Monica, that Dickinson met the future presidential candidate. Later, she was motivated to join the presidential campaign in 1960. The night before the inauguration, she visited him at the dinner for the president-elect and flirted with him!

Feels like another Marilyn Monroe affair with JFK! But there has never been any talk of untoward between the two apart from the flirting!

7. Ellen Rometsch

Ellen Rometsch
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Sources say Ellen Rometsch was a lookalike of Elizabeth Taylor and was a rising communist before fleeing to the US! A 27-year-old from East Germany, she ended up in the Quorum Club, a call-girl ring in a three-room suite at the Carroll Arms Hotel.

The hotel was just across the new Senate Office Building, so she attended naked pool parties in the White House in 1963! She came to have sex explicitly with the President on multiple occasions. It became quite risky for the upcoming campaign of re-election!

Bobby Kennedy deported her because of the fear of what might get leaked to the press!

8. Mary Pinchot Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer
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A socialite, Mary Pinchot Meyer, was said to have quite an impact on JFK! They first met at a prep-school dance in 19378 and have known him for a long time! She was married to a CIA agent, while her sister married Ben Bradlee, the Washington Post editor.

Through these relationships, she came into the social circle of Kennedy in DC. A biographer, Nina Burleigh, reported that Meyer was one of his mistresses and regularly visited the White House. It was a known fact that she strongly influenced the President, considering she was known as a vocal pacifist!

Her death was quite mysterious, and it is often considered a significant conspiracy theory where officials ordered her death because they did not want the President to be influenced by her views. While walking in Georgetown, she was shot execution-style in 1964 in October. The crime has never been solved!

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9. Pamela Turnure

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A Georgetown girl, Pamela Turnure, was secretary to the President originally and was 21 years old. Later, JFK lobbied Turnure to be hired as his wife’s secretary! She was known to resemble Jackie and was said to be involved with him from 1961 to 1963.

When the first lady was absent in the white house, she was known to be spending nights with the President! The roving eyes of the President did not leave the first lady’s staff!

10. Gene Tierney

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Another Hollywood actress, Gene Tierney, met JFK when she was briefly separated from designer Oleg Cassini, her husband. They did have a short sexual stint, but JFK was very ambitious when he told her that her career would not support marrying an actress who was a non-catholic.

During a Cape Cod vacation, this rejection took place, leading to the actress getting back together with her husband.

11. Fiddle And Faddle

Fiddle And Faddle
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Two White House secretaries, Priscilla Wear and Jill Cowen, were known by security code names that were quite smirky! “Fiddle and Faddle,” respectively, were known for their affair with the President instead of their work or performance.

It is because they were more visible skinny dipping in the white house pool with JFK instead of their work posts! Based on their reputation, I am counting them as one!

Infamous Conquests Of Kennedy!

With a long list of alleged rumors of President John F. Kennedy’s affairs, there must be evidence and alibis over the years. However, we are still fascinated by powerful men ordering around women who swoon at their feet!

Women have been drawn to politics and power! John F. Kennedy is an example of a sexual narcissist known for his questionable taste in the bedroom with several others despite having a wife!

Comment down below about what you think regarding the sexual escapades of Kennedy outside his marriage!

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