The Comedian Celebrity Steve Harvey Has A Swoon-worthy Watch Collection: Read More!  

The Comedian Celebrity Steve Harvey Has A Swoonworthy Watch Collection_ Read More!

Pop culture related to the celebrity comedian Steve Harvey has created a trend that inspires men across the age, especially when it is related to the amazing watch collection he has! When he started, his huge frame was covered in wide ties and enormous suits.

Regarding style and fashion, a surprising addition to the cool dudes and handsome hunks collection in Hollywood has been Steve Harvey! Over the years, the comedian has undergone a significant style transformation as he steps out in Bottega Veneta and Christian Dior!

His wardrobe boasts of style, sleekness, and class! And so does his collection of watches! The first time we saw him in one of those fly-as-hell watches was when he appeared in a basketball game in Abu Dhabi!

A diamond-studded bezel watch in a solid-gold Rolex Day Date was on his wrist, making him the power daddy he is! He has upped his wrist game further as he was spotted rocking a timepiece, a Patek Philippe ref—5271P, in Abu Dhabi at an NBA preseason game.

The watch follows a complex QP-chronograph displaying time, date, day, leap year, moon phase, month, day/night, and recording through the totalizer of up to 30 minutes. His collection boasts of lucidness and class along with a hyper sense of fashion.

For another NBA Global Games 2023, Harvey displayed a Richard Mille sitting beside DaBaby, who was also rocking the same. The one that Harvey was sporting was of a rose gold color, an RM 65-01 with an automatic split-seconds chronograph! It took five years for R&D to develop the caliber of RMAC4!

Steve paired the watch with patent leather boots and neon-yellow Bottega Veneta leather trousers! So now we know this man can pull anything off as long as it’s stylish and glamorous, dripping with his celebrity persona!

The style god also has some beautiful and rare pieces of Rolex, such as the Rolex Daytona 116598RBOW! He has acquired fame by being a television host and comedian, but he is also a businessman who knows his worth!

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