Minute-By Minute Reconstruction Of Real Event Of JFK Assassination Will Stun You!

Minute-By Minute Reconstruction Of Real Event Of JFK Assassination Will Stun You!

It was on 22 November 1963 at 1 o’clock Central Standard Time” when John F. Kennedy, the youngest President in the history of the United States, died! Let us give a rundown of what happened when President Kennedy visited Dallas!

Air Force One landed at Love Field while people were waiting for the President with their placards! A few moments before that, Jackie was warned by Kennedy that they were heading to ‘nut country’! Some of the placards said, “We love Jack,” while some others said, “Your a traitor”!

Oswald, the assassin, was moving boxes on the sixth floor of the Book Depository towards the southeast corner! This will help you move closer to a window so that he gets an unobstructed view of the JFK motorcade route. He then rested his rifle with only four bullets.

He was seen by onlookers Arnold Rowland and Barbara, his wife, who also discussed whether they should tell it to a policeman standing near them! They were standing on the sidewalk, which was opposite the Book Depository, but then they thought Oswald must be a Secret Service agent.

The President kept on saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” while the crowd went wild when Jackie waved her white-gloved hand. When the motorcade came at the end of Main Street, Nellie Connally turned back to the President and pointed out that Dallas gave a good welcome.

The moment that the motorcade limo emerged was the first time Oswald fired his first shot, which he missed! Jackie thought it was a car that backfired, and sparks were flying behind the limousine. The second bullet shot by Oswald hit the President in the back and then passed through his throat!

The bullet then hits Governor Connally, passing through his chest while his rib shatters! The shot then beat him at his wrist and finally lodged inside his thigh. The governor cries and slumps towards Nellie, saying, “My God! They are going to kill us all!”Due to his back brace, President Kennedy did not fall, thus exposing him further. It was the third shot, just after 8.4 seconds, that Oswald fired, which hit Kennedy in his head while Jackie realized that her husband was dead.

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