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Lospollostv is a pretty common name on social platforms like Twitch and Twitter, and YouTube. I assume those who are here today are aware of his popularity and eager to get his real-life details. Well, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will be jotting several facts about him, including his net worth, career, biography, age, etc. 

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Biography Summary Of Lospollostv

Lospollostv, a.k.a., Louis is a professional gamer and Twitch Streamer. He is a famous personality on the social media platform and is widely recognized as NBA 2K, Call Of Duty, Fortnite, UNO, live streams. Lospollostv Twitter is an inflating social media profile with a follower base of 321K. 

He became a part of the 2Hype, an NBA 2K-focused web collective. Later he accepted the offer of Luminosity gaming as a content creator. He started his Streaming and YouTube career back in 2015 when he created and uploaded a video for the first time. Therefore it’s been around 6-7 years, Los Pollos Twitter has started getting recognized. 

What Is LospollosTV Age?

Lospollos Twitter Account owner, Louis, was born in the United States on February 8th, 1995. He has just stepped into the 28th year. According to his fans, the more his age is increasing, the more he is getting mature in terms of his social presence. 

How Much Does Lospollos TV Make? Lospollostv Net Worth

Lospollostv net worth is estimated to be over USD $1,000,000 in 2022. Most of this worth comes from the YouTube channel, as well as the Twitch channel. LosPollostv Twitch and Youtube earn USD $103,744 per month, which gets inflated monthly. It’s because he is presently doing a sunbath. 

How Much Does Lospollostv Make Per Month?

LospollosTV earns nearly USD $103,744 per month from a plethora of income streams. This includes Ad Revenue, Twitch Subs, and Brand Deals. In addition to this, a lump sum amount of his net worth comes from YouTube Ads. He is quite a popular face on social media platforms which indicates his towering earnings. 

How Much Does LospollosTV Make on Youtube?

On Youtube, LospollosTV primarily makes money through Adsense revenues. As per the statistics of Socialblade, he pulled in 22,731 views in the last month. So, I hope you can get an estimate of his YouTube Revenue. 

How Much Does Lospollos TV Make From Brand Deals?

LosPollos Tv is sponsoring 2 brands on his Twitch channel – Big Rumble Boxing Champions and CarGurus. He approximately is earning $5000 per month from these brand deals. 

What Are The Sources Of LospollosTV Net Worth?

It’s a matter of question after being among the ocean of social media personalities, how does he manage to earn so much. Does he have any other form of earnings?

The answer is straightly NO; he doesn’t have any other form of income source. The majority of Lospollostv net worth comes from his Twitch Subs, Twitch Ads, and YouTube Ads

Let’s check them out one by one: 


  • Twitch Subs

Twitch Subs are split between Twitch and Streamer. Since the Lospollostv Twitch account manages to pull 1000+ views every month, he talks over the split to either Tier 2 (60/40) or Tier 3 (70/30), depending on their popularity. 

  • Twitch Bits

Each of the Lospollostv Twitch bits receives USD $0.01.

  • Twitch Ads

Lospollostv Twitch ads make around $10-$20 CPM based on the contracts after they are run. This means his earning is $10-$20 for every 1000 viewers on the stream when the ads run. 

  • Twitch Brand Deals

From his 2 sponsored brands on Twitch – Car Gurus and Big Rumble Boxing Champions, he earns more than $5000 per month. 


  • YouTube Ads:

YouTube pays the channels once their videos cross 1000 views (CPM). Since he is from the gaming niche, he earns an estimated USD $2 – $7 CPM. This means that they will get paid $2 – $7 CPM per 1000 views. Nevertheless, due to ad blockers, not all of the views are monetized. Also, the lospollostv YouTube channel only gets paid for 80% of his views. 

LosPollostv Discord

Lospollostv is on Discord and has a community of 3.7k subscribers. You will get everything related to Twitch, Twitter, gaming, entertainment here. The Lospollostv Discord community is undoubtedly a popular one on the social TV platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Lospollostv Net Worth?

As per the 2021 update, the Lospollostv net worth is USD $1,000,000 per annum with a Twitter follower base of 321K.

Q2. What Is The Lospollostv Twitter Handle?

Lospollos TV Twitter handle is @LosPollosTV.  Twitter Lospollostv has 321K followers. 

Q3. What is The Lospollostv Age?

In 2022, on February 8th, LospollosTV turned 27 years old. 

Q4. How Many followers Does Lospollostv Twitch Account Have?

The Lospollos TV Twitch account has 321K followers. 

The Final Takeaway

It’s expected that in the coming months, Los Pollos Twitter, Discord, and Youtube channel will proliferate with respect to viewers, subscribers, and followers. In addition, the number of views on the Los Pollos TV Twitch has magnified over a couple of months. The same has happened to the Los Pollos Tv Twitter. 

Have we covered all the information about the person behind the Twitter Lospollostv? ”  Do let us know you are aware of any unexplored facts about him in the comment area below. 

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