Marigolds Sold In Mexico On Occasion Of Dead Celebration, Dia De Los Muertos!

Marigolds Sold In Mexico On Occasion Of Dead Celebration, Dia De Los Muertos!

In West Brighton, the food shop and restaurant La Mexicanisima has exhibited marigolds on the storefront windows. You will also see these orange sunbursts across many stores and shows when passing through Tompkinsville to Tottenville and realize they commemorate the Day of the Dead!

On November 1, the Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead Celebration, also known as the Dia de los Muertos! The Marigolds are known as the harbinger of this day while brightening the day and people’s perspectives.

The vibrant blooms are bought by families planning to commemorate people they have lost and their departed relatives! Altars marked with candles are decorated with these flowers or built into shines.

The marigolds are used to be placed on the altars or ofrendas to honor and salute the dead! Belonging from Puebla, a Mexican state, Crista Mejia of Yolpaqui Taqueria explained the significance of the flowers regarding how Mexicans use them to decorate, along with candles and photos.

Many people use sugar skulls along with favorite food items of the deceased, such as beer or candy, which is also used on the shrine. During this time, marigold ice cream was very popular among the Mexicans! In areas like Atlixco and Cholula, people prefer frappes, atole, and ice cream in the marigold flavor.

The goddess Mictecacihuatl, known as the Lady of the Dead, is associated with this day. As history goes on, the tradition of Dios de Los Muertos is related to the Aztec rituals. According to the rituals, the goddess is the gatekeeper of all spirits, and she allows them to travel!

They travel from beyond to speak with all their family members and connect to the ones who are earthbound. The tradition and the celebration had become a little mixed with the All Saints Day after the Roman Catholic faith spread across Mexico when the Spaniards conquered it!

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